Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Moral, Health"

How closely is your Health connected to your Moral standards? The older I get, the more the two seem connected. I've been messing with my diet since the old Hippie Days. For a couple of decades I was a pure vegetarian. No meats of any kind, just veggies. Stayed away from processed foods, sugars and all the foods  deemed bad for you. Life has a way of creating byways, that lead one off the Straight and Narrow. Hard to maintain, when financially and mentally you're not on your A Game. Like outside forces that can pressure one into going astray. The World's population and especially here in America is now. The controlled media has taken control of the masses minds. At 68 soon to be 69, you would think the kids on the job site would listen better to my knowledge. But as I've written before, the guys are all Kool-Aid drinkers. That will even admit they can't believe at my age I am still pulling my wires.

The thing I've noticed over the years, that no matter how far off my diet I get. My health remains basically the same. There may be outside pressure on me to have Thanksgiving dinner of Turkey. And I will succumbed to the pressures, knowing better. Then I'll notice that my energy levels are deteriorating. Not getting sickly, but the energy levels are way down. Because it take so much energy on your body's part to digest processed foods and red meats. Even if I let the outside pressures get to me, my mental Morality will never fade. I may let fitting in mess with my diet. But changings my Morals will not be challenged. For I have to live with myself, no one else does.

The main way for the 'powers' to get total control over one's mind. Is to destroy the Mind that lies between the Temples on your head. Destroy the Two Temples like the Twin Towers being brought down. And you control the minds of millions. On the day of 911, including my own. Millions of minds if not billions were changed. The Twin Towers were representing your Temples and between the Towers was your Mind. Minds were blown apart by the mass instant destruction. Then the controlled media jumped in. Had the World convience that two aircraft hit the Twin Towers. And that Muslims from the Middle East were responsible. Media had the entire World in total Mind Control, if or if not you believed your very own eyes. Putting the fear of Terrorism in everyone's minds. Today that same fear is alive and well.

Your body's a Temple, take care of it Mentally and Physically. By being Morally strong, you will be physically fit. For the "God" within you, will protect you. Let your Morals decay like the 'powers' are doing with porn and diet to the masses. You will be riddled with Cancers before 50. Yin Yang of everything, cannot be escaped. The Morals of the individual is being destroyed for a reason, Control. You start with the family unit and break it apart with lack of moral behavior between family members. These moral have been slowly taken away by the media. That to where nudity means nothing, violence and murder are the accepted norm now. Kids are given video game that program the mind with violence and sex, that removes the Moral Fiber of the individual. You see it in every aspect of life now.

The 'powers' now have the Race card at their disposal. For the Morals of the individual have been removed so one Race has no problem killing another Race. This is called 'Race Baiting'. That's why you always see a Black man with a White women in most all commercials in the media. This is to bring down hatred on the Blacks from the White males. Trump is being used as a another form of 'Race Baiting'. As he talks constantly about the Muslim and Mexican illegals invading America. Black and Hispanics crowds had been attacking Trump supporters. This all by plan as Trump is just as much part of the 'powers' plans as Obummer is currently. If someone is getting lots of press, that's because he's suppose to be getting lots of attention. My Flat Earth vids get no attention, yet they are trueful. Trump's just another pawn in the control of the masses.

With high high Morals you can see better Mentally. You can see the deception everywhere around you. Your high Moral standards will enable the Pineal Gland to see into the lies around you. High Moral will keep you healthy so you can think straighter. See through all the deceptions the 'powers' put all around you. No Morals, live in the gutter mentally and physically. As your health will follow the mind. Your body the Temple will tell you what your needs are.

Trump, Hillary, Cruz, Sanders, etc., they are are pawns for the 'powers' agendas. They were put in place to give the American public the idea their votes count. They were chosen for only one reason, lack of high Morals. No one asked me to run for president or political office. I've got to high of Morals. You want to be a star, you must first throw out all your Morals out the door. You must work to lower the vibration of all Americans. Because citizens with high Morals have high vibrations, positive vibrations. They uplift those around them. Those with low Moral behavior lower the positive vibration for all those around them. Your negativity will bleed into others Reality. So keep the high Moral grounds at all "Time", especially now. When their is  such a concerted attack on the Moral of every human on Mother Earth. Just remember Agenda 21 and Sustainability are for only one reason, you DEAD!!!

"God" bless


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