Sunday, January 17, 2016

"Bureau of Land Management" BLM

BLM has been getting a lot of Bad press lately, starting with the fiasco at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. Their have been plenty of other skirmishes with BLM, but the 'powers; that control BLM. Are the same 'powers' that keep America what it is today, an Open Air Prison. Control the press, thus the Minds of most Americans. Hiding the Sins of the corporation called the 'United States of America'. BLM is a registered corporation of Puerto Rico and a sub-corporation of the United States Incorporated. America is not a free country, owned by it's citizens, it's a corporation controlled by a handful of individuals. Some say that as soon as the Federal Reserve Bank took control of the money in America on December 23 1013. America was now in the control of the banking elite. Other say, that America has always been a corporation, back to the East India Company and the founding Masonic Father's. With the illusion of a free American citizen is just that, an illusion. The fact that an illegal corporation (BLM) registered in Puerto Rico. Now owns a vast majority of the western United States. Tells you the true nature of the United States of America, the 'Beast'.

You see how BLM uses the word Manages, when in fact it should say 'Controls'. Percentage (%) of land BLM managed (controls) land in , Alaska 25.7%, Arizona  32.2%, California 35.4%, Colorado 34.4%, Idaho 60.5%, Montana 26.5%, New Mexico 29.4%, Nevada 76.1%, Oregon 26.2%, Utah 70.2%, Wyoming 29.5%, Washington 22.7%. BLM controls 200,500 miles of Fishable Streams, 2.2 million acres of Lakes and reservoirs, BLM controls 247.3 million acres of America. BLM has it's own police force and special investigative agents, BLM office of Law Enforcement in Washington DC (district of criminals). BLM controls 221 Wilderness areas, and 23 National Monuments.

BLM roots basicly go back to 1785. 'Land Ordinances of 1785' and 'Northwest Ordinance 1787'. In 1812 the government established 'General Land Office' for the oversight, of the disposition of federal lands (homestead, etc.). The 'Taylor Grazing Act' of 1934, to manage public grazing lands and set Fees. In 1946 both the 'Grazing Services' and 'General Land Office' were combined to form 'Department of Interior'. From this you now have BLM powers reaching far beyond the original plan (or maybe not). BLM now has oversight on, Firefighting, Mineral Rights on Indian Lands (???), Cadastral Surveys, Abandoned Mines, Energy Corridors (power lines, pipelines), Helium (wow), Wild Horse and Burro, Renewable Energy (solar, wind, etc.) and Revenue and Fees (6.2 billion in 2009).

Now BLM is looked on as Criminals in the worst degree. Arizona, California and most of the southwest is under constant Fire Danger, from mismanagement and outright corruption on BLM's part. BLM used tactics like the Endangered Turtle species in Nevada to steal 10,000s of acres and drive ranchers off the property. Forcing the ranchers to only sell to BLM. And BLM using fees collected from the ranchers to buy (steal) their lands. Families had ranch for generations before BLM was even created. Everyone has saw the scenes from the Bundy Ranch standoff. To where the citizens from all across the country came to protect the Bundy's from their own local and federal governments. Now you have the same thing going on in Oregon wilderness area. Where ranchers have taken over a building that had been abandoned by BLM. Only to have the controlled news calling the takeover, an 'Act of Terrorism'. Every since the Murder of innocent women and children in Waco. By Janet Reno ordered murders by the federal government agents. Militias are willing to come to the rescue of those opposing federal regulation that are used to steal from the citizens of America.

In Oregon, militias from surrounding states have come to protect those who are protesting the over reaching non-powers of BLM. Idaho '3% Percenters', established a perimeter around the standoff area. To protect the ranchers from the FBI and other police departments attacks. Ranchers, farmers, hunters, campers and outdoorsman, are all tired of seeing their natural resources being blocked off from the citizens of America. By outsiders using American against Americans to drive the citizens of America, off their own lands. This has got to stop and  what you see now in Oregon and in the past in Nevada is the beginning. Those Americans the 'powers' are using to remove the citizens of America from the open wilderness areas. Are mindless Pawns who don't realize what laws they are enforcing. are also against themselves. They all should be embarrassed of themselves. Turning Americans against Americans is the only power the 'powers' have. And if everyone will stop being a Pawn of Deceit, America will return to life in the 50s. Where neighbor knew neighbor and doors were unlocked. Now with the controlled media, neighbors fear neighbors over nothing but propaganda from the controlled press.

The powers given BLM are all part of 'Agenda 21'. To heard the citizens (cattle) into the cities and away from rural areas. Harassing small miners, ranchers and farmers until they give up their lands, is just another tactic in the arsenal of the 'powers'. Who could care less for the citizens of America or the World. Cities will become population centers, with rural areas off limits to but to only a few elite. The rest of the population will slowly kill each other off in overcrowded cities fill with armed religious fanatics. Africans and Middle Easterners cannot flock to Europe and America fast enough. They are being bombed and starved out from their traditional homelands. All part of the plan to remove the citizens and drive them into overcrowded population centers. Just as you see in Europe now. Knowing the invading population have no intentions of assimilating into the cultures they have arrived into. Just as you see in America from the southern invasion. Where neighborhoods look like the home the citizens fled from. Rats in a Barrel, that's 'Agenda 21', pure and simple. Strike back at your enslavers or become just another armed 'Rat in the Barrel'.

Been talking to my friend Santo Bonacci a lot lately, as he has made the transition into the 'Flat Earth Reality'. His Astrotheology fits much better with the Flat Earth. And for all the years, like most of us. He was programed into the Masonic Ball Earth and Universe. It takes a strong man to admit and throw away the pasts years of knowledge. But Santos is doing that now, presenting the Flat Earth Reality all over the Net. Like a wildfire, Santos is being asked to be on every noteworthy Flat Earth interviewers list. I try to warn him of the whores (Mark Sargent) in the Flat Earth teaching. As the 'powers' are trying to get control of the Flat Earth movement. Just as in the Tea Party and every other movement. That is for the betterment of the citizens of the World. Who the 'powers' must keep Dumbed Down for control. Here is a link to a Santos Flat Earth interview.   FYI: In the Illuminati Card Game, their is a 'Flat Earth' card.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Time" "Aliens"

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