Sunday, October 2, 2016

"Freemasonry and Me"

A few years back while being the Head Estimator/Project Manager for Sunbelt Electric (the Italians). A very odd and scary (turned out not to be so scary) thing happened to me. We had a young Navajo/Hopi kid Rudy, running Frank Luke Sr. Living (60 units $800,000) for the City of Phoenix. When I'd visit Black Theater Troupe project for the City of Phoenix. I'd take Rudy along in case one day he may have to run project. As we were having problems with finding qualified industrial electricians. And Rudy may have to take over for me on BTT project. One afternoon sometime between 1:00 PM and 1:30 PM a calling Card was left on the passenger side mirror of my truck. While Rudy and I were visiting the BTT electricians before lunch. When we left for lunch in my truck, Rudy noticed something on his side mirror. Someone had put a blowup of the All Seeing Eye on the dollar bill. Whoever had blowup the copy to be 3 3/16 inch square and laminated. Some effort and thought had been put into this was my first thought. As Rudy grabbed the Calling Card and turned to me in the truck, 'their watching you' in a rather load voice he yelled. Then instantly couldn't start fast enough, asking tons of questions about the Freemasons. To say I was shook up would be putting it mildly.\

I want to add to how the symbolism was used when presenting me with the Calling Card. BTT is at 1313 E. Washington st. (George Washington was a 33rd degree Mason), the building is 13,000 sq. ft. big, City of Phoenix owns, Phoenix is on the 33rd parallel and Phoenix was founded by the Freemasons. Thus the mane Phoenix, like the Masons rising from the Ashes of Defeat.

That afternoon I visited a friend who owned a Health products store here in north Scottsdale. His father was a Mason and he never knew it until the death of his father. When some Masons from Tucson visited the funeral and did a Ceremony over the coffin of his father. He Dave, was about as close to a Mason as I could find or knew. To talk too about the Calling Card. Always remember Dave saying to calm down, 'if they wanted you dead, you'd be dead' jokingly. I mainly wondered if somehow I'd stepped on someone's toes with my writings??? I didn't know that much about the Mason before the Calling Card. With all my research doing my blog over the years. Of course the Masons came up a lot. Mainly being blamed for the World's woes by 'the j$$$$ws' Zionist. I knew of the presidential connection in America and Freemasonry. And the fact the most folks know about. But the lessons on Freemasonry were about to get more interesting. Within a week I got a call from CED Electrical distributors in Scottsdale here. As I've talked about, most if not all electrical suppliers are now part of globalist corporations. Al the CED store manager called and said he had some gifts for all the materials purchased for Sunbelt. What Al had for me was a book called 'Freemasonry, Symbols, Secrets, Significance'. Al also had a Brass Chalet in a Purple Velvet box and a Belt Buckle with the Sun Face on it. Just what is going on here, I was thinking, while looking at what Al had given me. I knew this was no coincidence, and maybe even. Al had no idea how he was being used by others. Now I would be learning about Masonry!!!

Here a few years later at another CED in Phoenix the Calling Card would reach Full Circle. While at the counter at CED, when I noticed the guy waiting on me had a Masonic symbol tat. Ask him Jaime if he was a Mason? Said yes and told me what Lodge he belonged to and the ones from back east he had belonged to. So I told him the Tale of my Calling Card and what I believed was sent by the Arizona Lodge 2. Near the location of BTT. As I told him the story and how Rudy was involved, he got a big smile on his face. Told him that a neighbor friend was a Mason and he said. The Calling Card was an recruitment by saying. 'Never heard of the Masons going to such lengths to recruit', in his opinion. He's a 3rd Degree Mason, here in the Scottsdale lodge. Always joke how most of the guys at the meeting were there to get away from the wife. lol And this is the part of Masonry never seen, just bad. Now when I look back on Jackie Gleason's show and the lodge meetings in the 'Honeymooners'. You see the Masons making fun of themselves and others like the Elks.

Jaime and me talked a bit more, then he reached into his pocket and handed me a business card. It was his Masonic business card with the classic 'G' symbol. Then he asked if I'd come down on Tuesday evenings and have supper with them at the lodge on Monroe st. Phoenix, near BTT. Smiled and said, 'I'll be in touch'. Not until two days later did I take the "Time" to read his card. Damn, Jaime is a 32nd degree Mason and Thelemite. He knows stuff, like my good friend, ASU Math professor Gary Bitter, (who I remodeled a home for here.) I thought. Sent him a email with my blog, YouTube channel and some Hopi pics. He responded by inviting down for a talk/lecture on Wednesday night at the lodge. And he was amazingly a big fan of my friend Santos Bonacci. And he had watched the interview of me by Santos.

I'll attend some meetings and talks at the lodge, for I have a bigger fish to fry. Mainly dealing with 'the Stone' pictured here on my blog. In 2012 I was going to start the process of dealing with the Stone. Some have asked me if I plan on donating it to a Museum somewhere. A Pentecostal  preacher friend told me if I sold the Stone, I'd be murdered, for the Stone was keeping me safe. That was on 2012 he called, that thought had crossed my mind, scary. The first idea was to donate to the Hopi, but now that is out of the question. With a little protection maybe, I'll find it with the Masons, we shall find out.

"God" Bless on this rainy Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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