Saturday, May 14, 2016

"The Illusion"

'The Illusion' created for mankind!!! Is what mankind is living in today. Who are you, Where are you, what happens at Death??? These question should be by far the most important questions in one's Life. Should be the main focus of everyone's lives. Who am I, and why? Instead of, 'how do I keep a roof over my head and family feed???' Thus 'The Illusion', Smart citizens rebell. And the best Slave is, the Slave who doesn't know their a Slave!!!  As best as I can tell, most individuals on Planet Earth are under some sort of Slavery. If you pay taxes, you're a Slave, if you have to ask your government for permission to do the simplest thing, like getting married, you're a Slave. Obummer is now telling America, their are no sexes and the schools must obey his decree letting petoflies in the same bathroom as your child. This means, you're a Slave to the system you live under. This all part of the 'Illusion' that his being pushed down all American's throats. The 'Illusion' your child isn't your child, your child belongs to the government powers. Just as in mandatory vaccinations, your child is not yours, you're a Slave.

Illusions of a 'False Flag' is what the government has used for generations of attacks. To pit nation against nation. In other words, putting a enemies flag on your own ships, airplanes, etc., and have them attack your self. 'Remember the Maine' attacked by America itself and sunk in Havana harbor. To start the Spanish American war of  1898. Most recently the 911 'False Flag' attack, that has propelled America into continuous war on the 'powers' Self Created Terrorist. The perfect enemy that will go on for ever. Unlike having a country you can defeat to end the war. 'Pearl Harbor' and the 'Tonkin Gulf Incident', put America at war against the Yellow Race. For years the cartoons always protread the Arabs as the enemy of the White Race. Who knows for sure how far back this goes. It was used against the Native Americans. Using the controlled media to tell the World that the Native Americans were no more than Savages and must be destroyed. This propaganda Illusion was used to Genocide a Race of people. Much like what is being done silently to the White Race. Will there be another 'False Flag' attack, now that so many have awaken to what is being done to them?

The biggest Illusion on mankind is where mankind fits into the big picture. Like just where in the Hell are we? Is mankind living on a spinning ball going around the Sun at 66,000 MPH. And spinning at approx. 1,004 MPH at the equator? While racing through the Universe at some unGodly known speed. With all this going on, mankind still see's the same Stars in the night skies for thousands of generations. Talk about some genuine BS from the Catholic church. And the Illusion that mankind somehow evolved from Monkeys, aka Darwinism. While there are still Monkeys all around. This is all just one big ass joke, but a damn serious one. That most Americans buy into. The programming of the Illusion starts from the moment you put your child in front of that TV. It starts before the child is even born, by the programming of the parents. This is done by programming the parent into a bad diet with no nutritional values in the foods. That is passed onto the child and even while the child is still in the mother's womb. By the child's mother bad diet habit, she has been programmed into by the Illusion., she is dumbing down the child within her!!!

In my generation, as youth, we lived in fear the Russians dropping Nuclear Bomb on are dumb uneducated asses. We were taught to duck under our desks for security from atomic weapons, talk about some BS propaganda then. Like my desk was going to save my ass. The craziest part of this, the idea of Splitting an Atom and making an Atomic weapon from the effort. When it turns out the idea of an Atom is just another Theory. Like the 'Ball Earth' spinning in the Universe Theory, or the Theory of Gravity and Relativity. The Illusion has the World believing that somehow America in the late forties. Dropped 2 Atomic bombs on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While in fact the idea of an Atom is no more than a Theory and no one has ever even seen an Atom. So how are the so called scientist splitting an Atom Theory??? Turns out, most of your childhood education on the sciences, are all based on Theories. Molecule, Atom, Gravity, Space, Darwinism, etc., all just some BS Theories.

Like all the celebrities flashing the Devil's Horns at the camera. (That will include Donald Trump, also part of the Illusion.) They have all been feed the Illusion and they buy into believing every part of the Illusion. The Illusion that Bad will win out over Good deeds. Bob Dylan and so many other have proclaimed to have made a deal with the Devil for success. And financial success they have had, but at what cost? The only path to pushing away these masterful Illusions being presented to the masses. Turn off the outside media trying to control your Illusion. Meditate, read ancient writing and think for yourself. If something doesn't sound right, good chance it's bad for you. For to follow your own first instinct, is still the best policy of life. For that thought in your head is your Twin. And as always, 'be above it all'!!!

"God" bless


PS: "Time", "Aliens"

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