Sunday, March 27, 2016

"If "God" Spoke"

Would that be a form of advertisement? A whole lot would change instantly here on Mother Earth. But until "God" speaks or returns, the idea of a Creator "God"is a rumor. All religions are based solely on Faith, for there is no rock to cling to. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Muslim, j$$$ws, etc. are all only Faith Based religions. The World is at war today, based solely on folks beliefs in something they cannot put their finger on. And it seems the bigger the lie in the name of "God". The more believable it seems to its followers. Streets lined with Gold, 72 Virgins, Chosen People, Reincarnation, Heaven and Hell are all things of the Mind. The idea of a Devil willing to steal your soul for eternity, so be good, cannot be proven. If all mankind has to believe in a past and future lives, how would you prove it?

In the last 500+ years the 'powers' have been doing their best. To prove to mankind, they are no more than a Freak of Nature. On the other hand, the 'powers' have used religion to divide and control the masses. And this is all leading up to your New World Order with a "God" chosen for the masses. For now, until a common enemy such as the "Aliens" attacking Earth. The 'powers' must use the idea of Terrorist for now. Before putting into place, laws that remove all of humanities freedoms.The Paris and recent Belgium shooting were another step in the direction of the NWO. This divides the Muslims from the rest of the World's population. The Muslim say they will control Europe with Rape and unrest and you can see this today. With the controlled media fanning the Flames of hate throughout Europe. And in hopes of it spreading into the Americas. With all roads leading back to Rome, who created the warring religions.

Now, how is it that a World that was obviously a creation of a Superior Being. Be lead down this path of Chaos? If life were a Sunny beach, would all of mankind never develop Spiritually? Are hardships placed on Humanity to push the Spiritual development along? Or are life's hardships causing mankind to lose their Spirituality? So that souls can be stolen from the possessor? What surrounds the World's population, has been suddenly put upon humanity. Think back even a few years before, to what you have today happening. This Muslim spreading hatred throughout the World with the help of the controlled media. Didn't happen Organically, someone or something is behind these massive migrations throughout the World. The North American countries are being invaded from the south, just as you have in Europe. The poor uneducated without Spirits are being chased from their homelands with poverty and wars. That were created by the 'powers' to help their agenda of population control.

To me and so many others, "God" is in everything, in Creation. Everything is simply too perfect. Those the Zionist, who want to control every aspect of humanity. Even mankind's place in Reality. They are the true Antichrist or destroyers of "God". For they want to take credit for everything, "God" has created. They want mankind enslaved for their own betterment. Calling mankind a vermit upon the Earth that must be controlled. Instilling in the World's population Minds, their are to many and must be Culled. Spreading poverty and inhumanity in every direction. How in this day and age do you still have starving families in Africa and even America? All part of a much larger plan, that puts fear into those who have much to lose. Placing the haves against the have-nots. In Europe you have the have-nots invading the haves homeland, because the have-nots homeland has been destroyed. Destroyed by the 'powers' agenda, Agenda 21. The human race being treated like cattle, being herded into a pen called Europe. While in the Americas you see the same thing happening.

You hear a few say, a Great Awakening is near or the End is Near. Hopi tales talk of a Great Shaking maybe Worldwide Earthquakes. That all the Hopi Prophecies have been seen. First "Time" I walked into Orayvi with my pic of the Stone. Soon Lonnie and Patrick were telling me the End was Near. That was 20 years ago, then again what is Near. In terms of centuries and eons. People tell me constantly that are trying to Awaken, they feel something in the Air. This could be from all the mass media mind control and all the influences of all the violence shown throughout the controlled media.

Me, I'm forced to write, what I'm observing, just as my vids do. If "God" would just say a few words that humanity could hear. Maybe everything would change in a Heartbeat. Easter is the celebration of rebirth (Pagan).

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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Anonymous said...

Well, here comes the reawakening.

Seems like this Flat Earth thing is really taking off on YouTube. Which means that soon the house in the heavens, NASA, will fall soon and The Blue Star, David, will also take off his mask.

Still I am not so sure we should follow the one up to the top of the dome. Seems it is up there for a reason and shouldn't be unveiled, but I don't know. Also, Prophecy Rock shows us to stay here and not follow the others. Pretty sure there's a war going on in the heavens and this is our safe house put here by our grandfathers. Maybe they opened Pandora's box, lol. Just remember a story of two clans fighting, one had the power of fire, like the atomic bomb, and the other a sheild. They made a sheild as a dome and it protected all of them from the power of the clan with fire, but the clan of fire burrowed under the dome and overtook them anyways. Reminds me of our earth and stuff I've heard of a great fire coming to burn the wicked, which could be us if there's a war that we don't see.

So many different things could take place in the coming years, but they seem to always relate to one another. Be sure to warn Ahkima.