Saturday, October 29, 2016

"Under Extreme Duress"

Once escaped 13 stories from a court building in downtown Phoenix. Not quite sure how I did escape, Using a combination of stairs and elevators to get from the 13th floor to safety outside the court building, but. Once outside, I headed instinctively to a Park across from the court building. (30 years later I'd make this vid of 'Occupy Phoenix', same park.)  ) Their sat my wife with my newborn son, in arms. As if she somehow knew, that was where I'd  end up!!! "God" as I call it, 'moment', complete intervention, into one's life. This would be a lesson learned, as life went on. Wife started asking me, how'd escaped and  telling me, 'everyone in the courtroom was describing to the (female) judge what you were wearing'. And there were deputy sheriffs in the lobby waiting for you. "God" or the "Gods" led me,  through  that combination of where to get off the elevator and when to take the stairwell. With the bottom floor stairwell opening to the outdoors.The wife's mother worked for a lawyer in Phoenix. So we headed to the lawyer's office. Told him what happened, he called the judge with my presence. All I heard from James my lawyer, responding to the judge, 'he's under Extreme Duress'!!!

And all the World's population except a few elite, are also under, 'Extreme Duress'. Hard to find an American these days, not under ;Extreme Duress'. Bills, Bills, Bills, keep him under Extreme Duress. The medias tells him, how important he has stuff. But like the Ram, who finally reach the top of the pecking order. Maintaining all his females, become the Ram's death. Mother Natures way, like the Black Widow's, unfortunate mate. So the young are told they need all these material things in life, to be called successful. But what is success without mental and physical health?

Families of today are far different than families of the past. And to say women today don't act anything like my dear old Grandmother, would be putting it mildly. Now women are all about there flesh and dominance over others, mainly the male partner. The controlled media has done this to breakup the family unit. That's why so many broken families now. The women have been convinced by the media, a male is only a sperm donor. And they can make it quite well with child support from the child's father. The father is strapped with child support he could never maintain for the most part. Thus dividing the farther from his children even father apart. This being all part of the plan, keeping everyone under duress. The fatherless child is now no more than a monthly check to the mothers of America. You see them everywhere, being drug around by mothers who could care less for the natural development mentally of the child. The dominate females of America today. Fat and thinking they are in control. But they are all mere pawns of the system that wants total dominance.

The TV, music, movies are all part of the Duress control mechanism. The constant fear of losing one job, as most families today rely on both parents to survive minimally. The bogyman of Terrorist, Russian and Muslims in the dark waiting to kill or rape you. keep the masses under duress. Taxes are also part of the plan, the more you make. The more your raped of your hard earned monies. Thus penalizing you for your hard work. Instead of rewarding you for your efforts. But it's all about keeping everyone except a few in the same financial bucket. JOB or, just over broke, is the reality of things. No reason to work hard, just to pay more taxes. And with the tax dollars being used to kill you or to take others there stuff. Keeping everyone down and out for control, seems to be working just fine.

After escaping and going to a lawyer. I'd realized I'd turned 30 days in jail to a few years in jail. For now I was an a real criminal for 'Flight'. Few weeks later my lawyer and me headed back to court to deal with my even bigger problems. My lawyer told me to wait outside the judges chambers, which seemed odd at the "Time". The old, 'face your judgement' I was thinking. Soon my lawyer came out from the judges office with a big smile. All was forgiven and I was free, all charged dropped including the one I was hauled into court for in the first place. Should have realized then, I was a Stinking Martian. I learned that day just how the court  system really worked. It was all about back door deals, just like politics. Not what you know, but who you know. And most importantly, how much money $$$ do you have!!! The rich and Stinking Martians never go to jail. The system only makes you think so. Do you really think Bernie Madoff ever spent a night in jail?

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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