Saturday, November 7, 2015

"Psychopaths in Power"

Who in their right mind, would want control over others, even the masses? I have no desire to shove my ideas, down others throats. If you want to read my writings fine, if not, your not even here. But their seem to be a few, who believe it is their "God" given right, to rule over others. Some of the ancient families who have been in power for centuries. Believe they rule from Divine Rights. Even believing their Rights were "God" given, to rule over the masses. These type personalities are always Psychopaths. To rule over others, you must be moral-less, a Psychopath has no morals. Some good examples would be the Clintons, Bushs, Obummer, Netanyahu, Cheney, Rumsfeld, most all politicians and religious leaders. These types of personality, are the most insecure people on the Planet. They are like the Chihuahua dog, they must keep barking so no one notice how small their brain is. Their brains are so underdeveloped from inbreeding like 'the j$ws'. The families in power are like 'the j$ws', in witch they keep inbreeding to keep the power structure in order. 'the j$ws' inbreed from ignorance. Even the Native American tribes that 'the j$ws' and those in power, called savages. Were smart enough to capture other tribe members to keep the DNA freshened-up.

Their is a fine line between the clergy and the politicians. Both are working the same side of the street. That side of the street is called, 'Control'. Is their any organizations more controlling than the Catholic church or 'the j$wish' religion (not a race)? Their leaders are all surely Psychopaths of the worst kind. These two religions are known for millions of killing throughout the World. All in the name of Control, control from fear of their own masses. And every so often, the masses do awaken to overthrow the 'powers'. But must first be pushed into a corners, before rising up against the those who enslave them. You are starting to see glimmers of that in Europe with the Muslim invasion now going on. The only reason the Muslims are allowed to over run these small European countries, is control. Control by breaking down the populations into divided armed camps. The corrupt European governments controlled by Zionist powers. Who need the White Race wiped off the face of the Earth, because with the White Race eliminated. 'the j$ws' because of their organizational abilities and not brain power will dominate. 'the Zionist j$ws' have skillfully organized the death of millions of Whites starting with WWI. These are Psychopathic Murders. And this is, 'White Genocide'.

These Psychopathic World leaders, have no empathy for those around them. Hilabeast, Obummer and Netanyahu represent the worst of the worst in the World today. Hildabeast recently said the 'Death Penalty' should be for Whites only. What an ignorant Zionist controlled bitch, who doesn't even realize, she's White. Bringing death to innocent children throughout the World has absolutely no effect on these soulless whores. They can order the bombing or starvation, as a means for killing the children of the World. Bill Gates has stated, World population will be controlled via Vaccinations'. That's why so many stores in America, offer free vaccinations. It's part of a much bigger plan for population control. Do you think those in power, could care less if your child is a mental and physical mess from all the vaccinations over the years??? Do you think the 'powers' care if you raise your child as best you can. Then have the 'powers' send that same child to his death for Corporate Wars? While the American controlled press paints some leader in a foreign country as bad. Only to use American tax dollars and American youth, to rob from other countries. No telling how far back this has been going on, 'Remember the Maine' a False Flag attack on America's own ship, by America. Or how about, 'Remember the Liberty'. Where president Lyndon Banes Johnson orders the dearth of every American sailor aboard the USS Liberty. That was being attacked by Israeli fighter jets.

As you can tell from the few psychopaths I've listed. They have absolutely no remorse for killing their own citizenry. So leaving folks with the care of a child for life, because of some psychopaths decision. Will have no effect on them, what so ever. When Hildabeast  becomes the next president of America, how many children will she kill? How many young Americans will  she sent to their certain death (mentally or physically) in a 'Corporate War', for the greed of a few. Presidents aren't elected, they are chosen to do a job without questions. If that means killing your child, the 'powers' could care less. The 'powers' killed over 3,000 good souls on 911. Without batting an eye, for future control and financial greed for only a few. The same psychopaths fill the media with Death and War to desensitize the citizens of America into killers. Everything that has to do with killing, is glorified in the media. This is a process of mental mind control. That life has no meaning, no matter if it is yours or another life. You life has no personal meaning, your simply a pawn of the 'powers' powers. The parent in America give the child away at birth, with a Birth Certificate signature. It's call 'Maritime Law', which I've written about before. The child basically 'Birthed' (docked) on American soil, making the child a product of America and not the parent. The child will never actually be Free. The child will only be given the illusion of Freedom, started with the child's public education. The founding Fathers of America knew this. That is how taxes and armies (actually a Navy first) were introduced from day one in America. The Civil War had nothing to do with freeing the Slaves. It was all about control of the Southern peoples.

The Children will always be the future of any civilization. That is why the Children of today are under so much attack. Both mentally being dumbed down and psychically under attack with the child's diet. For a child who is weak from a childhood of vaccinations. Will never rise up against the 'powers' children, who have not been vaccinated and feed the proper diet. This has been going on for generation and only getting worse for the children. (Look no further than African children, that could be your child!!!) Protect your children from the Psychopaths who are currently in-charge. Teach your child and give your child the proper diet in defense of the attacks from within.

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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