Sunday, July 3, 2016

"Freedom 1776"

4 July 1776 is America's given birthdate, and of course it represent freedom for the peoples of America. America's citizens were supposedly freed from rule by England, Americans are told. But how true is this and where did the date 4 July 1776 come from? It's all Masonic symbolism, dating back to Egypt. And back to the Templars and Friday the 13th of October 1307. The date Pope Clement V and King Philip IV of France ordered the round-up of the Templars. America started with 13 States, 4 July = 11 and 1307 adding up to 11. The Catholic church picked the date of Friday 13 Oct 1307 to wipe out those (Templars) who used knowledge of numbers. Rome knew of the importance of certain dates (numbers), just as the dates the Templars used themselves. With this ancient knowledge going back to Egypt. So the date America was founded, was created by the Masonic Founders. Not by some magical day in history.

Anyone who doubts the influence of the Masons on the creation of America, needs to do some research. The Masons get much blame for the woes of the World, but think how things would be without their organizational skills. The World would be a mess. The infrastructure all countries need is pure Masonic. It wouldn't take much research to discover that most if not U.S. presidents were Masons, starting with George Washington. If you look at the overhead view of the streets of the capital Washington DC. They are laid out in Masonic symbolism. In fact Washington D.C. is not even part of the United States. Like london and Rome, DC is  separate entity from the country they reside in.

I was introduced to the Masons far reaching hand on a project for the City of Phoenix, which was founded by the Masons. And is located on the 33rd Parallel. A calling card you could call it. I was visiting a project called 'Black Theatre Troupe', I was invited to bid for the City of Phoenix. I wasn't low bid, but Sunbelt Electric, the company I was electrical estimating at the "Time", got awarded the project anyway. So I knew from all the years being forced to work on large government projects, doing Electrical Control work (the brains). Something was for sure up. Here are some of the Masonic symbolism on this project that the Masons decided to make contact with me. Address was 1313 E. Washington St., building was 13,000 square feet in size. The City of Phoenix owned the building leased it out to 'Black Theater Troupe'. I remember telling the guys running the project for me, all the symbolism I was picking up. Guys would ask how we would know for sure of the Masonic conectioning. I said at the end of the project we'll see how the ceiling and floor are treated, at the entry. Sure enough, the floor had checkerboard pattern cut into it with a matching grid ceiling.

When the calling card was left for me, it was done in a odd way. Rudy a Navajo/Hopi was with me and discovered the calling card. The calling card was a copy of the 'All Seeing Eye' on the dollar bill. It was copied and sized to 3 and 1/3 of an inch square, then laminated clear. Then placed on the passenger door side mirror. No easy task as there was sand and rocks piled up on that side of the truck. As Rudy got into the truck he'd noticed the object on the mirror. When he took it off and realized what it was. He immediately handed it to me and said, 'they are watching you'!!! Rudy was pretty shook up and me, scared to death. First thing Rudy wanted to know was, and am I in trouble with the Masons. I had no idea and first thought was of all the blogs I'd put out for the World to read. Maybe not realizing, I'd stepped on the Masons toes. Rudy suddenly couldn't ask enough questions about the Masons, I couldn't answer. That afternoon I headed for the only guy who had any Masonic connection. His father was a Mason and he never knew it until his father's death. When suddenly Masons from Tucson showed up at the funeral and did some sort of ceremony over the coffin of his father. Dave had no real answers, other than. If the Masons wanted you dead, you'd be dead. Not very comforting. Within a few days after the leaving of the calling card. CED Electrical distributors a Globalist company manager called me. Said they had some presents for me. I was spending about $100,000 a month of Sunbelt's money each month with CED. So I figured they had bought a good set of Golf Clubs for me, common in our industry. What I got shocked me and started putting the puzzle in place about the calling card. I was given first a Brass Chalet and then a book about Masonic history called, 'Freemasonry, Symbols, Secrets, Significance'.

Suddenly I realized the Masons were only letting me know they were aware of me and my writings and videos. And all the other oddities of my life, like not knowing who I am or where I'm from. And Dave was right, there was nothing to fear. This has all had a great effect on me, as I dig into Masonic history and tales. You can clearly see the Zionist trying to blame the World's problems on the Masons. yet you read other places where the Zionist have their own type of Kabbalah Masonry. And certain j$$$$ws also have a type Masonry Kabbalah they use. My good friend Santos Bonacci also uses lessons from the ancient Kabbalah teachings. So the Kabbalah teaching are sound. Just like everything else, 'how is it used, for good or evil'.

America is a Masonic nation, I can see no getting around that. The problem is, American is nothing more than a Criminal Rough Country. Whose military is used against all other nations of the World, who do not comply with the American powers will. Americans are slaves in their own nation of lies and deceit. With a sort of resurgence of the 'Old Hippy Days' new knowledge. With the Flat Earth Reality leading the charge to a new awakening. How fast will this grow and will it get 'cut off at the knees'. Like every other movement that starts getting momentum, then is crushed from within like the Tea Party. The best opposition to the 'powers', is the opposition they create or subvert. MUFON was breath of fresh air for the UFO community, until it was also corrupted from within.

In a nation where Hildabeast has no one show-up at her rallies. To a Trump (Mason) who has massive turn-outs for his rallies. And Hildabeast is somehow leading in the corrupt poles. Just shows the population of America and the World just how controlled everything in America is. Yet most Americans will fight to their death to defend their own Enslavement. The ancient Hopi knew the importance of symbols, just as the Masons do. For me in my own "Time" spent with Hopi learning the ancient ways. I some "Times' wonder if Masonry found much of it's beginnings in ancient Hopi lessons and tales. This is subject I will write about in the future. As everything Masonic appears to be some sort of Hopi beginning. The ancient Hopi knew the Earth is Flat and so do the Masons. The Hopi knew of the importance of the 'Back Door to the North' at the North Pole and so did Admiral Byrd, a Mason himself. From the Hopi Two Horned Priest to the Masonic Twin Pillars. That both hold knowledge of past Worlds between the Horns of the Priest and between Twin Pillars of Masonry.

Bahama Breeze is a restaurant chain owned by General Mills and think about their symbol of the 'G'. I ran for General Mills the 1st Bahama Breeze West of the Mississippi. If I knew then, what I know now, that 'G' would have been in my face. Here again, the Valley metro/Phx area booming in construction but the only job available for me was for the 'G' boys. Happy Birthday America, can you somehow find Peace and Compassion for others, than the Most Powerful!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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