Sunday, March 20, 2016

"Drink the Kool-Aid"

November 18 1978 over 900 people in Guyana in a community called 'Jonestown', drank the Kool-Aid. Most drank the Kool-Aid voluntarily, and those that didn't, were forced to drink the Kool-Aid. This would be the largest group suicide in history. These poor folks mainly from California had been dumped into believing they were going to a better place. The difference between the Kool-Aid that group drank that fateful day and the Kool-Aid of today. None, one will kill you eventually, one will kill you instantly. Now when you hear the term 'Drink the Kool-Aid', it represents those who are under Mind Control. 'He's a Kool-Aid drinker', someone who lost control of their own life.

Well that is pretty much where the World's population is today. They are drinking the poisonous Kool-Aid every day now. It's called processed sugars and grains turned into processed sugars, such as Beet Sugar, Corn Sugars and etc.. This is no more that Mass Suicide, people today are just as brainwashed as the folks in Jonestown. You can go on any construction site and see just what I'm talking about. The majority of the workers can't wait for that first break so they can get those processed sugars back into their bodies. They are having withdrawals from the sugars in all the foods they eat or liquids they drink. Sad part, most believe they are doing no harm to their bodies. Now you have all these Sport Drinks which are no more than Sugar and Caffeine combined for that instant lift. I call it 'pay me now, or pay me later'. For the short energy lift you get from the Caffeine and sugar. Years will be taken off the other end of your life. As Santos teaches so well, you body only contains a certain amount of Essential Oils for life. One you use them or abuse them, you meter clock runs out, you die. Their is no such thing as Aids, it's just the Gays using up their Essential Oils for life. A life of personal pleasure and organisms will Kill you off.

The 'powers' know what they are doing to the masses with all the processed sugars in everything Americans eat today. Try and find any processed food that doesn't have sugar added to it. The Corn Sugar manufactures are government subsidized. To convert corn, which is mostly GMO corn now, into Corn Syrup. Don't kill the population, just make them weak and sickly. That way the 'powers' control how long anyone lives and just how healthy they will be while alive. Cancer is an industry now, you used to get Cancer, now it is served to you. Served to you in the food the population eats. In all the soft drinks the masses consume daily. It's a war against the masses living long enough to collect their Social Security checks.

This Reality hit me faceforward this last week. With my good friend John, who owns a Coin and Precious Metals business here in Scottsdale. I use John when I need money to finance my payroll. I can use my silver as collateral for quick cash. Beats 18% or higher from the banksters. Hadn't seen John in a few months as I've been super busy with work. In that few weeks "Time". John had to have Cancer removed from 2 places on his body. One on his forehead and one on his shoulder. John thought the one on his forehead was from too much Sun. As a kid growing up here in the deserts of Arizona in the 50s. Just show's how much control over the population the 'powers' have. When they can convince the population that the Sun is bad for them!!! Nothing grows without the Sun, Folks. The other cancer was probably a combination of diet and all the crap in the air and water. And who knows what effect the Chem-trails are having on the population. But one thing for sure, you have to eat quality foods and not processed foods. The fresher the better, the longer from the vine. The more the nutrition is dieing off. For mankind was first a 'Hunter Gather'. Every meal was fresh and full of nutrition. Now you get to die at a young age, riddled with Cancer.

You can't eat as mankind once did today, unless you live in a jungle free from Chem-trailing. So you have to be careful how and what you eat. Letting some doctor tell you when it's way too late, 'Kimo is your only chance'. While in reality, the doctor is Killing you with his Kimo BS. So you have to believe you are at War, because you are. The 'powers' want you dead by 65 because your Social Security which has already been stolen. As I remind constantly the others on the job site, 'what part of the 'powers' are trying to kill you, don't you understand'. Is America no more than a glorified Jonestown of today? are all the Americans now waiting in line for their cup of Kool-Aid???

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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