Saturday, July 9, 2016

"My Oh My"

How things have changed quickly. Every week there's another Shooting now, all staged of course. It's all about the Guns, as America awaken to what is happening to them. Gun sale skyrocketed in the last couple of week, as if they weren't skyrocketing anyway. Hildabeast mockery, proved to most Americans and the World already knew. That the laws for the elite are different from the working Slave. And somehow, Hildabeast is still ahead in the presidential polls. Impossible you would think, in a Free Society like America isn't. The press is under the same controls as the Obummer on down in the government. Their all well paid actors, who believe somehow they are working directly for Satan himself. The hand Devil Horn symbols you see all the 'powers' using, including America's supposedly savior Donald Trump. Is screaming at everyone who will notice, Satan now rules America. You see it in all the Laws about homsexuality being passed. Destroy the American Family unit at any cost.

With Gays being less than 2% of the population now, you would think they were the majority. Just another example of the power of the press. The press as commanded, just keep shoving the Fag agenda forward with little care for the Fags. It's far greater than the Fags, it's about population control and control physically of the masses. But the first thing that has to happen before the rest can be accomplished, the Guns must go. No one died in Dallas or Boston, or Orlando, or Sandy Hook, or Tucson, or etc., etc., etc.. Get the Guns away from Americans by any means, before the final push. With a disarmed society, history tells you about the citizenry being disarmed. You could ask 40 million disarmed Russians, but there are all dead. Lined-up and shot thru the head, as most have seen in vids and pictures.

If Americans wanted Gun control, they wouldn't be buying guns and ammo as fast as they can. Yet the controlled media said recently a majority of Americans are against assault rifles. What absolute BS. 2nd Amendment is for the protection of the citizens from the corrupt governments. Once the guns are gone, who is to stop the government from total and complete control of the citizens of the World. That is the 'powers' plan, plain and simple. If you noticed and most have, as soon as their is a Mass Shooting reported. Instantly there is a call for Gun Control, mainly of Assault and Long rifles. But that will only be the first step on the removal of all Guns from Americans. Stating that Americans can't be trusted not to kill each other.When Blacks kill each other at an incredible rate, more than any other race in the World (Muslims got to be right in there.). Not White killing others and with most Gun deaths being by Suicide, not murders.

Obummer has to be the first president to fan the flames for a Race Riot. Defending BLM that is under the control of the 'powers'. As BLM no more than a pawn in a Race War that will never happen. And if a Race War did happen, it wouldn't last long. As the Blacks are outnumbered 10 to 1. Not to mention financially sound White population. Just the 'powers' doing their best to divide and conquer. One week it's the Muslims attacking White America or the next week it's the Blacks and how about the damn old Russians. You know the Ruskies have Nukes. Isn't Americans just getting damn tired of the whole mess, or is that the plan. Just keep pushing American's buttons until they just tire of it all and say, 'take my Guns and Freedom'. Just stop the constant (supposed) killing. Think where America was before all the Mass shootings? Obummer wasn't the president. Yes American folks, you wanted Change, and you got it, Obummer and his Guy wife. No one would have ever thunk-it!!! But just a reminder of,  'in your Face control'. Yes your vote counts Martha.

Now the political World has been totally changed around, heading toward at break neck speed a NWO. So has industry in America, become closer to One Rule. or as David Rockefeller once said, 'the best competition, is none'.  Once America was built on the small business owners like me and so many others. But today so much has changed and I'll show how the Electrical Industry lead the way for Globalisaation. When I started in the early 70s as an electrician. Every supply house was small family organizations. Remember see George Jones sitting in front of Capital Electric Supply in the mornings, welcoming his customers. The same would have been for all the other small electrical suppliers in the Valley. Slowly but surely, with no one paying attention. Each supply house was being bought up and combined. This was done in silence because no one wanted to buy from conglomerates then. It was a 'Mom and Pop' World. Like the NWO the monopolization of the electrical suppliers was being taken over. To where today, only 3 major corporations own all the electrical suppliers. And the companies are all Globalist companies. I realized one day that the two suppliers I was using to keep each other honest pricing. Were owned by the same Mother Corporation in France. How long before all three Globalist companies become one? If not already, like the knowledge that 5 corporations control 75% of the World's food supply. That's more power than most governments have. These corporation could cough starve a country into submission. Sort of like what is going on in Venezuela now. With folks starving because the country's farming industry was closed down as the country put all its financial eggs in one basket, Oil. Then Oil fell on it's face and the rest is history.

Yes everything is moving much too fast, in a direction only the Elite rulers want. And that is the dumbing and starvation of the masses into control. The Blacks have been so dumbed down, they are merely animals now, with over 50% obese. The public school  system doesn't require the child to learn, only to show up and repeat what they have been told. The only immigrants coming into America are the uneducated and poor. That bring nothing to the country they are invading, except cheap labor. And that's what the immigration is all about. Wages and the breaking down of a morals within society. So the masses can be easier to controlled. With Blacks in the streets this weekend protesting Black Killings that may have never happened. With Obummer and all the other so-called Black leaders calling for a Race War, Kill Whitey you see now. It's not about the Races, it's about control. Don't let the 'powers' weaken your self pride and what your heart and soul tells you. Be 'Above it All' Spiritually and the rest will take care of itself. You are a child of "God'!!!

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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