Saturday, June 11, 2016

"Hopi Today"

Spent last weekend back up at Hopi as usual this "Time" of year. Wanted to buy some drawings from my bud Lonnie, but never could run him down. Just like at Christmas when I was last up to Hopi. Lonnie is one of the last of the Hopi without a cell phone and that is very important. Before I'd ever visited the Hopi, I'd read lots about being Hopi. Just as most do so become fascinated with Hopi ancient history. Lonnie soon taught me that the Hopi of the past, were not like the Hopi of today. In fact, 'Hopi Today; came from Lonnie. I was telling him how disappointed I was with the way the Hopi were acting. Not really any of my business, but none the less. It was sad to see how the Family Unit was being destroyed just as it had been done to the rest of America and the World. When I spoke to Lonnie about that most recent facts. Lonnie snapped back and said, 'Hopi Today' angrily at me. He knew I was correct. And that the Hopi were suppose to be above this sort of thing. Letting the outsiders have an influence on the Hopi.

The Hopi of today have succumbed to the 'powers' brainwashing. 20+ years ago when my Hopi experience first started. The Hopi were still pretty isolated from the rest of society. With little TV and no phone services, especially Smart Phones. The family units for the most part was intact. Today, that's a different tale. You would be hard pressed to figure out who was Hopi and who wasn't if you visited the rez today. And from what I can tell, the Smart Phone broke the back of the ancient Hopi ways for the children. As I told Santos Bonacci (left message wishing me a Happy Birthday) on my return from Hopi, 'it's over for the Hopi'. He uses a lot of ancient Hopi history in his presentations around the World. Like Space Brothers he had picked up from somewhere else. I reminded him the Hopi never even have a word for 'Space'. That's why I always correct him when he is miss quoting some ancient Hopi Tale. That now have been corrupted to fit someone else's agenda (like most ancient Hopi Tales). And as he reminds me, 'the Hopi are lucky to have me'. That is because I'm trying to save and record Hopi, when the Hopi are not doing that for themselves anymore.

To give you an example of how things have changed on Hopi in recent years. Too what I now call, 'the Smart Phone Hopi'. 'the Smart Phone Hopi' now only wears Black from head to toe. The Smart Phone Hopi' always has a phone to his or her ear now. 'The Smart Phone Hopi' all have $100+ a month phone bills. Because only one cell phone providers (monopoly) is allowed on the Hopi rez. So being an sole provider, they can charge whatever they want. 'The Smart Phone Hopi' is now overweight, something you never seen 20+ years ago. 'The Smart Phone Hopi', now only eats bad things and never drinks the nourishing Hopi water. Instead 'the Smart Phone Hopi' now only drinks soda and sport drinks like Red Bull. That will sicken and shorten the life of the Hopi children. 'The Smart Phone Hopi'., now watches the Kachina Dancers from the rooftops, with a can of beer between their legs now. 'The Smart Phone Hopi' Kachina Dancers are now Obese!!! 'The Smart Phone Hopi' has tons of porn to watch now on their phones. 'the Smart Phone Hopi' rez, now have signs all over saying, 'Rape is a Crime'. Before there were sign all over the Hopi rez saying, 'Water is Life'. As a reminder of the constant battle with the federal government to take away both surface and underground waters. Now the battle is between the young boys and girls. 'The Smart Phone Hopi' now has a big screen TV constantly brainwashing them. Giving them free Porn every month to help break down society and the family unit. 'The Smart Phone Hopi' is now without a past or future. Just as the TV and Smart Phone were intended to do. Destroy the Past and replace with the 'Agenda 21' orders. All Hopi ancient ways are now a thing of the past and must be forgotten.

If the ancient Hopi only knew that their ways have been destroyed. They all would be spinning in their graves. All the warning left for the Hopi of today in the Dances and ancient Tales are lost on this generation and future. The poor Hopi never knew what hit them. The 'powers' knew they only had to outlast the elders ancient powerful lessons. And the youth they would steal with the media  and forced education system on the Hopi children. The rezs schools are their for only one purpose, remove the Hopi from there Past. And now the Hopi with no jobs and only the government to feed them with checks. You now have on the rez, what the 'powers' want for the rest of America, a 'Nanny State'. To where the government provides everything from Birth to Death. Even deciding who lives and dies daily. The food system has been compromised with carbos to sicken the children. With diets of processed foods with processed sugar in all them and drinks loaded with 'Corn Syrup'. All equal 'Hopi Today'. A Peoples who the World Respected for the Hopi ancient powerful knowledge. Is now letting their Past and Future place in society be stolen.

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