Saturday, November 28, 2015

"The Dome"

Like something right out of 'Thunder Dome', is mankind living under a Dome? The Mayans and Hindu writing say mankind is living under a Dome. Their not the only ones. Until about 500 years ago, the World's population believed in fact. That mankind was living in the center of the Universe, under a Dome. Then came along the idea of World control of the masses. Mankind went from being "God's" creation and the World was created for mankind. To what the controllers want mankind to now believe. That all is a fluke of nature and mankind is nothing but an evolution from nothing. When you die, you die, nothing more to life than that. You were born only to consume and  do as told by a select few. A select few who think they know what best for the rest of humanity.

Now you can look around and see folks who are weak minded and do not have the ability to decipher right from wrong. They will become Muslim, Christians and j$ws. And according to Hopi, never evolving beyond the Planet Earth Worlds. These lower forms of humanity who have become religious. Will kill each other in the name of their particular "God". These Souls have been stolen. They were never given a chance to develop beyond, hand to mouth mentality. They were never told that all of mankind is living in a controlled environment. And that all of mankind is in it as one. United and not divided as the powers have done. Religion was the selser that divided mankind. Souls are now mere pawns for the powers. Souls that are trained from birth to kill those souls not loving their particular "God". Mankind is instinctively divide by the facts of,  Food, Shelter, Sex for survival of the species.

Atheism and living under a Dome, won't work. Without the Big Bang BS, all of humanity would be at Peace with each other. Because with today's techknowledge the Planet is a known. The Ice Wall that is called the South Pole, is a given from the Adm. Byrd's explorations. It's just mankind was never given this information. Within 2 years after Byrd's discoveries, he was dead. Those that currently control the weaker masses, have kept Byrd's secret, the same secret the ancient Hopi hold. A Hollow Flat Earth, had to be kept from the masses for  control. Control is always done through diversions like religions. This keeps the masses at each others throats. But an Awakening would change all that, overnight. Mankind would suddenly be free the the government's controls. A "God" would be known, just not who. Mankind would be free to learn and teach others about the Bonds that have held mankind back for 1,000s of years. Wars would become obsolete overnight, armies would be disbanded, no need. Taxes would only be for the betterment of the Infrastructure like health, roads and schools. America who's tax dollars now go mainly for offensive weapons to attack those who do not agree with the America's domination. This would all end, imagine the World without the Zionist or Israel? This is what America has become, pawns of destruction for the Zionist enemies. World domination by only a handful, is what you have today.

If mankind does live in a so called Snow Globe, how big is the Pond? Are their other Ponds floating throughout the Universe? How would the "Aliens" fall into this perception? Everyone has saw objects in the night skies, zooming across the sky. We know those streaks are not Satellites, in fact you would be hard pressed to find an actual photo of a Satellite orbiting the Flat Earth. You seldom see any from the live fake ISS feed from NASA. Currently their are 1,110+ working satellites and 2,700 non working satellites, seen any? We are talking low Earth orbits of only a couple of hundred miles. Some communication satellites the size of school buses. In fact the ISS is one of the closes, but try and get a photo of it going over your home one night. For everyone who thinks that GPS is all done from satellites is incorrect. If cell phones and other communications were truly bounced from space. Their would no place on Earth that doesn't have satellite coverage. Yet it is easy while driving to loose one's signal because of going behind a hill. Get lost out  hiking with no signal, what do you do? Go climb the nearest peak to get a signal. That because your satellite coverage is all Ground based from Cell Towers. Why Cell Towers when you supposedly have 1,100+ satellites overhead? Just another scam, telling folks their cell phone bills are so high because of launching and maintaining satellites for your convenience. Only the largest cell phone companies have full coverage. My Hopi bud have to use Verizon because they are the only one with cell towers on the Hopi and Navajo rezs. Roaming Calls, that's not trying to find a satellite, a cell tower instead. My cell phone quits the moment I get close to the Hopi/Navajo rezs.

Could mankind's Pond be the First Step of Eternal Life? To me this would look like the beginning point of Spirituality. Don't advance off the 1st Pond, maybe eternal death or a type of Purgatory. Afterall, for the most part, these are some pretty primitive Souls I see around me. Plenty of murder and deceit for everyone. Those that must go to someone and  give them 10% of everything they earn. To tell the individual not to be sleeping with his neighbor's wife or just simply 'be good'. Sounds like a primitive Soul to me. When I believe you have a Spirit within you, you must awaken. Or that Spirit is driven out of the child by the unwholly World today. Whatever the case may be, life has to be some sort of test. Why else would "God" have created mankind. Other than mankind's Spiritual development. Why create a creature to roam  around and watch? Wouldn't it make more sense to have created something in your own Image? Given a certain amount of powers to develop? If mankind is just a fluke of the Big Bang, mankind would have never developed this far. Without some outside Devine Intervention. And you see Divine Intervention in your life every day. Like something holding you up in traffic, only to avoid an accident down the road. Life's Chance Meetings, people's husbands and wives, that job you have. You have this guiding Spirit around you. Mankind has been pushed into not believing this reality, the Duality of Everything, or Yin-Yang.

Not matter if a Dome or not, mankind is the Creation of a much Greater Power. And their are no Flukes in "God's" creations. Every plant, animal, insect, human that roams the surface of Mother Earth has a purpose. Life feeds off life, just as mankind learns from the parents or those around them. Mankind is a Spirit with "God" given abilities for their own Spiritual Advancement. mankind's life has much meaning and love for other human beings. That have been ripped from society, with religions that divide the populace. As I've said before, 'be above it all'. Don't let yourself be dragged down to lower levels of humanity, from which you may never escape.

"God" Bless


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