Saturday, May 28, 2016

"Veterans, Memorial Day"

A special day set aside just for the veterans from all the Wars of aggression American has done to the rest of the World. A veteran myself, VR-21 from the Vietnam era, I was kept out of harm's way. Being stationed at Barber's Point Naval Air Station Oahu Hawaii. I could see Diamond Head from the base. The base I was stationed on was created after the False Flag attacks of Pearl Harbor. The Pacific Fleet and her aircraft carriers were stuck inside Pearl Harbor on the day of 7 December 1941. So the aircraft were unable to get launched in "Time" to fight off the aerial attacks by the Japanese aircraft. Barbers Point NAS was created so the aircraft carries could deploy their aircraft when they arrived for RR.

Just how you hide a fleet of Japanese ships within a few hundred miles of Pearl is impossible. Yet some how the Japanese fleet was unable to be detected. Many eye witness claim that the battleship USS Arizona was imploded from within. Not some magical bomb that went down the smoke stack into the belly of the ship. On that day 7 December 1941, thousands of American sailors and soldiers were sacrificed. All in order for the banksters Wars of financial gains. Just like 911 to drag America into a never ending war on Terrorism. My generation was dragged into the Vietnam War with a False Flag attack in the Tonkin Gulf of the USS Maddox DD-731. Never has America been attacked without the knowledge of the leaders of America. All wars by America, are wars of aggression, AKA someone's got stuff the 'powers' want. So the 'powers' controlled media paints a picture of the so called enemy, to turn Americans against anyone the 'powers' want. The Native Americans were the first to be painted as savages that must be destroyed. As a kid the Yellow peoples, before WWll Germans were everyone's enemy. Then it was the Russians and communism. now it's anyone who is an enemy of Israel, mainly the Arabs. Gaddafi was murdered because he wanted the best for his people and to get away from the US Dollar and the Federal Reserve. In fact you only have North Korea, and Iran, not on Federal Reserve system. So you can see wars are the wars of the banksters.

Yet with the Armed Forces propaganda, you would think the vets were the most loved peoples in the country. Instead the vets are the biggest part of the Homeless population. The VA hospitals are notorious for letting vets die off. By not getting them in for crucial appointments that may help to save their lives. I gave up going to the VA for my hearing problems, when the VA doctor said to me, 'you probably know more about hearing problems than me' (he was from India). I've seen guys at the VA screaming for help to no avail. How do you call a homeless vet in with no home or phone kind of BS. If the vet found his way to the VA, it's because he needs help now, not to make an appointment for later. Yet the US military killing is glorified by the media, you know, 'be all you can be'. Go kill someone for the government, then ask for help  when you're all messed up in the head. That's why kids are sent into Old men's wars. Ask someone in their 30s to do what you ask a dumb ass tennager and see what happens.

Most all sporting events have some sort of military backing. Look at NASCAR, the branches of the military might have some sort of add on every car in the field. Promises being made to the youth while they are still in primary school. With military recruiters even in the schools now. Families are torn apart now, so the youth is more brainwashed without a father for guidance. The economy has been driven into the ground for several reason. Including helping the military have plenty of youth to pic from. As the kids coming out of high school and college have nowhere to go for a job. Before you joined the military because you weren't making it in school or some small criminal record. Now the recruiters can chose only the educated ones to recruit. America today is no more than a military disguised as a Free Nation. With the youth being programed with violent videos game from the crib to death. To immunize their feeling toward others of  "God's" creation. 'Be all you can be, KILL'!!!

"Time" for Hopi once again, as I head back to Hopi. John Fredrickson the owner of White Bear Gallery 3rd Mesa, has agreed to sitting down and be recorded talking about Hopi. As most know, most you hear about ancient Hopi has been distorted. Can't tell you how many definitions of the 'Hopi Blue Star Kachina' I've heard over the years. Most who talk about ancient Hopi ways are never Hopi. They read a few books on Hopi, drive by the rez some 60 miles to the south in Winslow. Then all of a sudden they are Hopi historians. From day one with Ahkima's interviews, it was always to find the truth about Hopi. Even many Hopi don't know or understand their past history. The meaning of the ancient Hopi petroglyphs are lost to  the current Hopi peoples. This was all being done by design from the early Christian invasion onto the Hopi homelands. The 'powers' ripped the children from the parent, much like you have today the constant media propaganda directed at the youth. To divide the child from the parent. In the future the parent will have no control over the child's health. Parents will be deemed uneducated for the raising of their children (Native American children, were removed from the parents and put into Christian board schools, far from the rezs.). You already have by 2018 every newborn child in England will be assigned an outside guardian. As I've been saying for years, look at what was done to the Native Americans when the European invasion started. The Native Americans were starved, pushed off the land, waters poisoned and attacked by the invasion of settlers. Today the Muslims are being used as the new Europeans on the White European invaders. That were used a few hundred years ago. Americans are being poisoned by air and water, starved with diet, no nutritional values in foods. Pushed from rural areas into the cities. Just as the Native Americans were pushed onto reservations.

 Americans are asleep from the propaganda that will never stop. And I feel sorrow for those years down the road. Who will only know a type of enslavement. Much like what you have in America already. Only difference will be travel into the wildness areas that will be closed off to the general public. And to only be used by the Ruling Elite. This is what America will look like in the future. Native Americans locked on the rezs with poison food and water being provided by the government. A 'Welfare State'

"God" bless

PS: "Aliens"

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