Saturday, December 12, 2015

"Let All the Religious Fanatics"

Mother Earth has truly become a Battlefield, a Battlefield for religions. So it would appear, why not just let all the 'Religious Fanatics' fight it out. While the higher forms of humanity watch the lower forms kill each other off. Or wait a minute, isn't that the plan of the 'powers'? No one can sell guns like Obummer, with his powers to upset the American public. Now with Obummer pushing for the massive immigration supported by the government of Muslims. Who swear to kill all that do not convert to Islam. Makes for just what the 'powers' want, major unrest amongst the civilian population. Push everyone into concrete jungles. Divide them all with religions and you have what you have in the Middleeast, constant warring among the different factions of Muslims. With the j$ws providing plenty of weapons to all fighting parties.

This is all part of a much bigger plan, a plan for the entire World's population. That must first start with the division among the populations. The fake enemy created by the j$ws Israel and 'powers' ISIS. Is used in many ways. ISIS is used to disperse populations with threats that are not real. Because ISIS is not real. Telling citizens in Syria that ISIS will soon be in their community. And ISIS will cut-off everyone's heads who do not agree with their particular type of Islam. Their children will be killed. Then you have America providing the Syrian rebels with money and weapons. To take out the elected government selected by the 'powers' in the first place. Now add Russian, French and America dropping bombs on everything that moves. Forcing the population of Syria to escape to Europe. This giving the 'powers' the ability to mix in Islamic fighters into Europe disguised as innocent civilians. And now you have the mess you have throughout Europe. With America and the West as the next target for destabilization of the populations for complete control. Or as everyone has heard by now NWO.

Herding populations around is nothing new to the 'powers'. It was done to most Native American tribes, excluding the Hopi. Where massive Native Americans tribes were forced by living conditions, to move onto reservations for survival. The same thing that is being done to the population of Syria. Syrian civilians flooding Europe to survive. Disrupting the norm, dividing the citizens of the World. Who in the beginning came from the same Seed. Now who are divided desperately by religions of division. The j$ws, Muslim and Christian were all created by Rome as most other religions were. The catholic church who invaded nations and stole the nation's wealth and forced Christianity on the populations. Has now divided the World's population with religions. Introducing the Muslim religion as the latest tool of division.

The World's population has now been thoroughly divided by Race and Religion. Americans cannot buy enough guns and ammunition, as Obummer brings in more and more Muslim refugees. The press is planted with stories of Muslims threatening the existing American population. The recent False Flag in San Bernardino, putting Muslims against Civilian populations. Telling the citizens of America they will all soon be Muslims. That the Muslims will rape the White Christians populations women. Bringing Arab bloodlines to the streets of America. Is there any doubt that the leaders of the Islamic extremist are not the same leaders of the NWO. How could they not be??? When everything in the World today is controlled by those with the Biggest Guns. And who has the most to gain by the diversions amongst the populations, the Coup Leaders. They are not Muslim, j$wish or Christians, they are psychopaths. Only a psychopathic mind would want total domination over others. And all religious leaders are Psychopathic.

Religion is only for the Weak Minded. Why would anyone give away 10% of their hard earned money. To someone to tell them not to have sex with their neighbor's wife. Not to kill, steal, etc., the basics of Good versus Evil. Only the weakest minded could fall for such propaganda. They will become religious fanatic, willing to kill for their particle "God". Life on Mother Earth has come down to war. A War for the World's population's minds. Those who are born Spiritually and those who have been striped of their Spirituallity. Easy to blame Satan or the Devil, some outside entity, never the individual. When it is truly a planet of 'Free Will'. Their is no one to blame for the individual's decisions, but the individual making the decision. Mankind is a "God", but that has been stolen away. By those few psychopaths who want to control those around them. One can only hope that the future awakening will come soon. Maybe it will take some outside force to make the awakening happen. Maybe it in an internal clock inside of everyone. That will suddenly awake the individual from their sleep. Maybe the Mayan 2012 "Time" date was the window opening. Maybe it's the Flat Earth Reality that is sweeping the World so fast now. That will awaken everyone to, 'mankind is all in this together'. No reason for World leaders, governments or religions. Hopefully the Hopi are correct in their ancient tale, of the 'Great Shaking' that will awaken the World's populations to the Spiritualness of their very being.

"God" Bless


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