Saturday, November 14, 2015

"Food is Medicine"

Stunned today with knowledge the gentleman who was the Fishmonger at AJs. Where I go to get my fresh seafood. Had died last week and was buried yesterday. We'd talked of his soon retirement and I'd tell him he couldn't handle it, like me. He was only a few months from retiring, but never made it even to that point. My point is, that isn't Right. Right on schedule Randal died, just before 65 young years of life. Like the 'out of date', on milk, Randal's usefulness was over. A worn gear on a machine, no better. I was suddenly more aware of the rarefied air I'm approaching. Why am I as healthy as ever, Randal's dead? Was the second thing that came to my mind. Diet, Diet, Diet, Water, Water, Water, Air I have little or no control over, except the A/C and plants. People have laughed at me for decades, most are dead. Everyone dies they all say. Don't you want some control over your own destiny? Can you trust those Talking Head?

Food is Medicine, everyone knew that, throughout the World. For thousands upon thousands of years. Then diets around the World, became more Americanized, unhealthy, poison even. McDonald's in every town in the so-called Free World. The Americans were easy, they had no traditions, they ate what they found. As I once heard the girls on  huge chuck-wagon say, 'these animals will eat anything'. Now these same animals are dying long before their S.S. kicks in. Now the food is poison not Medicine.

Those that believe current medicine are "God" sent via modern medical practices. Are the ones who know nothing about a proper diet. In fact most doctor know absolutely nothing about diet and one's own health. Most doctors get addicted to their own medicines and die young. Doctors are mere  fingers of the Legal Drug Cartel called the AMA. Which now has no outside controls over what medicines are approved and what medicines are rejected. So out of control are the major drug companies. They will knowingly put products on the market they know are unhealthy for the patient. Yet then build in such huge profits, that getting sued for millions of dollars, is just part of doing business. After-all, the Judaical system is just part of the way America has been corrupted. even, the drug companies invent medical problems  and then offer a cure, like AIDS. (There's a reason AIDS is a Gay issue and not a disease.)

It is so obvious that whoever was the "Creator" of mankind and mankind's World. Put plants on Mother Earth that were cures for all of mankind's ills. All indigenous humans no matter what continent, were given "God" given Plants. The Medicine Cabinet was the forest around them. Songs and tales were used to pass along which plant cured what. You had Shamans and Medicine men, who were passed along the ability to cure members within the tribal unit. The Shamans knew the prayers that must be said with each plant in healing ceremonies. That's why they were  called 'healing ceremonies'. Curing one's illness through plants and prayers, is a "God" given ceremony. Each birth whether human, animal or plant, is a ceremony of life. Mankind wasn't put on Mother Earth to suffer by mankind's "Creator". All this suffering by humanity has been brought on by a few who want to control all. Inflicting pain and suffering is a way to control the masses, by offering a solution. In Paris today you have the government offering solutions to the good peoples of France. Problem is, the French peoples don't realize it is just another Chain around their necks for control.

Eating and your health go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other. Fat obese people even those who are 50 or 60 pounds overweight. Do not realize how hard their internal organs are working to keep them healthy. And then when the overweight person reaches middle age. All of a sudden, every germ that comes down the pike effects them. That's because their immune system has been over taxed because of the added weight. The organs that keep the body filtered like the Liver. Are being killed processing all the poisons from the overweight persons diet. You can only become overweight by poor dieting there are no genetic disorders like the AMA would want Americans to believe. That way the food industry which is connected the medical industry. Keeps Americans unhealthy and reliant on the system for the health. As I repeated say, 'the unhealthy and weak, will never rise up against their enslavers.' That is why Americans are so unhealthy and you see a portion of the population who are awaken to what is being done to them. They are the ones with Guns, fortunately.

Mankind went from Hunter/Gather is just a few hundred years or less. To a control mass, that's diets have been compromised unhealthy. Processed grains and sugar were introduced the general public. Hunter/gathers became domesticated farmers, starch eaters. Gone were the days of eating fresh found foods. Citizens were herded into villages, gave up farming for the city life, that was suppose to be better for the Slaves. This all leading up to what you have today, 'Agenda 21'. The Unhealthy animals are rounded up and put into cities of concrete.

GMOs are the final blow to a Frankenstein diet. Devoid of natural "God" given nutrients. The foods that have been Genetically Modified to grow fast and large, but offer no natural nutrition to the consumer. That is why Americans  and the rest of the World's populations are becoming so fat and unhealthy (Cancerous) so quickly. Americans keep eating because their body is still seeking nutrition from the foods being consumed.  Instead of being full, the individual is always hungry from lack of nutrition in the GMO foods. And to make matters even worse, the AMA has come out say, 'obesity' is natural occurrence. Then how come when I was a kid growing up in the deserts of Arizona. When we had no A/C units for cooling. You never seen an Obese person. It's all about control of the masses with unhealthiness and illness from improper diets.

The Medicines everyone seeks for a longer and healthier life, are in the uncooked natural plants that are "God" given. And taken away by a few soulless whores in power. Who want every person on the planet depended on the 'powers' foods and medicines for survival. This endless war with the 'powers' over one's personal health, must be fought by everyone. Without your health, what is the point of living? Yet the 'powers' want mankind to be weak and ill, simply from lack of proper diet. A diet of fatty foods and starches genetically modified. For only one purpose, CONTROL.

The Paris Shootings are starting to take some odd twist. Starting with the date, 'Friday the 13'. In a generation with everyone recording everything. Nothing almost 24 hours later. Showing the shooting taking place. You would have thought the kids listen to the American rock group. All would have had their cell phones recording the show, yet nothing from inside the theater. The last stunt in Paris 'Charlie Hebdo' turned out to be just another False Flag event. Already France has declared Martial Laws. Meaning all guns can be confiscated and anyone's home can now be entered for suspicion alone. And Europe has been turned on it's head with lawful citizens against the Muslim invaders. Brought into Europe for just this very reason. Unless the citizens of Europe remove their soulless political leaders, all will be lost, if not already. This would be on Americans doorsteps yesterday, except for one reason alone, GUNS. The 'powers' who want the Americans all in concrete jungles killing each other. Know as long as Americans are armed to the hilt. What happened in Paris, could never happen here. And if it did, it would be open warfare on the Muslim American population. and that would not bode to well for the Muslim population. Then the country's leaders would be next and they know that. Thing just keep getting faster and faster, as the citizenry awakens from their slumber.

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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