Sunday, June 26, 2016


Theory and the Matrix aka: Rabbit Hole, are hooked at the hip. If you're an American, you were programmed to attend public school from birth. How ever many years you made it through, was a waste for the most part. As a kid growing up in the 50s education system, the idea of a Truant Officer was a reality. You learned from your first days in school, of the Truant Officer. The programming had begun, no Disney then. Today the media does what the Truant Officer did for my generation. In my generation, the Spinning Globe was in the classroom. You were taught at a tender age of 6 or 7, you live on a spinning ball and here is where you live, on the spinning ball. Then for the most part forgotten, except for the so-called Planets. The ancients called Free Stars or Wanderers. At 6 or 7 years old, the child was programmed for life. The child will now defend the spinning ball Theory. And their in lies the 'kicker', 'wet fist in the night' (Chickenman), etc., the programming. Like smoking, tough to throw away all that programming, overnight.

Here are just some of the Theories taught in school today. The biggest being the Spinning Ball theory presented by Copernicus in a book called, 'On the Revolutions of the Celestial Sphere'. Publish just before his death in the 1500s at age 70. Copernicus was a Jesuit Priest, astronomer and mathematician. Every thing he published was a Theory only. Galileo Galilei in 1633 confirmed Copernicus's Heliocentric Universe model, or Ball Earth, Universe and Graviity BS. Here again, using a Theory to confirm a Theory. Then Sir Isaac Newton comes along in 1687 and in a book called 'The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy'. To confirm Galileo's Theory of Copernicus's Theory. How crazy does that get??? No facts to any of this, just pure conjecture. Or could it be a much bigger Plan in the End? Which I believe to be true, because you needed these lies to enable Einstein's 'Big Bang' to work. Those before Einstein were setting the groundwork for the introduction of Darwinism much later. And with Darwinism you have non "God", Creator of everything.

So now as "Time" passes, the World's population has gone via the Catholic Church behind the scenes. From the Planet that was created just for mankind's Spiritual development. To mankind is no more than a fluke of nature. Mankind came from nothing in the "Big Bang' Theory and will die as nothing in the 'Big Bang' Theory. The Jesuits and Zionist's 'the j$$$$ws' have gave mankind no future. No life after death, no "God", no justice in life, just to be born, work, pay your taxes and die World. Live for the moment the media tells everyone. For tomorrow may never come and you only get one go around in life BS. Instead of, your current life should be Springboard for the next and future lives. Because in daily decisions, that will affect future events. Karma, Yin Yang

Why are so many lies needed, why is it some feel they must control others? Why can't humanity simply be left to their own devices? Only the dumbest, most afraid, pedophiles are the ones who feel they must control others. Lots of j$$$$ws fall into this category, as they want to kill everything around themselves that isn't  j$$$$wish. The Muslim and Christian also fall into  this group mentality. For only the dumbest could believe in a religion, especially these three. And these 3 major religions who are the one's constantly  throughout history killing each other. One prays to the sky, one prays to a wall and the other prays to the ground. Who but the dumbest could buy into any of this, and why the constant kill for "God"???

Atom, Gravity, Relativity examples of more deceit by those in power. You never had a chance in life, to the understanding the basics of, 'What is Life?'. Spending all those years in public and private education being taught Theories. Stacking Theories on Theories, to prove a point. Listen to Talk Radio on the Net, with folks believing in the biggest lies with Blind Faith. Never looking around to see if it holds any truth or is pure conjecture. You know, 'everyone has a naval' presenters. Powers have folks believing the 'powers' have Split the 'Theory of an Atom'. Just how does that work. Some how Japan got hit with two Nuclear Theories at the end of WWII in the Pacific. Same 'powers' have people believing their is such a thing as Nuclear Power Plants. When in fact is all they are is a conventional Power Generating Plate using steam to turn the turbines to make electricity. Not some sort of Nuclear Fussion, just simple boiling water and turning it into stem. The Uranium Rods are no more than compressed and centrifuged Uranium Ore, that is lowered into the water to boil the water, thus making steam. Somehow CERN has Particles flying around in a circle looking for "God". When in fact 'Particles' are no more than another worthless Theory.

Pythagorean Math is what secret societies such as the Mason and other use to hide secrets in front of everyone's eyes. For an example FOX in Pythagorean Math is 666. The color Orange is 33 added up. That is why you always see Donald Trump in Orange tinted make-up, he's part of the deception. Recently the vote for England to step out of the European Union, 'Brexit' totals 33, (There are no free lunches,) There are many other symbols you can easily lookup. So every "Time" you see something presented to you by the 'powers', you can look for the hidden symbols. Like the 'Owl' hidden on the $1 Dollar Bill, in your face BS. (Owl's can see in the dark and their head rotates 360 degrees.) The shooting in Orlando was an obvious False Flag Event over Gun Control. The shooting took place in Orange county on Orange street. (Orange is now the new Black, see how the 'powers' work on the Mind constantly.) Little things to look for now that the World is somewhat awakening. If the media is telling you something, good chance it's to direct your thoughts and opinions. Here is the Pythagorean Chart, I always have one close now when on the Net looking for Reality.

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
A  B  C  D  E   F   G  H   I
J   K  L  M  N  O   P  Q   R
S  T   U  V  W  X  Y  Z

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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