Saturday, January 2, 2016

"X-Mas on the Hopi Rez"

Every since I've been going up to Hopi over the many years. Wanted to spend X-mas on the Hopi rez to get the feeling of the isolation that is the Hopi rez in winter. Well I can take that off my Bucket List, with no desire to do that again. Been planning for years to do this, so I thought I'd combine making a Flat Earth video with the experience.   Contacted a couple of Hopi buds before heading up to the rez. Wanted someone to escort me around making my vid. Hopi kinda frown on folks just sitting up anywhere and making vids. So I wanted either Ahkima or Eugene Claude to be with me. That accomplished, got up X-mas morning and headed to Hopi.

I knew the view from south of Winslow would be a great view from Holbrook to Flagstaff sweep. Got through the snowy roads up on the Mogollon Rim OK. When I first pulled off the road to make my first vid. I set my tripod up, only to watch it blow away like a twig. Have to say, never been in those type of weather conditions in my life. Temperature in the teens, wind gust in the 40 - 50 MPH range. Got back into the car and headed to another location, hoping the wind would die down. Couple more stops and I gave up the fight. had lunch in Winslow ('Sitting on a Corner in Winslow Arizona'). Next attempt to get some vids of the flat horizon were at the Painted Desert Lookout, just north of Winslow about 20 miles. Here again, me and my camera were like cannon fodder in the wind. Plus my tripod was so frozen, it wouldn't rotate. Loaded up again and headed for Ahkima's kiva in Baccavi to get Ahima to escort me in more attempts at recording the flat Hopi rez horizons.

Got to Ahkima's place, only to have Ahkima say he was in the middle of weaving a traditional Hopi shawl and couldn't go with me until the next day. Determined to get a Flat Earth vid using the Hopi horizons for that purpose. I went out to record without an escort, figuring most Hopi knew me and if someone stopped to say stop. But first I stopped by Orayvi to look for either Lonnie or his brother Russell to escort me, no luck their either. I was the only one dumb enough to want to be out in wind gusts in the 40s and 15F. degrees, on X-mas day. Determined to get my vids recorded, I soldiered on alone around the Hopi rez that afternoon. While everyone else on the rez, kept warm inside. The effort was well worth it and my point was proven. 'The Place is Flat', Hopi Flat.

When you visit the Hopi Homeland you must remember everything is in Hopi "Time". You may have come from a place where everything is done in a hurry. And you expect that when you travel, but not to Hopi. Their is simple no place to be, no mall, theater, not even convenience stores, nada, nothing but the rez. Thus everything is slowed way down, where you going??? When I first started visiting the Hopi rez. You had to make reservations weeks in advance to get a room  at the Hopi Cultural Center. Today, just drive up and get yourself a room, unless their is a Kachina Dance in one of the villages during the summer months. The management of the Hotel and restaurant have fallen apart. Rooms are still always clean, but basic TV, and no wi-fi. The common areas is still just Hopi sand and now the little gift shop is a tiny museum you pay $5 to visit. Rooms for just 1 person are $125 a night, ouch. With no place to eat except at the Culture center. I made sure that the restaurant would be open the day after X-mas for breakfast. Arizona does not recognize  Daylight Savings Time, except the Hopi rez, that I know of. Having only a half bowl of top ramen soup for supper. Got up, it was 7F degrees, headed for the restaurant for breakfast. That was to be open at 7:00 AM, but were are in  Hopi. Froze my ass off walking to the restaurant, only to find it wasn't open. And would not open until 11:00 AM Hopi. Meaning more like noon before they opened. 75 miles to the Denny's in Winslow, was my only choice, damn. (Keep telling myself I'm never coming back to Hopi.) Low Level Flying across the rez at 100+ MPH got to Winslow in 45 minutes. Of pure White-knuckle driving "Time". Food was terrible, but something in my belly.

Still needing some long distance vids of the horizon, headed back up to the Painted Desert location north of Winslow. Same results as the day before, couldn't hold my camera steady enough to make a vid. Headed back south to the Hopi Homolovi Ruins. Where I could brace myself against a wall to steady my camera. The Ranger at Homolovi said the view from the museum was 125 miles across, they tell the visitors. It's perfectly flat and from where I recorded, and was well over 250 miles across the view. A view that is as flat as Kansas. From there I headed to the backroad to Luepp on the Navajo rez. Here I got one incredible view from almost 1/3 of Northeast Flat Arizona. Pleased with the footage I'd gotten, headed to Flagstaff for lunch and head home to Scottsdale.

I'd been in touch with an old friend Santos Bonacci ('Santos Bonacci and Me'   ) Who had recently became a Flat Earther and wanted a copy of my vid from the Flat Hopi before it was even created. Never have any of my vids gotten so many hits so quickly as my latest Flat Earth vid did. Us Flat Earthers are under attack that reminds me of my Nam War protest days. The idea of the Flat Earth is hard for most folks to accept. And folks will defend their Enslavement and Ball Earth to the bitter end. Even the Ranger at Homolovi Ruins laughed at me when I told him, why I was up their in the first place. Even though right in front of him, was proof of the Flat Earth Reality. A Line has been drawn in the Sand, just as in Orayvi in 1906. Those who want to stay with the Old Hopi ways. And those who want to move forward from the Ball Earth.

Want to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2016. May the 'Awakening' quicken for those asleep in so many ways. Hope for everyone to release their own personal bondage. To a  system that only wants them dead at an early age and enslaved until their deaths. Knowing everyone is an unique individual and not the property of a few psychopaths. That want to ruin the lives of those around them, because of jealousy. First knowing the 'Big Bang' is nothing but a path to enslavement. In the lie Reality that mankind came from nothing and is only on the Earth to consume and die. The Mayans, Hopi, and many others have tales of how Mother Earth was a Creation for the advancing Human Spirit. That idea has been steadily taken away by those few who must be stopped. "God" bless and just maybe the year the "Aliens" let mankind know who and why they are all arounds us.

"God" Bless


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