Saturday, July 23, 2016

"Weaponized Food"

The attack on the America's and World's population has many Fronts of Attack. And of course this is all being done, not for the development of the individual Soul and Spirit. Which Mother Earth was created for. It's all about control of the population. Media and politics lead the attack. But food is an very important part of the overall attack on humanity. With the seemingly endless 'False Flag' attacks around the World. That are used in several ways, mainly dividing the public against each other. And to create the idea that only the government can save humanity from these constant hoards of terrorist attacks. Telling the public all Guns must be removed for the safety of the public. But Food is also a main factor.

This past weekend when I went to Hoover Dam and Vegas for vids. I was reminded, that the Fast Food Industry has been totally corrupted. Yes you still have your small organic farms for the concerned citizen who are awake like myself. And know that diet is the most important Weapon against those who are trying to harm and enslave the masses. The Air you breath outside your home, you have no control over, but the water and food that you ingest. You can control for your own protection. As a reminder of an earlier post, 'What part of the 'Powers' Trying to Kill You, Don't You Understand???' Not today, but after you've paid taxes for 30 or 40 years, and all that Social Security for your retirement has been paid in. Now the 'powers' want you dead!!! What is the best way to accomplish the desired results by the 'powers', Diet, Diet, Diet.

Let the controlled media be the first in the line, to kill the tax paying citizenry. Have the media convince the masses, they are far too busy working and paying taxes. To take the "Time" to sit down and create a healthy meal. And all the nutrition one needs, your local Fast Food restaurant can provide. So most Americans have bought into this whole idea that food is food and no matter where you get it, it's the same. And just look around yourself, the propaganda has been very effective. Americans have become obese almost overnight (last 20 years). All done by removing all the vitamins and nutrients from the Diets of Americans. Via the Fast Food industry, controlling the Growers now. You now have Corporate farming for the most part. And these corporate farms are owned by the Giant corporation who own the same Fast Food restaurants. There are only a handful of corporations that control all of the Food Industry now, as compared to when I grew up. There were no McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Subway, etc.. Little Mom and Pop Diners rules the food industry. That has all come to and end. Just like the health of most Americans. You see nowadays, Cancer is the by product of Diet!!! Cancer and Americans poor health is directly connected to the Food Industry. Then Big Pharma comes along and has the controlled doctore via bribes and kickbacks. Prescribe the medication that help the kill the Poor American citizens off. Usually at a hefty price, like your life savings. You are more than willing to give up for just a few more years of life. Trapped like a Rat in the system you never had a chance against. Never even knew it existed, like where you live.

These corporate Fast Food restaurants have killed the little vendors for the most part. And it won't be long before some sort of legislation comes along, killing off the small Mom and Pop restaurants. Just like Home Depot and Lowes killed off all the small hardware stores. It's Corporate America now, 'in your Face'. Good example of what I'm talking about, is me trying to eat healthy while traveling around making my vids and seeing America. While in Henderson Nv., went looking for some sort of Mom and Pop Mexican restaurant. I could sit down in, and casually enjoy a meal. Never found one, never found any restaurant of any kind that wasn't a corporate fast food restaurant. It's was like the 'powers' told Henderson, 'no healthy food allowed in your town'. Ended up at a Outback Steakhouse, eating Shrimp fried to death with some French fries, also cooked to death. Absolutely no nutrition in any of it. Then Outback had the nerve to charge me $18.00 for the poisons.

What happens when you don't get the proper nutrition from the foods you eat. First thing I notice about myself, is I get depressed quickly. Thoughts come into my head that aren't healthy. Can't stay awake while driving, every little thing bothers me. Get some decent food into my system and all that goes away. My strength returns instantly and along with my mental happiness, plus awareness. How can a population fight back from the corruption all around them. If the population is to weak to rise-up??? This is exactly why Food has become Weaponized.

Look at the kids walking down the streets in America today. The kids are either terribly skinny or obese for the most part. And both conditions come from the same malady, Nutrition, aka, lack of it. Then the 'powers' have convinced the population that Fluoride is even  good for them. Even though Fluoride is the main ingredient in Rat Poison. Look at the warnings on a tube of Fluoridated toothpaste, if swallowed. The Crap is the byproduct of making Aluminum. So Corporate America puts the poison in toothpaste and the citizenry. Another part of Weaponized Food. Here again, the constant attack on the citizens of America for control.

I guess you could say, 'it's your right' to fight against those who are trying to shorten (your life) or outright kill you. If you have children or grandchildren, you must fight for offspring's future of a healthy body and life. Not succumbing to this Slow Death being perpetrated on the public. I see the children of today and it's upsetting to see what is being done to them through their lack of proper education. You see an obese child, struggling to walk. When all someone has to do, is get the child eating properly. But the doctors of today, must work for Satan himself. For they know nothing about nutrition (only bribery) and how the body miracle works. By healing itself via proper nutrition and exercise. With direct Sunlight being an important part of fighting Cancers in your body. As I tried to raised my children telling them, 'you can't afford to not eat properly'. Letting the 'powers' kill you and your children with the poisons in your diet, is on you. You have submitted to letting your Masters Kill your Children. One thing to commit suicide via diet to yourself, but why Kill you Children??? The Fight for you and your Children's lives is on. The 'powers' have already told you, 'On Guard'. We're coming after your Health and Money. If some j$$$$w doctor says you have Cancer and need Chemo, run for your Life. Because that doc wants your money and you DEAD. Not to mention, selling your good Organs for Big Bucks!!! Got a bumper sticker that says, 'I'm an Organ Donor'. Might as well say, kill me over a Paper Wound. Get them Organs on the street, Big $$$.

"God" Bless


PS: "Aliens"

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