Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Hopi Flat Earth"

You hear a lot of Native Americans using the term 'Space Brothers'. To describe the "Aliens" that surround us. Little do the Native American realize they have been programed into this thinking. Why would any Native American tribe have any idea of what is above. The Hopi treated the Stars as a guidance system for travel and about every other aspect of their lives. The Stars told the ancient Hopi when to plant, when to harvest. When to hold certain ceremonies for their survival, because the ceremonies were as important as eating and breathing to the ancient Hopi. The ceremonies showed the "Gods" that the Hopi were quite aware of their surrounding and who was the one or ones truly in charge of the survival of the Hopi.

As the Earth sits still and the Stars move in a circular pattern above. The Hopi were taught by their Creator how to read the movement of the Stars. Now most Hopi like the rest of the World's population, believe mankind lives on a spinning ball. This has all been done with the public education system the Hopi children are forced into. Along with the rest of the children of America and the World. The Ball Earth is shoved in the child's face from the cartoons to the first day in public school. This spinning Blue Ball is your home, plain and simple. And if you believe anything else you are crazy. This is pounded constantly into everyone's head, from birth to death.

I have never found any ancient Native American reference to the Global Universe the 'powers' what everyone to believe in. Never have I found a Heaven or Hell ever mention in any old tales of Native Americans. Which is needed to buy into the Ball Universe crap. In an enclosed system, with a type of Mayan and Hindu Cosmos. Just where would Heaven and Hell be located??? Give mankind the Ball Universe crap and you can stick Heaven and Hell anywhere you please. When you life is built around a Spiritual system as the Native Americas. Where there is a fine line between the animals and the Native American tribal members. How do you even conceive the idea of limitless space? Why wouldn't the "Gods" left tales of the Ball Universe, Heaven and Hell with the Native Americas? So that these facts could be passed on throughout history in tales and dances. The reason is, mankind lives on a Flat Earth. Almost anything you want to know about life and the physical boundaries of mankind. Can be found in ancient Native American tales. All Native American Creation Tale only speak of the Silant Waters that covered the Earth in the beginning. Just as the Christian and Mayan Bibles (etc.) speak of.

Now some 500 years later, most of the Native Americans think they have Space Brothers. Just shows you how effective the propaganda has been on the Native Americas. Not to mention the rest of America's and World's populations. Yet here today, a handful of folks are trying to break the Ball Universe myth and that is all it is, is a Myth. Trying to break the stranglehold of all these Jesuit lies have that been brought forth. In an all out effort to control all of humanity with fear. The fear of dying and going to a place called Hell. The Ball Universe creators, have the World's population perfectly brainwashed into mass Mind Control. And those like myself are laughed off the stage. Just as when the "Alien" agenda is ever mentioned. Both the "Alien" and Flat Earth idea, must be pigeon holed in fear by the 'powers'. For these two ideas (lies) hold mankind in bondage to themselves.

Now you have this sudden awakening to the Flat Earth model. Which must be destroyed by the 'powers'. For their powers rely on these 2 giant Lies. You must belong to a religion and you must believe you live on a Ball spinning at 1,000+ MPH. While circulating the Sun at a magical 66,600 MPH and millions of MPH around the Galaxy. Just stop and think about these two last facts(?) alone. Sound just a little impossible? You're not dizzy??? And to make all this BS to work together, the Earth was put at a 23.44 Tilt and that's why Stars billions of mile away, appear to never move for 1,000s of years, insanity. Seem a little odd that the remainder of 90 degrees from the Earth's Tilt is 66.56 or 66.6 Degrees. And I guess I'm just plain crazy for even questioning the 'powers'. And trying to helping others to from their Mental Slavery.

The Hopi or any other Native American tribe would had little "Time" to ponder the makeup of the Universe. The Hopi peoples had plenty to do just for survival, just as all the other Native American tribes of the Americas. When the work is done to ensure  survival of the collective group. What little "Time" left would have been for certain Rituals. That most Native American tribes believed were also just as important, for the survival as Food, Water and Shelter. The Hopi rituals and Stars above were all the direction the Hopi needed. The Rituals were needed to let the "Gods" know that the humble Hopi had not forgotten who and where they came from. Something that is totally lacking in society today. Mankind has been directed in a direction of Selfies and 'it's all about me, can't you see'.

A Soulless body only to Obey, work, pay taxes and die!!! Which is pretty much what the World's population does daily. Only way to break this cycle is take down of Jesuit lies propelling the organized religions, and Ball Universe. With the take down of these giant lies, mankind can begin to return to their natural self. Being a 'Spiritual Being' who was put here on Mother Earth for the development of one's Spiritualness. Nothing more, nothing less. Helping one another, as all children of "God" coming from one beginning. Yet today that has all been taken away with wars based religions and hatred for those who do not believe as you. The Spiritual Awaking will either happen or all of humanity will be enslave by just a handful who truly believe they are on Earth to rule over others. You have exactly that today with the Catholic church at the top of the controls. As the old line goes, 'all roads lead to Rome'. Will mankind break from what has been given to them? Or is now the Giant Awakening lead by the simple fact that mankind has woken up the "Flat Earth Reality'. Which opened mankind's eyes to all the other lies, starting with the Stars. And just where mankind is in the Universe.

Here are links to 2 recent vids I recorded with Hopi historian Malava (Hopi name). They will be several more in the series with Malava.


ancient Hopi Village

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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