Saturday, November 12, 2016

"Popol Vuh and Hopi Creation"

The Mayan Popol Vuh and the Hopi Creation are one in the same. The Mayans were far more sophisticated materially than there Hopi Brothers to the North. But the Tale of how in the Beginning, the first humans were made of Mud, is the same. Hopi and Mayan Genesis Tales are one in the same and much like the Christian bible and other Cults Creation Tales. In Hopi you have 'Koyemsi' or Mudhead. (One night on Orayvi, one of my sons was traded for a 'Mudhead' Kachina Doll. True story, I'll share someday). In the Mayan Popol Vuh you have 'Mudman'. Both Tales show that Mudhead and Mudman only could squawk and squeak. Not making praises to there Creator, there reason for being Created. The Animals were Created first, but they also. Could not praise there Creator or pray. The Mayan Tale is in words, the Hopi Tale in a Kachina Dance. In a Kachina Dance, a Mudhead is protected by the Kachinas. As Mudhead walked amongst the onlookers, squawking and squeaking. As the Kachinas were protecting there Creation. Both Tales versions of the first humans, were failures and destroyed.

Mayan Second version of Mankind was made of Wood. This is represented by the Hopi Kachina Doll. Who's Kachinas could only be made of dead Cottonwood root. From the Verde River in central Arizona, South of the Hopi home, 100+ away. Coincidence that the Mayan Second try at humans was made of Wood. And the Hopi started carving their Kachina Dolls made of Wood??? Look no further than the pics attached to my blog posts. Showing Mayan figures on Hopi cliffs of Orayibi.

Hopi, Mayan and Christian bible all have the same basic Beginning Tale. Of how in the beginning their was only Waters beneath the Sky. Nothing was yet alive. The Christian bible tells of how the Waters were separated for (The Firmament) the creation of life on Earth. Both the Hopi Tales and the Mayan Popul Vuh tell of the creations of mankind and the failures until you have mankind of today. And in the Beginning their was only Still Waters, is in, if not all Creation Tales or Genesis.

In the Bible you have tales of how mankind was wiped off the face of the Earth with Fire and Brimstone. With Plagues and Ice, mankind is destroyed. The Hopi and Mayans both have similar tales of the destruction of the human race. What they all have in common is, 'why mankind had to be destroyed'? And I believe that that "Time" may be near again for mankind. For it seems the further mankind is removed from their Creator "God". The more the degradation of the societies, much like what you have today.

Mankind's creations started, according to the Popul Vuh. As to create a living Being who could Praise their Creator and the only way to accomplish that. Was to create an individual in the Likeness of themselves or "God" basically. For the Animals and previous creations of mankind, couldn't say their prayers or praise their creator. Thus they were destroyed by their Creator "God". Mankind today has forgotten how to Pray or say Praises to their Creator. Because false religions have taken over society. To where mankind has lost their ability to connect with their Creator "God" mentally. The Pineal Gland or 'Third Eye' has now been blocked with disinformation and chemical in most everything mankind consumes today. Fluoride in the water helps to calcify the Pineal Gland. Another reason Fluoride was forced upon the American public. Nothing to do with your teeth. All about control over your mental being. Like the Ball Earth and Universe BS. Not letting mankind even know, where they are in the grand scope of things. Denying your "God" from you. Telling you that you are no more than a Fluke of Nature. You came from Nothing, thus you will only be Nothing.

Mankind is the Creation, just as the everything you see about you. Is from your Creator Being. Who and where your Creator is or was. May never be know, as you progress through your Spiritual development. But mankind is a Child of "God"!!! The Mayans, Hopi, and many others along the way in history have been telling the same ancient tales. And throughout history, that only a few want to dominate the many. Stealing Souls or mere greed, who knows. It is up to the individual to fight the battle for their own Spiritual growth or Salvation. Life is simple, and that was how it was suppose to be. But that now has been stolen away, in a mass of rules and regulations for control of the Spiritual Beings called humans. Mankind is a special Creation, just as every other living Entity on Mother Earth is.

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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