Sunday, November 20, 2016

"The Aliens???"

Most of the World believes in the "Aliens", but why? The idea of Space and Alien invaders was mainly thrust upon the masses by Hollywood. The idea of an orbiting Satellite was first introduced in a paper by Edward Hale 'The Brick Moon' 1869. Then in 1945 Arthur C. Clarke first came up with the idea of Communication Satellites. And as the rest of the World know, Sputnik in 1957 was launched by the Russians. That never happened, the Game was on!!! America and the Russian had conspired to create a false 'Space Race', just as they had created the supposed 'Cold War'. Now I'm a firm believer in the "Aliens" that occupy the same space as mankind. Even though I'm a total believer in the 'Flat Earth' also. So can you have both, many say no. Without infinite Space, how would their be "Aliens"?

Look up the word "Alien", it simply means 'unknown'. So anything you don't understand is 'alien' to you. The illegal Mexicans are alien to me, like the Muslims. Their alien because, I don't understand their cultures or languages. You have controlled operatives like Stephen Hawking, who claim the "Aliens" may do to the World. What the European invaders did to the Native Americans. The World knows all about the UFO crash at Roswell in 1947. But did that really happen, Roswell being on the 33rd Parallel!!! You see tons of movies from Hollywood telling of "Alien" invaders from Space. How about 'War of the Worlds' radio broadcast from 1938. (complete movie)   Was it a plot to just see how the human race might react to such an "Alien" invasion? Is the human race being set up for some sort of "Alien" invasion. By using Holographic imagines in the sky, called 'Operation Blue Beam'. Could the Chem-trails be the screen or backdrop for such a projection into the skies? The idea of Darwinism and no "God" have been being put on the World's population for generations now. Why not a fake "Alien" attack from outer-space? That would shake things up and probably be used. To move the World's population under one World leader and one World "God". A "God" and government select for mankind by only a few elite. That is the Plan, just most don't see it being organized. Agenda 21, Travistock, NWO, Zionist, are some of the words associated with this One World dominance.

So just who are the "Aliens"? Anyone who has ever had a UFO sighting, is probably a "Alien" believer. Folks who believe they have been abducted by "Aliens", for sure. Those who awake with strange marks on their bodies, are surely believers in the "Aliens". (happened to me and one of my sons) Well over half of the World's population believe in the "Aliens". Not all them have had sighting or other experiences. So how does the numbers get so high when describing how many believe in the "Aliens"? Hollywood is how. The 'Space Brothers' have even infiltrated Native American Tales. The Hopi don't even have a word for Outer Space. Yet today you hear many who think their quoting Hopi or Native American tales. Talking of their Space Brother from above BS. This all brand new to Native American cultures of the past. You could call it Pop Native American, funny, but never the truth. Without Space, NASA can't steal billions of Tax dollars $$$. Did cowboys sit around their campfires at night, talking about all those Stinking Aliens flying around their skies?

Space equals, 'Big Bucks', stick a boogie man in their, you got 'Real Big Bucks'. Thus the Hollywood 'Alien Agenda' was created. "Aliens" reinforced the NASA Space propaganda. NASA and Hollywood, what a perfect marriage. Stealing your monies in every direction. Not only does Hollywood and NASA have humanity believing in Space. Got-em believing their's something out there to get them, propaganda. It's all about removing "God" from humanities Realities. Instead of being in the 'Center of the known Universe'. Mankind has been reduced to some tiny Fluke of Nature. A speck in the vast Universe. In other words, your life has no meaning. So mankind must be lead by those who know, like politicians, scientist and NASA.

But science is no more than a religion of Science. Most if not all, 'faith based' facts, like the made-up Universe and Space. The idea of an Atom or Particle are pure fiction. The idea of an Atom with satellites surround a nucleus, fits well with the taught Universe. Problem is, all theories!!! Mind Control at it's finest. Who you are and where you are, pure programming. Got mankind worried about those Stinking Aliens from Outer Space (100s of movies, TV, music, etc.). Fear Based (terrorist, constant wars) governments with a Alien Agenda to keep things stir upped. 'Govern' to Control, 'ment' is Latin for Mind.

My trilogy is "God", "Time" and "Aliens", that why all three will always be found in my blog posts. You need a Creator "God" that creates "Time" and the outside forces that surround humanity, the "Aliens". Also a believer that "God" may not have created humanity. But "God's" workers or "Aliens", were the hands behind the Creator. Which took "Time" to create. That outside Force or the "Aliens" have shown themselves (or entities) to me several "Times". And their was always someone with me, (can I get a witness). The Hopi make plenty of references to the Ant People, who live beneath the surface of the Earth. That were used to take to good peoples of the Earth underground for safety. When "God" decided to remove all the evil people from the surface of the Earth. To me that would be the "Aliens". The hands of "God" at work. That unknown Force that all have experienced, could only be the Hands of "God", the "Aliens".

Finally, a few weeks ago I was pulling on some wire, up on a ladder. With all my might I pulled on the wires, suddenly the wires came loose from what was holding them. I should have fallen several feet backwards into a sliding glass door, I didn't. I felt a hand on my back preventing me from being paralyzed for the rest of my life!!! Was that "God's" hand, or the unknown Force the "Aliens"???

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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