Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Eleven September, Seven December"

Two Dates that changed the direction of a Nation and a World. Everyone knows of 11 September 2001 meaning, but 7 December? That was the attacks of 'Pearl Harbor', that threw America into the Pacific War of WWII. Both have many thing in common, even the Planners. For both were put upon the World's population, to change the direction of History. To push World's population toward total and complete slavery to only a few elite. Both dates represent occultist symbolism. Nothing was ever the same after both Events!!! The Murdering on unknown scale was just one by-product of both Events. And both did what they were suppose to do, 'divide and conquer' the masses.

7 December 1941 the Sun rose over Pearl Harbor and so did the Japanese Aircraft. Let in by a knowing American government. That would ensure American went into battle with Japanese forces in the Pacific. Who were forced into attacking by Naval blockades of the Pacific by American naval forces. Japan was forced into a corner, with no other repercussion than to attack. But was that the truth? Were Japanese leaders and American leaders in on the attacks of Pearl Harbor naval shipyard? And just how do you hide a fleet of Japaneses naval ships with aircraft carriers off the coast of Oahu? The answer is you don't. Far to many fishing trawlers and other boats in the waters off Oahu. Then to fly directly over the island to hit the base at Pearl Harbor. Hawaii is a Pillbox for military supplies long before the attacks of Pearl Harbor. With Navy, Marine and Army bases that dot the island. I was stationed their for 4 years (Nam), I know.

Soon after America would build up the Pacific Fleet and take the attack to the Japanese military. America sweeping through Pacific islands, claiming them for themselves. Took control of the Philippine islands. With great battles with the Japanese occupiers. The Pacific would soon be theirs. An isolated America had become suddenly a Giant Military Machine. Was this the plan always for World domination by the 'powers'? Using the guise of Pearl Harbor to start the massive military buildup? America would become the World Cop? Looks to me that's exactly what happened. As America was to let the rest of the World be involved in their own problems. With America being the 'Isolationist'. Obvious that all changed after WWII. The American propaganda machine would make sure that all Americans were helping fighting wars on two fronts. Men went to war and the women stayed home and built military equipment. Everyone was sure America was the 'Good Guys'. And the rest of the World filled with evil. When in reality, it was America that was the Evil One.

The propaganda was so overwhelming that the idea of dropping two Nuclear Bombs on Japanese cities. Was supported by the duped American public. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were actually Fire Bombed as Nuclear Bombs are just another Rabbit Hole for the gullible Americans and World citizens. All part of 'Divide and Conquer'. (Atom is a Theory, how do you drop a Theory Bomb???) With the surrender of Japan. America would now be the dominate power in the Pacific region. With Korea and Vietnam wars soon to follow. The Evil Communist had to be stopped next.

The Evil Axis the American propaganda machine would call, Italy, Japan and Germany. And how the World War II got started in Europe has many speculations. That the German attack of Poland was the beginning. But now it appears more and more, Germany was pushed into WWII by the Allies. Germany had become once again far to strong even after losing WWI. (WWI no one outside a few, even know how and why it got started.) After the German surrender, the bombing of civilian target continued. Killing hundreds of thousands of German women and children. Left behind in the cities and town. As the German troupes were in concentration camps being starved to death.

11 September 2001 I was at home, watching the Events of 911 unfold on TV, I was Shocked like most. Then the phone rang, it was the folks on the phone I worked for. At that "Time" I was doing control work on a major CIA/FBI communication site. The project was completed and I was kept around for save keeping. But didn't figure out until later, just who's communications I was making sure power was continually to. All I heard on the phone was, 'get your ass down here now'!!!

Soon after the attacks of 911, Bush II came on TV and announced, 'noting would ever be the same again'. And 'either your with us or you are a Terrorist'. The perfect words to divide a World's population. Knowing all along that the Bushs were just as much a part of the attacks, as those who did the attacks. Bush painted Americans and freedom lovers in a corner. The terrorist were out to get us freedom lovers. The terrorist were created just for this Grand Moment. And the 'Patriot Act' was already waiting in the wings for signing. That would take away most of Americans freedom of speech, assembly and much more. Just what the powers needed for total control. Now the 'powers' could arrest you and take you away like some Third World country now at any "Time". Freedom of Speech was a thing of the past.

911 allowed the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq for no real reason. other than the 'powers' said so (oil, minerals). With some made-up propaganda like in the past. Such as weapons of Mass Destruction. and Nuclear weapons being prepared to drop on the American public. Just as the BS about North Korea and Iran now. The killing of Israel enemies with American Blood and Tax dollars. The genocide of millions of peoples in both Afghanistan and Iraq with weapons laden with Depleted Uranium. Another way of turning a country's future into a Nightmare. With deformed babies being born from the wasted Uranium shells. Two countries with no major Tank divisions, the reason the Depleted Uranium shells were invented for. Not to be fired at civilian targets, knowing the by-product of such a weapon. But the American killing machine knows nothing else. The American public has been brainwashed into believing that America's strong military presence keeps Americans safe. With the real reason being, to keep all other nations of the World, under the Federal Reserve Banking  system. Yes all Wars are 'Bankers Wars'. If you could ask Muammar Gadafi, he would tell you. But he was trying to go against the Bankers along with Saddam Hussein. Who wanted Gold and Euro instead of Petro-dollars for his Oil.

WWII got the World Israel and millions of Whites killed off. Just as was one of the most important aspects of WWII. The secret Genocide of Whites by the Zionist and the state of Israel. In Russia alone over 40 million Whites were Genocides by Zionist Stalin. With 911 one of the final touches for the 'powers' control. And here we are some 15 years later. With over 50% of Americans questioning the Events of 911. But with the powers of the Patriot Act, all protesters could be rounded-up and put out of sight forever. And poor old Americans are given only two choices (actually none) this election year. HildaBeast (who went down like Building 7 on 911 today) and Trumpster, an actor, geeeeeeze!!!!!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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