Saturday, August 6, 2016

"Elected or Chosen???"

Anyone who watched the Democratic convention, surely must now know what I mean. Hildabeast would be the Democratic nominee, no matter what the general public said with their votes. The nomination was Rigged from day one. And all Bernie Sanders did was to get folks false hopes up, and flat-out steal millions $$$ of dollars. Knowing all along, he would never be the democratic party's nominee. Bernie would hold rallies with thousands of mainly kids, that would attend. (They don't understand 'j$$$$wish' socialism for power.) Yet HildaBeast had to stop holding rallies, for lack of attendance. Yet she would be the party's nominee. The Democratic National Convention would produce a party with no clear direction, except to attack Trump. And with the women and minorities running everything, demanding everything from the White Male population. Democratic Socialism is a type of government that works until the tax payers run out of money. And now with the uneducated demanding more and more from those who pay taxes by working. Free college, free this and free that Bernie would offer the kids who would listen. And listened they would, with their dollars and effort. Only to be sold-out and told to vote for HildaBeast. Bernie as a 'j$$$$w', lying to the goyim, is just part of being 'j$$$$wish'. And Bernie knew just what he was  doing. Just how much of the 200 million dollars $$$ Bernie raised from the uneducated, did he pocket??? How much was unreported, as if that mattered to those in 'power'. Steal from the goyim American cattle, has been going on from day one in the USA.

Uneducated and overweight (obese) was the common denominator at the DNC, all wanting something for Free. With no idea where the money comes from. The NWO powers need these type of population for control (when you print the money$$$). In just the same way the Native Americans were put under control via diet. With false elections as a catalyst for making the masses believe they are actually in control. Then the same 'powers' give you Bushes, Bill, Obummer, HildaBeast and all of Congress. Yes your Vote counts  BS. They gave the Americans a Black sort of president, will a women be next? After all, the Good Ole USA is a Corporation. You just wouldn't let any stranger be president of your corporation/country. Question is always, who's country is 'It'?, as in 'your definition of is?' That control  the politicians from the Top Down.

And are all the political players under the same control? You need money to pay for advertisements, TV, Radio, Internet, billboard, etc. And where would one go to get the money needed to get elected today. When running for president cost over a billion dollars to campaign. State reps to the fed must spend in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to get elected. And where does all this money come from, PACs!!! Basicly the j$$$$wish banksters. They front financially your campaign, then the j$$$$ws that control the media. Take those same dollars back under the Zionist control. In reality the money never leaves the Zionist hands. Just goes from one hand to the other via the advertisement money that is needed to be spent to get elected. And in the process the one who gets elected. Now is under the control of those who financed them, the banksters and Zionist. And everyone knows, you always leave federal office with millions more than you started with. With the idea, the congressman can steal as much as he or she wants for the public taxpayers. As long as the politician votes as told. Not to mention a great retirement package for just a couple of terms in office. All these benefit, as long as the Actor does as told .With most politicians being just like Obummer, never had a real job in their entire lives. All of congress like Obummer, are all Paid Actors.

So now the Actors are HildaBeast and Trump. A known killer and thief in HildaBeast and a life "Time" actor in Trump. Both controlled by the Zionist who finance their campaigns, thus having total control. The illusion of freedom of choice, are your two choices were chosen. Democrat or Republican for the general public. Neither HildaBeast or Trump would be know, if not for the Zionist controlled media. So who could trust either??? A honest man will never be president of America, because America was never intended to be free. Only the illusion of freedom, once again. The best Slave is the Slave who doesn't know their a Slave. It's all about Control, with diversion/division, it says it on the American dollar bill $$$, 'NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM', aka: Order/Control Thru Chaos.

I've been going thru what will happen if either HildaBeast, Trump or if Obmmer tries and stays in office. As rumors have been put into the media about Obummer suspending elections and staying in office. What effect if any, would it have on me personally? When I think about how the corruption of the World's population grows. I think how it would effect my Hopi buds like Lonnie and Ernest. What if all the banksters went belly-up and the World's population would be forced to bail them out again. How about WWIII were to erupt, although not sure who the enemy would be. How would that effect Lonnie and Ernest? And the rest of the elder Hopi living on the rez. My best guess, would be, no effect at all. Life would change little for the Hopi Homeland. For life on the rez has changed little over the last years for the elder Hopi. They see what is happening to their children and grandchildren. Being torn apart from the ancient Hopi ways. But to the elder Hopi, the corrupted media, has no effect. For the elders American who live by government handouts. Any financial changes would be catastrophic. For me, the "Gods" have always protected me. I've been under attack from my childhood for just being an Aryan. But no matter how people try and bring harm to me, I always land on my feet, thanks to Those Above. And I believe this is due to trying to be as Spiritual as I can be. My Spirituality today is far from the same person, even a few years ago. Every day is new lesson on life to be learned daily. That's what life was meant to be, growth, growth, growth mentally and Spiritually. When things around you seem nearly impossible to handle. Remember this is all being done to corrupt your mental and Spiritual growth. To enslave the human mind into believing they have no true function on Earth, other than to be lead. By those who are psychopaths, thinking they are superior beings. No matter who the 'powers' select to be the next Puppet. As long as you stay on a Spiritual Path, your path will be protected. Stray and just become one of the Fools who think that the Material World, is the only World.

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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