Sunday, February 7, 2016

"Slaves Enslaving Slaves"

You know, folks just don't get it do they? Watching the ambush murder of Robert Levoy Finicum, was Slaves murdering a Slave. With the ignorant federal agents slaves as the perpetrator of a murder for Hire. For a simple paycheck, men will kill men, who are defending the murders rights. You have those today who are brainwashed by the very system that enslaves them. Into believing they are doing the right thing by killing other citizens of America for a paycheck $$$. Soon the Military Draft will be renewed with only one major difference. Now women will also be drafted for military duty. The system kept telling the women of America  and the World how unfree they are. With the women buying into the propaganda BS. In the future will have a gun slung over their shoulders. Going to die for some corporate war, along with the men of America. How effective is the propaganda in America, enough said.

Now everyone that isn't telling a lie, is labeled a Domestic Terrorist. The government can lie to the people of America all day long. Have someone like Lavoy make a statement for the freedoms of all Americans, he is labeled a Domestic Terrorist. Who was executed publicly for his views on the freedoms and lands being taken away from the citizens of the World. This has been going on forever in America. If the 'powers' want to take away someone's freedom or even destroy another country's economy. The controlled news media will be used to destroy the enemy's accountability and truthfulness. Then just like Gaddafi, Lavoy and hundreds of others before. They will all be silenced (murdered), so the masses are mentally forced into keeping their thoughts of freedom to themselves. Thinking about heading up to Burns and the occupiers on the bird sanctuary? Or is there something in the back of your head, like the video of Lavoy's ambush stopping you? Any politician thinks they just might have some powers in DC. Is surely reminded of JFK's day in the Sun in Dallas Texas. That is why these public executions are done. A big fat reminder to everyone, 'who's really in charge here'!!!

Slavery is taught at a very young age, starting with the entertainment (propaganda) provided the child from birth. Their will be nothing in the child's childhood, that will not be used to train the child to Obey all authority. Public education system has only one real purpose. To program the individual child how to answer to bells and whistles for direction. And the only direction the child needs is from the governing authority. Not the parent or lessons learned from others as the child develops. The last generation that actually hit the streets in protest was the Baby Boomers. And by dumbing down the population and total control of the media. The 'powers' have ensured their will never be another generation like the Baby Boomers. You can do as you please to the generations after the Baby Boomers. Their all to busy showing how free they are with all their new Tattoos. Look I'm an individual BS. While falling into the trap of a shorten lifespan, falling for all the systems crap. Eating a diet with absolutely no nutritional value. Same as the school system for the child's brain. Nothing be put into the child's brain but mental controls.

Dumbing Down is absolute control, simple stuff. Uneducate the populace and completely control the populace. 90% + of America's citizens, fall into this category. They will attack those who say they are not free. Will say America is the freest country in the Land. Not knowing America has more of it's citizens in prisons than the rest of the World combined!!! Propaganda got folks into believing when American bombs the hell out of another country. That is good for that country and it's citizens BS.

Now when one American helps to enslave another American citizen, 'they are just doing their job'. When the military takes up weapons against it's own brothers in the streets. The masses will be told, 'they (soldiers) are just doing their job'. And this is for the betterment of all not involved. And that somehow the murder of Levoy was for the betterment of the overall populace.

I've been watching BLM and other federal and state agencies close down back road after back road here in Arizona. When you travel as much as me making my videos. You notice that now days the roads are lined with fences. Before out west you could pull off the road anywhere and have a picnic lunch. Now you have to drive for miles just to find a place to pull off the road. On the Holidays now, their are agents deciding how many folks can visit each recreational site. Some controls have to be put in place to protect the natural environment and Native American sites and burial grounds. But now you have to much control of state lands. Instead of the federal and state agencies working for the betterment of the citizens of America. You now have a Gestapo tactics being used everywhere you turn. America has been turned into a Militarized State, to where everything is controlled. With the 'powers' convincing the citizens it's best for them.

Instead of sticking a gun in everyone faces today in America. How about educating the peoples on how they are the caretakers of the land. BLM and other government agencies through their propaganda. Paint the ranchers and farmers as destroyers of the public land they use. It's not the BLM's land, it's the citizens of America land. And why in the hell would a farmer or rancher destroy the very land they use to make a living from. This is just more BS from those who are supposedly working for the citizens of America, like BLM. Now BLM has the  FBI to murder anyone who dares to cross their absurd practices. Meaning just like everything else in America today, everything (agency) is inter connected for control from the top down. Agenda 21, American style.

Robert Levoy Finicum's funeral was Saturday in Kanab Utah and was attended by thousands of friends and and family.   His funeral was at a Mormon church in this southeast Utah town. Just across the border with Arizona. Lavoy was born in Kanab and was murders 1 day before he turned only 55. 18 years younger than me, what a waste of a great resource for other Americans to draw strength from. When it came to fighting for the Rights of all Americans and those around the World. Who are counting on America's citizens to stop the NWO destruction of the Human Race as it is known today. Levoy Finicum was front row, willing to die and he did. America is the battlefront for mankind's freedoms. And the Public Execution of Lavoy Finicum was a reminder that the war for freedoms for all citizens of the World, has just begun in earnest, with the ambush and murder of Robert Levoy Finicum.

"God" Bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Time" "Aliens"

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