Saturday, December 10, 2016

"The Mob"

The 'War Machine' aka; 'The Mob', from the classroom too Hollyj$$$$w, the World's population has been had!!! 'Baiting' is name of the game. Controlling the mental state, from without, not letting in the natural thought. My generation  'the Hippies', were Baited, sex, drugs and rock and roll!!! A generation of drugged-out at youth. Easily Baited, you see. hehe How do you control the most education generation in known history, Drugs', lots of Drugs. Now days the powers Bait the brightest out of high schools and turn them into Debt Slaves. Programming them with how important a college education is, no matter the cost. Colleges are now simple, Debt Factories churning out tens of thousands graduates every years, with no skilled jobs available. The education system is just another wing of 'the Mob'. Like the Medical Mob, Military Mob, Media Mob, Nutrition Mob (GMOs) are all connected at the hip. Controlling of your very being from birth to death. You've been told where your are in Reality of Life. Your life has been shorten and made a struggle, just to survive mentally and physically. Thus not being able to rise up to where you belong. Your personnel development, mentally and physically for your next Life progression.

'The Mob' now control almost all aspects of humanity. The Mob lures the unsuspecting illegal too America, with glittering lights and a promise of fortunes. They been Baited, into throwing away their souls in America. Once when the family unit was the most important part of the lives and souls, of these illegals. Will soon be ripped apart in American. The Mob will use the illegals to lower wages and the American standard of living. Instead of raising the illegals level of life with the existing citizens. America is a so-called Democracy, which literally means, 'Mob Rules'. In other words, program the masses to control the non conformist. I'm a non conformist, thus most everyone hates me. I've learned to live with that sence the Vietnam War protest days. The Mob as programmed the masses into hating folks who think and look like me, an Aryan. As a nephew said about me years ago. 'You could walk into a room without even two nickles to rub together in your pocket and hole in your Levis. And everyone in the room would hate you'. You fear those who are more intelligent than you, that would be The Mob. The Mob isn't just the j$$$$ws, it's everyone who wants to control the lives of others, like Trump. Who used the j$$$$ws to get to where he wanted to be, on top. To be a part of the Mob, you must first be an Psychopathy. Having no compassion for anyone but yourself. You see a multi-millionaire and I'll show you someone who has hurt a lot of other human being in order to get what the Psychopath wanted.  Hildabeast would be perfect example of an Psychopath. Soulless Witch, I'd say.

Never realized how deep the Mob mentality or control of American society is. Until my next door neighbor got busted by the Registrar of Contractors. In Arizona you need a Contractor license to do even the simplest thing for the general public. My neighbor got caught contracting without a contractors license 2 "Times". How the state can regulate only one industry like construction is actually criminal practices. If your going to regulate construction, then why not all industries. If you want to work on someone car, you best be licence by the state. This could go on and on, until everything is regulated, which I believe will eventually happen. The state told my neighbor if they caught him contracting without a license again in the state of Arizona. He would never work in this state again. Now that's power over the public, that shouldn't be controlled in the first place. Water finds it's own level, without the government stepping in and leveling the water. But instead you have a democracy or Mob Rule. Wanting control and the ability to Tax everything in sight. As we all know, their isn't much you can now do in America without permission or a permit. With the government putting into place thousands of regulations yearly. Even while Obummer is getting ready to leave office. He is signing tons of Executive Orders, or more regulations. Always remember the government never passes any regulation without first using the regulation at least once.

Today the Mob is covering the skies with Chem-trails. I didn't or anybody else gave the powers permission to cover us like bugs with chemicals from the skies, but the powers do anyway. Your taxes go to everything but helping you out, that's Mob Rule. The powers have everyone believing of a terrorist threat now, even if it doesn't exist, Mob Rule. If you don't believe that the terrorist aren't out to get you, the rest of the Mob will attack you. How does anyone know the true election results, that's Mob Rule. Don't question, just go along to get along, the American Mob Rule. You want a pure diet, the Mob will have masses attack your beliefs. Clean air and water, better never say anything about those items, or the Mob will attack you. Tired of constant Wars, not the Mob!!!

Be true to yourself and let the Mob control the others.

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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