Sunday, March 6, 2016

"Be Cool"

You just might get your own Aquarium to play with. Think of the Earth as an Aquarium, a big Aquarium. If you read the opening of the Mayan Popol Vuh the Christian bible or any other culture's throughout history. You will get the same tale. A Tale of 'Still Waters' before land, plants, animal and humans arrived. And in the fact that most ancient civilizations believed in a Flat Earth covered with a Dome. You have your Aquarium, plain and simple. No dumb ass Big Bang, no galaxies floating overhead, no Space, just life on Mother Earth. A special place built just for the Spiritual development of the Human Race. But that has gone terrible astray, in current society of 'It's All About me'. That is being done to the masses for mental control. No "God" created Earth or humans, who are only a fluke of nature. Your life has no real meaning of Reality of today. Born, work, pay taxes, die Reality of modern society.

This is what a few of us are fighting, awakening the masses to their own Immortality. Not joining some church, or giving some organization 10% of your earnings, to be told you are a Sinner. And your only salvation is via the church or religion of your choice. This was all put on mankind in recent history of mankind. In fact while this organized religions to control the masses went on throughout the World. Here in the Americas and other isolated areas. Life was going on the same way as if "God" had just left. Now what mankind needs to do, is to return to their original roots. Back to a "time" when "God's" lessons were fresh on everyone's minds.

The Hopi have an old say, 'Hopi don't kill Hopi'. Now if the Hopi were truly the first inhabitants of Mother Earth. Wouldn't that be a lesson from the Hopi creator "God"? Mankind does not kill Mankind. As all of mankind would have had to come from one original source "God". But what you have today in America is, 'be all you can be', a Army recruiter slogan instead. Not to mention all the other 100s of other BS military slogans going about in America today. A country now controlled by a military type government with only one mission. To control the World's population with American's blood and tax dollars. All with one purpose as only one purpose, 'Control'.

Strip the individual of his own born with Spiritualness and  what do you get. A mind controlled Slave, with no morals. A mind controlled Slave willing to kill others on command. Military recruiters are now allowed into schools to start brainwashing the students with brainwashed military recruiters who get bonuses for recruitment. They seek out the kids from broken homes. Their are plenty of those kids now days. Thanks to the same exact system that has America fighting wars constantly. You don't need a Draft when you can breakup the family unit and tear down the economy. Much like you have today. In my generation you needed the Draft. Because the family unit was still intact, those family units are few and far between now. The Monster that is now the American goverment, hates the family unit. Turning child against parent with the use of the media. I have a neighbor who told me a story about his son. His family is from Honduras and came to America because of the poverty in his own country. Poverty that was created by the same 'powers' that now rule America. He worked for Sears for 16 years, and is more American than me now. In Honduras the family unit is number one, because the family struggles just to kept feed and a roof over their heads. Bring that same family to America and see what happens within the first generation. That family unit will be dissolved and it will become overnight, all about the individual.

Like most Americans, my neighbor recently went through a divorce. His X-wife's lawyer has totally torn the child from the father. Only a couple of years ago I would watch as the child would be taken from the father after weekend visits. In tears begging to stay with the father. But the court system and their powers to destroy families, were in full force. The child stays with the X and the male sends checks. Now my neighbor's son feel rejected by the father for not protecting him. The once loving Son told my neighbor, 'if I had a knife I'd stab you, if I had a gun, I'd shoot you'. The child having no idea what he even said. All the kid knows is the violence he see on the television and media. And now that same violence has been directed at the father. Hopefully some day the child will awaken from the brainwashing, maybe not. The fact of the matter is, all the things needed to turn the family unit upside down has been established. And those as myself are under constant attack, for we bring the Reality of things back to the surface.

How are you ever going to get to Heaven, living in the mess that is America now??? How are you possibly going to develop Spiritually, to where you may get your own Aquarium??? What is happening today, is planned out. Those who awaken, will be few. For most have been programed to reach for the bright lights. Few will ever read this post.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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