Saturday, August 27, 2016

"Bill, HildaBeast and Me"

What do we all have in common, 69 years old this year (Bill turned 70 in Aug.). And we all went through life, 'kicking the Can down the road' and. "I Won" The Clinton's are multimillionaires if not billionaires, me I get by. But I'd be willing to bet, the both of them. Would be more than willing to trade all the Clinton's stolen wealth. To have my Health and Mental Well Being, I know where I'm at, do the Clintons???  Bill looks as if the only thing keeping him alive are the medications he must be taking daily. A pale white look to Bill, looking for death soon. HildaBeast can't even stand, sit up or pay attention. Two Dead people walking, Puppets of the greatest degree. That must be propped up, moved around, told where to be and what to say and do. The both of them have been doing it since birth, in one way or another. The young beautiful couple, here to save America from America, they once were. Now to most awaken citizens of the World. The both of them represent what is Worst in the World and America. Two old ass corrupted politicians who are allowed to steal  and kill who ever they want. As long as they both do as they are told. With the Clinton body count now, over 100 dead around the two of them. They even killed HildaBeast daughter's father Vince Foster from the 'Whitewater' scam. (Does Chelsea even look like Bill? lol) To be on Top of it all, like the Clintons. But what's price for power?

'Be careful What You Ask For', you just might just get it. But at what price to pay??? Looks to me, the Clintons are paying a high price for their insurrections against their fellow human beings. The 'Laws of Nature', cannot be broken. Maybe not instant Karma, but maybe gradual Karma? 'Eye for an Eye', Yin-Yang, what goes up, must come down. Well the Clintons have lived a life of luxury, Bill has all the sex he could take or buy. HildaBeast has had all the female lovers she ever wanted (money $$$). With all the big fancy homes, cars, airplanes and travel, money could buy. But today, look at the both of them, what a mess. The Walking Dead, is this what aging is suppose to be about? Yes the 'powers' want everyone looking like the Clintons at 70 or already dead. Their are those such as myself who have been 'Above it All'. Having a natural understanding of the 'Laws of Nature'. Me like most seekers, have gotten lost along the way, 'kicking our can down the road'. That's to be expected in life, Metal growth should come from being lost. 'What did I do wrong to get here', kinda thing. With a little meditation and luck, you'll find the straight and narrow again.

What's the 'Point of Life' to be??? Trump is a big believer in, 'the one who dies with the most toys wins.' Apparently the Clintons were willing to throw the elder years away for the Moment. The Bushs are just plain Thieving Nuts. The uncontrollable j$$$$w, obviously in them (inbreeding does that). Every World leader or politician has been Compromised for control. The controlled media blares out constantly 'live for the Moment'. AKA; let's us control your life and Karma. Folks wanting to throw their hands up n the air in despair. Headlines constantly give you a woooooo moment as designed. Everyone is out to get you, a muslim behind every bush (Bush). Created 'Terrorist', the 'powers' want you to think fools like Obummer, Clintons, and Bushs invented for control, their hand picked Puppets. Obummer is such a Puppet, on a recent interview he said, 'they??? are forcing me to leave office, I didn't want to go'. Does that sound like someone in-touch with Reality. He has no clue that he was elected. Auh but the rub is, he knows he was selected and not elected, I'm guessing of course. Maybe he's a bigger Fool than anyone will ever know. And the next Lap Dog Fool will be???

Well the slaves have only been given two choices, with a few others thrown in, to look like Democracy. (aka: Mob Rule) Most know Trump is having great turn-outs for his speeches. And HildaBeast has stop from embarrassment (no one cared to show up). Yet some how the Beast leads the Trump. If the Beast is elected, will Americans be hitting the streets in force? Seeing how it's obvious the elections was Rigged from day one. Where did all the Bernie Sanders supporters go, when they realized they had been robbed. Both financially and mentally, you never heard Boo from the Bernie crowd of supporters. And if Bernie supporters organized their protest, the controlled media would never give it any press. A rigged game, look no further than Bush two election. America you were taken down this road with 'Hanging Chad'. (How many steps ahead I wonder.) The 'powers' have Think Tanks, While Joe average is just trying to keep a roof over his families head and feed.

A neighbor came by to ask my opinion on the elections coming up, who would I vote for? She knows I've been writing for years and valued my opinion. Told her it's a 'Catch 22' situation. By voting your telling the corrupt system it's OK to steal, cheat and rob from me. If you don't vote. the 'powers' say you didn't participate 'so shut-up!!!' Screwed from day one, like the Bush line after 911, 'your either with us, or against us'.  Knowing all along the terrorist is the government. But by putting it in those word, a no win for anyone saying, 'wait just a minute here'. With less than half the country buying into the 911 explanation, has an Up-rising started. Knowing that America's own government is responsible for the attacks of 911? Nothing except for the constant rhetoric on Talk Radio shows do you hear or see anything. Some think the Chem-trails keep everyone docile in America. Un-willing or un-able to fight-back. Americans diet have a lot to do with it. As a form of subtle Dumbing Down of society. As in HildaBeast supporters, look in their eyes, nothing there. Like HildaBeast's eyes are Dead. A Soulless Puppet, the front of an Evil Crime syndicate, no more, no less. And Trump, does he bring anything different to  the table? For the Clinton have only one compassion Greed that fuels the rest. Look at Trump, you seeing something I'm not? A billionaire claiming he feels for the Little Guy who only wants his Guns and Freedoms. When Trump goes to bed in his NY mansion, does he say, 'thanks for the Little Guys'? Is Trump sharing any of his wealth with the Little Guys? He tells the Little Guys every day how he loves them and he's only running  for president is to help the Little Guy. And none of this is for him the billionaire. And if you believe this!!! Keep telling the same old lie over and over until the masses believe it. The 'powers' have been doing this for centuries and Trump and HildaBeast are only carrying on a "Time" Honored tradition. Or until the Sheep awaken, which don't look to promising. You can't win as an American citizen, the Game's been rigged starting with the so-called Founding Fathers. Vote, your part of the Monster, don't vote, shut up. What is one to do???

In the "Gods" control everything issues. We had a record heat summer, here in the deserts of Arizona, not Global Warming. Just gets hotter than Hell here some summers. Think we went for an entire month never getting under 110 degrees (daytime). Usually only about 10 days a year over 110 degrees. I spent most of it on my couch thinking and pondering. What projects I had were put back to avoid the working in the record heat. I didn't put my projects on hold, the "Gods" did. Been forcing me to learn and think for decades now. And just when the record heat has finally broken. Suddenly have 3 projects suddenly ready to start. Friends would ask if I had any jobs going? I would reply, 'got work, the "Gods" are apparently waiting for thing to cool down. And that's exactly what happened. How much or little control you have over your own life is questionable. you get to make the small decision like, what to wear and eat. But the Big Life decisions are made by others than yourself. That car wreak you just missed, was that coincidence or "Godly" intervention? To me that a no brainier, "God" stepped in for your protection for some unknown reason. Some would like to say, 'it wasn't your "Time" to die'. Some would say, 'just plain dumb luck'. Be Humble and Above it All. Don't get sucked into throwing away your Future. For a few shinny things today. Just think about the Clintons, before you throw your life away for nothing but sand.

PS: Want to thank the 'Good Guys', the Arizona Highway Patrolmen. In what could have been one ugly Sunday afternoon. 'Clifton, Arizona Mining Town' and Good Guy

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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