Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Santa or Satan"

'He knows if you been sleeping, he knows if you're awake, he knows if you been good or bad'. Sound like a 'Good Ole Boy' to you, from the North Pole? For many a years I was convinced that the j$ws gave the Pagans Jesus Christ and Christmas. Then sold the Pagans now Christians, the idea Christmas for buying. Little older now and maybe not far from the truth. But the fact remains, Christmas is an old Pagan ritual. Turned into what you have today, simple for the commercialization. And anyone who knows anything about the Christian bible knows, all indications are, Jesus was born in the Summer. And the 3 Wise Men were more than likely, Orion's Belt. And the Winter Solstice rituals was a way of bring in the New Year or New Birth. And most if not all societies would have had some sort of celebrations or ritual to remind everyone of the coming planting season.

Now that same Winter Solstice Ritual is what you have today, X-Mas. The Hopi knew of the approaching Winter Solstice by the view from the square hole in the top of their Kivas (Kivas were always built on a North, East, South, West layout, square to Tokpela (Endless Space) 1st World. Another clue to the Earth being Flat and Four Square.). When Orion's belt went directly from East to West, across the opening. That marked the End of the Year and arrival of the New Year. This Ceremony was called the 'Soyal Ceremony', marking the end of the year. The ceremony was used to redirect the 'Sun' into it's Summer pattern. On the shortest day of the year in Hopi. The Kachinas Spirits would come down from the mountains north of Flagstaff, called today, San Francisco Peaks. The Hopi Kachina Spirits would watch over the 'Soyal Ceremony' to ensure the redirections of the 'Sun' to it's Summer pattern. (Hopi ancient Tales, are just so full of Flat Earth hints.)

Every Native American tribe either North or South, would have had a similar ritual. As they were all descendants of the original Hopi. As so do all other cultures throughout the World. A ritual praising an unknown "Creator's" powers to redirect the Life Giving Sun's movements. Today, all has been corrupted into Materialism. A season of guilt now, a season of gluttony. A Pagan Ritual gone horribly bad. Even the poor old Christmas Tree origins are Pagan, even the ornaments hanging on it. Instead of killing a Pine Tree. The Pagans Ritual would put their ornaments and meats, on live Pine Trees as gifts to Nature that kept them alive. The Pine Tree was used in Roman and Egyptians "Times". (Hopi Kachina Dancers only wear a certain type of Pine branches in their Kachina Dances Ceremonies.) The round ornaments that hang from the Christmas tree branches, represent the 'Sun' and other signs important symbols. The Mistletoe was a symbol of fertility, that's why you are suppose to kiss someone under the Mistletoe. Santa was originally a Shaman and that explained all the Supernatural powers associated with ancient Santa figures. The village Shaman, always knew of the plight of the villagers he served. The Shaman would be the today's version as a Spiritual leader, making sure certain Rituals were observed to insure the survival of the group. Thanking the "Gods", as part all things are connected. Making sure others not forget their 'Roots'. This has all be taken away and corrupted now. Do a little research and you will soon find out. Mankind has progressed actually backwards from ancient ways and protocol. Paganism has simple been turned into Materialism. The worship of Material things and not "God" given things.

Hopi 'Soyal Ceremony' Site:

Heading up to Hopi to make some winter "Time" vids on Christmas. I've always wanted to capture the isolation that is the Hopi rez in winter. With the snow's falling today and again on Thursday. That should make for some great vids and pics of the flatness of Hopi. With the horizons so yellow/brown, the snow should make for a great contrast. Plus with no man-made fires going in California, the air should be crisp and clear, unlike the summer. When it seem fires are started deliberately by the 'powers' all over California. All part and parcel of 'Agenda 21', relocating the population into the cities.

Also part of the 'Agenda 21' is the Muslim problem. Using the uneducated Muslim population to corrupt all of Europe. I never understood how radical the Muslim population could be until I discovered this video. It show Muslim worshippers walking backwards around a Giant Black Square cube in Mecca.    These are the same people who pray to the ground 5 "Times" a day. (Christians pray to the sky, j$$$ws pray to a wall, Muslims pray to the ground.) As I've have always said, 'religion is only for the Weak Minded'. And the Muslims seem to be the weakest minded of all. A religion of no tolerance for any other except Islam. The j$$$ws and Christians also practise this but claim to have changed to a more loving religions. Then you look to the Middle East where the Muslim, j$$$ws and Christian are all killing each other. Been doing it for 100s of years. The 'Christian Crusades' never stopped. The Muslim claim they will never stop until the World is converted to Islam. And all those who are not Muslim, must be killed. Meanwhile the j$$$ws are bombing women and children in Gaza. And America is bombing anyone who doesn't agree to be control by the Central Bank system. That control most of the World's banking except a few countries like Iran.

Here is the scariest part of Islam, the worshipping of a Stone. Not just any Stone, but a Black Meteorite found and placed in the Kaaba. Kaaba the large Black Box that Muslim must walk around seven "Times", in reverse. The Kaaba was originally built by Ibrahim and Ishmael in  2130 BC. Then Ibrahim was taken to the location of the 'Black Stone' (Meteorite). The Celestial Stone sent from Heaven to Ibrahim. (Sound like my story of my Meteorite placed for me. Only I'm not asking anyone to murder others, because of it.) Significance of the Stone placement, a direction every Muslim must face on their knees 5 "Times" a day. Now does this sound like a Loving "God's" wishes? This is the scariest part as I said. Who in their right mind would do such a thing. Then murder everyone else who doesn't.

Well until next year, have a 'HAPPY SOLSTICE' and 2016 maybe, just maybe. Mankind will discover who they really are. A Free Spirit, Creation of "God". Not the enslave human being you have today. To where life is made to be a struggle, instead of Spiritual Growth and Freedom. Both of which have been taken away.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

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