Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Truth Under Constant Attack"

Seems like every "Time" a good cause comes along, the 'powers' soon infiltrate it. This is called 'Controlled Opposition', or the best enemy is the one you create. The Tea Party was an organic growth out of a changed needed. The outsiders that created the Tea Party were soon out of the equation and suddenly Sarah Palin was the spokes person for the Tea Party. How more establishment is Sarah Palin? A friend of mi9ne was one of the original members of MUFON. here again something born out of a need for the real  truth. That the 'powers' were not giving the truth to the citizens of America. Concerning the "Alien" or UFO phenomenon throughout the World. So a small group was started called MUFON. my friend said that at first the meetings were at someone home. One by one the group grew, so they needed a larger place to meet. Soon they were meetings in the afternoons in the back area of restaurants. More and more kept joining the group and the original organizers had lost control of their own creation. They were soon voted out and new leaders of the group were selected. The next thing my friend said, they were meeting in a National Guard Armory. They had been taken over completely and my friend dropped out of MUFON. Freedom of information and MUFON can no longer be used in the same sentence. it is now a collection agency of the federal government of UFO sightings and contacts. What better way to collect MUFON UFO information from the citizens of the World. Than to infiltrate and take over the organization.

As a good friend told me, who is a professor at ASU. 'All great inventions are stolen from the originators'. Bill Gates had nothing to do with the creation of the Computer or Internet. The idea was created elsewhere and put into Gate's hand for control. Gates like the presidents and so many other World leaders are all Actors. Doing simple as they are told. Look how the American, Russian and Chinese warplanes all have Pentagrams on them. This is the 'powers' way of saying, 'in your face'. The 'powers' control both sides of the Battle Field. It's called, the Banksters control of the money supply. The 'powers' finance and control all government through their purse strings. All but a few countries like North Korea and Iran do not have Federal Reserve systems that are not federal, but private banks. That is why the American Military Industrial complex is attacking these countries, just as in Iraq. The American military isn't for freedoms of Americans and others throughout the World. No this are a military designed to destroy any country the 'powers' please at any moment. First the 'powers' media drives the country and World against a particular country. Then the American military moves in, in the pretense of freeing the citizens of  that particular country from their leader. Just as in Iraq and Libya. And now what is going on in Syria.

Enter now the Flat Earth Reality, which in the end. Could be (will be) the end of all World leaders and their militaries that enslave the peoples. The Flat Earth Reality has been around since the beginning of mankind. Only in the last 500 years has that change, bit by bit. First you had Copernicus and his BS Theory of the Ball Earth and Universe. Then came along Newton with his BS Gravity Theory. Then to make this all fit together some how. You had Albert Einstein's BS Theories of the 'Big Bang' and 'Relativity'. The final coup in the destruction of the idea mankind came from a creator or "God", was Darwinism. Mankind is a mere fluke of Nature. That mankind came from 'Nothing' and will die as 'Nothing'. Convenience mankind where he is in the Universe  and how he came about. You now have the perfect slave, just what you have today!!! Enter the Flat Earth Reality, the 'powers' need to control this new development.

When you control all the major media outlets, the War against Flat Earth Reality is partially won. For most of the masses only believe what the mass controlled media tells them. And Mind Control is the 'powers' forte. TV, Radio, Movies, NASA, CIA, FBI, etc., etc., all under one central control. You would think the Flat Earth Reality would have been stopped cold in it's feet by now. Even the 'powers' used their Obummer card, having him make fun of the government own Shill operation the 'Flat Earth Society'. The attacks are endless now and for a very good reason. Continued control over the masses is at stake here. Let the folks of Mother Earth wake up to the Reality of the Flat Earth and how mankind has been enslaved by the lies about the Ball Earth and Universe. The ;powers' will be on the run, the gig will be up. That is why this battle is so important for the 'powers' not to lose. And why it is so important for humanity to awaken finally.

Once the Ball Earth and Universe BS is broken, all hell will breakout. If the 'powers' lied about the Ball Earth, what else are they hiding from the citizens of the World??? The unraveling of lies will be easily traced to the origins of the lies. If it is Catholic Church, as all Roads lead to Rome idea. The fall of all religions will happen suddenly. For most of the Players in the Ball Earth and Universe BS were Catholics. And all religions were created by the Catholic Church for Mass Mind Control. Citizens of the World would realize they are all Brothers and Sisters. Living under the same roof, all created by the same "God". As I've stated before, 'Hopi don't kill Hopi'. All of mankind is Hopi.

The Flat Earth Reality needs no leader. As it is simply part of one's progression in life. But the 'powers' have put people in position to attack the Flat Earth Reality on every level. From the president of the U.S. down to a shill like Joe Rogan. My videos come under attack, just like everyone else's Flat Earth vids do. A guy named Mark Sergent has all of a sudden has the highest number of hits, on his Flat Earth vids. Even though he has never done one Flat Earth experiment. Like so many other shills, Mark gives you 85% truth with 15% BS mind control. Putting in little innuendos in, to hide the real truth. Like Alex Jones, he's a beginning, but that's all. His Flat Earth vids get attention because of the number of hits. Put 100,000 count hits on my Flat Earth vids and see how much attention they would get. Instead my numbers are reversed by YT. Still love the old saying from WWII, 'no Flak until you're over the Target'. I'm very much over the 'Target' in so many ways.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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