Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Doing the Best"

Life is pretty much, 'Doing the Best, with the Cards Dealt'. Born in America, instead of a family in the Congo, Cards Dealt. What you do with the Cards Dealt, that's the Big Question? Many teaching say you are reincarnated into a position that was created by the actions of your past life. Tibetan Book of the Dead teaches this. Hopi believe mankind is in the 'Fourth World' and everyone was in the previous Three Worlds. Karma is the word everyone likes to use. You will Reap  what you Sow, Yin Yang of everything, I like to say. Rapist and Murders from previous lives, will be raped and murdered for their previous actions. The 'powers' want mankind to believe they evolved from nothing and upon death, they will return to nothingness. But be careful what you ask for, you just might be a "God". Would be the other side of the Rainbow. I believe in the latter, be careful in everything you do. Because their is a Scorekeeper in life. That scorekeep just might be you and you will judge you upon death. Does Santa Claus really have the "Time" to record every positive and negative thing you do in life?

The Cards being Dealt America and the rest of the World at a high speed, is your Freedoms. As most can tell, the cities are being filled with condos and apartments on every vacate lot. Here in Scottsdale they are all High End condos and apartments. In central Phoenix and other towns in metro/Phx location, they are for the working classes. Central Phoenix looks crazy with all the condo and apartments going up in south/central Phoenix. Many of the ones that have been built here in Scottsdale, sit mainly empty. But that doesn't stop the onslaught of units being built. You can tell they  the 'powers' are looking down the road to 'Agenda 21'. Just another Card being Dealt silently, like the Land  grabs by BLM and the federal government. Which in fact is no more than a corporation, with a private banking  system and not a government control central banking system. The Federal Reserve isn't so federal, it's owned by private banksters. Who charge the citizens of America. to print paper at 6% interest.

The Murder of Lavoy Finicum for all to see. Was a warning shot fired at all the citizens of America. Lavoy was only the example of the 'powers' power over  the citizens of America. Even using fellow Americans to Murder Lavoy. To prove their power of mental manipulation over all those who care to stop the 'powers' doing what they want. The ruling class wants, with just enough slaves located in concrete jungles to provide a high quality of life for only a few. When "God" created the perfect environment for all to live well. Enough water, food, medicines (in plants), shelter for all to live a Spiritual Life. That was taken away years ago. WWI proved to the 'powers', that mankind can be manipulated into doing horrible things to each other. Now with the controlled media, the children are being programed to kill from a young age. What used to be Cowboys and Indians, has turned into rape and murder in the video games and media. The children are mentally trained at a young age to ignore death. Like some video game when everyone comes back to life to fight again by simply pushing the reset button. Then those same kids, who now go off the fight Corporate Wars for greed. Come back mentally a mess, because they soon found out that the Karma inside them will eventually come to haunt them. That's why 18 and 19 year old kids do the killing in War. With maturity comes a conscience and concern for your fellow human being.

Now was the whole thing outside Burns on what was once Native America lands. A sit-up to lure other Militias into the area to be killed or ambushed like Lavoy? One thing for sure now, the citizens of Burns want the FBI out of their town. Here are a bunch of ranchers protesting BLM's over reaching powers. Suddenly the FBI comes to town and even shuts the schools down, even though the protesting at the Wildlife Refuge wa smiles from town. This is the 'powers' saying, 'we can come into anyone's town and take over'. The FBI has no powers unless the local Sheriff gives away his authority. Which in the case of the Sheriff of the area around Burns did. Maybe the FBI had things on him, or just bribed him into relingingusting his powers so easily. Now the citizens of Burns and surrounding area what the Sheriff and Judge removed from office. And every evening now you have  what is called 'Rolling Rally' of vehicles going past the Sheriff's office and site where Lavoy was murdered in a government Ambush.

This whole thing has now Backfired in the 'powers' faces. With the whole World glued into what is happening outside Burns. Now the 4 left in the compound present a real problem for the 'powers'. With millions of eyes watching, no longer can the FBI send in their henchmen to kill the 3 guys and 1 lady inside holding on. Holding on for the citizens of America now. Thursday night the FBI pulled up to the compound with personnel carriers. The (FBI) launched a drone over the Four's campfire in hope they would shoot at the drone. Claiming they were being fired upon as a reason to kill all 4. The 4 were too smart and had been warned by phone not to shoot. As the whole thing was being broadcast via a cell phone from the occupiers.

Lavoy Finicum was all of us, standing in the snow. Being shot down for wanting to protect the other 2 women and other men in his truck. His windshield had been shot out. The women who were in the vehicle at the "Time" of the ambush. Said the vehicle took several shots (With lasers flashing all over the vehicle.) before Levoy tried to go around the roadblock, aka Ambush (Roadblocks don't include Snipers hidden in the trees alongside a roadblock.). Yet the FBI wants the World to believe that Lavoy was reaching for his gun the moment he was murdered. While the ladies in the vehicle  with Lavoy said, 'his weapon', a pistol (as shown often) and not a 9MM as the FBI claimed. 'Was left behind at the compound, along with the others occupants weapons'. The ladies stated that all Levoy was trying to do was get to them all. To the local Sheriff for protection. For fear of his life and others in the vehicle from the FBI. He was right!!!

Lavoy Finicum was 'Doing his best, with the Cards Dealt' at and before his Murder. Without the federal government in the guise of BLM. Running good folks (ranchers and farmers) off their lands, forcing incredible fees to the Ranchers. While telling them that the BLM was protecting their lands (the citizens). While all the "Time" doing nothing to protect the citizens lands. Only using the incredibly high Grazing Fees to force out and buy up the ranchers homelands, throughout all of the western United States. Maybe this will be the Awakening to what the Feds and BLM are all about. The BLM takes your land and if you protest. The FBI will BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF. (Being Chem-Trailed by the same 'powers' as I type this.) Be a good citizen, do as you are told and if you're lucky. You just might live long enough to get your Social Security that you bought and paid for. With 40+ years of paying taxes and doing as you are told. Or you just might end-up like Levoy Finicum, Dead in the Snow.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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