Sunday, December 4, 2016


Just what is the Universe, and just how did mankind go from the 'Center of Creation'? To be part of a much greater Universe? The word Universe is a combination of two Latin words. uni = One, verse = Whole: Combining  Latin words One and Whole and making it a Universe. Who first thought of the idea of a Universe Theory. Yes Theory, just like others theories, like an Atom and Particle. The idea was first though of by the ancient Greeks, who thought reality to be Geocentric. Then the Theory expanded with Copernicus in early 1500s. With the Theory of  Heliocentric Universe or Solar System. Next you had Sir Issac Newton's Theory of Universal Gravitational. You know that special force that holds billions of pounds of water in the oceans, to stay put. (Even though the supposed World is spinning at 1000+ MPH at the Equator.) Then allows a feather to float to the ground. As if Gravity was some sort of "God" power. Johannes Kepler gave mankind the Theory of, 'Laws of Planetary Motion'. Suddenly mankind became part of the 'Milky Way'. Spinning in Space at over a million MPH. Edwin Hubble (Hubble Telescope???) came up with the Theory of 'The Expanding Universe. Which worked great with Albert Einstein Theory of the 'Big Bang' creation. Then of course you had Darwin and Darwinism Theory. What in common did all of these ideas have, or today taught as fact have? 'Theory', not one single fact. Yet today all this nonsense is taught in the public school systems in American and most of the World's education system. NASA says something, it's is a 'fact', the rest of the World's population buys into it.

The power of Propaganda and Church. Because the first idea of a Ball Universe to the masses. Was done via the Catholic Church. Copernicus was a Jesuit along with Newton and so many others who brought the whole idea, Theory of a Universe. One day most if not all of mankind believed they were in the center of the known Creation. That everything you see and do was created just for humanity. Your personnel development, your Spiritual development. So why the change? Control, that's what religion is all about. Who you are and where you are. And in today's World, a few Jesuits have taken control of the World's mentality. Again, 'all roads lead to Rome'. Just a week ago I was on South Mountain (Phx.) taking sweeping views of the Flat Earth. As I was walking to my car, some Japanese folks came walking by. With camera and tri-pod in hand, I told them about the great Flat views from the mountain. They looked at me as if I was just a totally nuts old man. Here I was trying to advance their personnel knowledge of just who they were and where they where. I swear I could hear them laughing at me as I loaded my equipment up. Just like 911 Truth, the mass media did it's job. This has been going on for over 500 years now. You (masses) live on a 'Spinning Ball'. Everything in your mind tell you, everything is flat. You've never seen any curvature of the Earth. Yet you'd argue to your death that you live on a Ball. That is Mind Control.

People go to war over religions. Science is a religion of 'faith based facts'. No way anyone could prove or disprove where they are in Reality. So Humanity lets a few tell them everything they need to know. You hear of this constant so called 'Awakening' or 'Age of Aquarius', where is it? Now in America since Trump was elected, all the lies will now stop??? The powers that gave the World the Ball Earth and Universe are the people who ensured they control all politics. Like the Ball Earth, it's all an illusion for control of your Mind. Like the Christian religion, a loving "God" who demand your loyalty or Eternal Death. You believe everything your told by the system, or your totally nuts. And need re-education (coming to America).

Once the lie of a Universe and Ball Earth are removed from the masses reality. Then mankind can move on from their Shackles of lies and deceit. Learn to live with each other's differences and colors. Their will be no need for religions or governments. Everyone will be in this Life together, not divided as now. Where you fear everyone and everything you don't agree with. That is part of the mental programming with the Universe and Ball Earth. That your just nothing Special, you need to be told how to think and what to think. You have no life, other than to be told what to, who's "God" to believe in.

Fidel Castro's Russian made jeepster broke down Saturday. While it paraded the Ashes of Fidel's around the country. More proof, their is a "God".

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


"Time" "Aliens"

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