Sunday, September 25, 2016

"Building an Aquarium, All About Getting You Here"

Who would you think of the Earth as being no more than an Aquarium??? Every major religious book has a Genesis or Beginning. And they all pretty much tell the same Tale. In the 'Beginning their was only Water and Darkness'. And I've yet to find a Native American Tale that does not start with Darkness and Water. With many version of how Mystical Animals help to bring the Mud to the surface of Mother Earth. So the Animals could rest, drink and eat. The Mayan Popol Vuh has a great beginning Tale of how Humans were first formed, starting with Mudman. The Hopi have a very similar tale with a Kachina Dance to represent the Event. Of the First Human who could only squawk and make different sounds. In both the Hopi and Mayan versions of the Beginning, help was needed to create the first Human Beings. Fact that Local "Gods" did not have the Power of Creation. And the Creator of All, or Hopi 'Head of all Ceremonies' only had the power of 'Life'. 'Breath' I call it. Science today makes all sort of claims to fool the public into thinking the 'powers' have great powers. To be used on the masses. Like Cloning another living creature from an existing living creature. The same 'powers' claim they have been to the Moon and Deep Space. Where in fact humanity hasn't been more than 100 miles in Space if that. Their are no Satellites, International Space Station, Moon landings, none of it. It's just the 'Little Old Man' behind the curtain, in Reality. Their was no 'Dolly the Sheep' BS.

So if you were the Creator of Mother Earth, just how would your Aquarian look? Mayan version starts with creating the Mountains , Streams, Valleys. Then bringing Plants to the surface. This was a beautiful place but no sounds. So the Animals were brought in to fill the air with Music. The Animals did fill the air with Music, but never praised their Creator. So next the idea was to create a similar living form of the Creator to live on Mother Earth (in his own Imagine). Thus the First humans were created. But the First humans could not worship or praise the Creator either. Then came Woodman and eventually with help from "God", humans of today. And now mankind sits in the 21 century surrounded by ancient artifacts he has no clue who created. Dumb ass Egyptians take claim for the building of the pyramids, impossible!!! Now with Pyramids being found all over Mother Earth, like Mayan and Turkey to name a few. Did the Egyptians travel across the surface of the  Earth, building these Pyramids??? Their is so little known of past lives here on Earth or was their? Where certain things like supposedly ancient artifacts placed to fool the inhabitants of the Earth? Who's Giant Bones are hiding in the Smithsonian, the Hopi Giants? That ruled the Surface of the Earth, before the emergence of the Hopi from inside the Earth? Mankind has been told so little of the past truths. With the Catholic church being the greatest hiders of ancient artifacts. So that religion could fill the Earth, to Enslave the masses. All Roads Lead too Rome?

Mankind had to get Here from There, but how and why??? Is life a Fluke, like the way the current science is trying to convince mankind of? That's why you have the 'Big Bang' BS and others like Darwinism just more BS. To fool mankind their is no Creator of this very Aquarium!!! Your a Freak of Nature, only here to be lead and consume paying taxes. Telling humanity their is no Creator "God" of mankind's living Bio-sphere. Your on a damn Ball, spinning through Space some how. And some how Everything came from Nothingness slave. To dumb to be able to think for yourself the 'powers' tell you. Constantly via the controlled education and media. Never think for a moment that the very place you are living on. Was created just for your, Spiritual development. That's why all you records are in Caps like your drivers licence. Your Dead, a non entity. A Fluke, not a child of "God". A war for your awakening, to find your own Soul. Keeping humanity down for control, the whole idea. It's appears to be working. But not for all, thank "God". Someone, Something helped getting me (you), There from Here. Having to live among the constant bombardment of Pure Evil. Trying to Climb out of the Hell. Just as the Hopi Tale of why, they left Inner Earth. To escape the unholy Evil that prevailed in the Under World. 

It's a Mayan Cosmos to say the least. A Living Bio-Sphere, an Aquarium someone created. A "God" the 'powers', don't want you to have any knowledge of. The fact that maybe you could be the Creator of your own Aquarium. Is being kept from you and humanity, for control. Been thinking about building an aquarium myself lately. Put some rocks and plants in, add a Lizard or two, maybe some Turtles, who knows. It will look just like my Genesis, I bet.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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