Saturday, December 17, 2016

"Pearl Harbor, Nukes on Japan"

The big news now is all about the 'Fake News'. How The Russians and Fake News were the reason Hildabeast lost. Of course nothing to do with her murderous past. American government has used Fake news since the beginnings of America. False Flag isn't an American invention. All the news today is Fake from the controlled medias now. So now the MSM wants all other news stories deleted from history. In fact the MSM has so much control over the American congress. That a Bill has been introduced to spend millions $$$ of American dollars stopping the so called Fake News. The was pushed along by the main purveyors of Fake News, the MSM. This Rabbit Hole is so deep, of controlled media, not sure where to start. Pearl Harbor, 911, Tonkin Gulf, mass shootings, this list of Fake News agenda goes on for ever. Fake news has the World's population thinking they live in a Spinning Ball. A Jesuit Spinning Ball.

This past week was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor attacks. So I'll start with Pearl Harbor and the fact I lived there for 4 years in the US Navy. The attacks on Pearl Harbor brought America into the Pacific War with Japan. Japan was supposedly pushed into the attacks on Pearl Harbor by America. By isolating Japan from the rest of the Pacific countries. So Japan was supposedly forced into the Attacks on Hawaii's main military base Pearl Harbor. Some how the Japaneses were able to park a fleet of ships off the shores of Oahu Hawaii. Without ever being seen by any fishing. pleasure or military boats or ships? Then on the morning of December 7th 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked. Most have seen the videos from that morning's attacks. Tale of how precision bombs were dropped on the Battleships lined up on Battleship Row off Ford Island. The Arizona, California, Maryland, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virgina were easy targets that Sunday morning. Like they'd been placed their, for just this event!!! The Arizona and Oklahoma would sink to the bottom of Pearl Harbor. A total of 9 Battleships were hit  and 350 aircraft destroyed. 2,403 American service men were killed. America was at War, within hours of the Attack. Just like 911 when the Patriot Act was implemented within hours of 911 attacks. In both cases, America would never be the same again. From a Sleeping Giant to the World's most devastating War Machine the World had ever known. This was all planned out.

WWII the World at War, but why? $$$ and Control over the masses. Israel was created from both WWI and WWII. Millions of Whites killed off in White Genocide during both WWI and WWII. Germany became under attack from the Allies and not the other way around. Population control was thought, World Wars would bring. Today that is done with Food, Vaccines and Planned Parenthood. And what would end WWII with Japan, the so called Atomic Bomb. The ultimate weapon, was only a Theory.

A Theory is what stopped the Pacific War with Japan. Two of those theories were dropped on Japan. The first Atomic Bomb was 'Little Boy'. Dropped from the B-29 bomber 'Enola Gay' on August 6, 1945 onto Hiroshima. 80,000 were supposedly to have died instantly. Many "Times" that from supposed Radiation Poisoning. Then on 9 August 1945 the second Atomic Bomb Theory was dropped on Nagasaki from B-29 Bockscar. Much worse damage was done to Tokyo from 'Operation Meetinghouse'. Where constant dropping of incendiary bombs, aka; Fire Bombs. Were used against civilian populations. Just as the Allied pilots had done to residential neighborhoods in Germany. Killing tens of thousands of Innocent German civilians. If so much damage was done from the Fire Bombings alone? Why was the supposed Atomic Bomb dropped on Japan twice. The 'Cold War', would come from the threat of Atomic or today's Nuclear War. Which is just all a bunch of BS. Scared the citizenry and steal billions of $$$ dollars. Fear keeps the masses divided, worked for centuries now by the powers.

Definition of 'Atom',   atomic Theory is a scientific Theory of the nature of matter, which states that matter is composed discrete units called Atoms:   In other words, how do you Split an Atom to make an Atomic Bomb, if the whole idea of an Atom is a Theory??? With the quality of the World's propaganda machine, easy. (Cold War???) Like the whole idea of all the different countries having Space programs much like NASA's BS. All intended to steal billions from the unsuspecting populations. Who have been overwhelmed by constant propaganda about Space. Since the first days of their Public Education, and that Ball Earth Globe sitting in the corner. The entire Space Program is Fake News!!! Hubble has discovered a new Planet, Fake News. America's Obummer says, were going to Mars BS, Fake News.

Interesting how that the Planes that would drop the first Atomic Bomb in warfare on Japan. Were station at Walker AFB, Roswell New Mexico. You know, the "Aliens" and all. Not to mentioned Roswell being on the 33rd Parallel. Maybe the ultimate Fake News would be, "Alien" UFO crashes north of Roswell, in the summer of 1947. If you get up in the morning and turn on your radio or TV. What will you be getting, Fake News. So now the creators of the Fake News, who in reality work for the Fake government. Will now go after everyone who is trying to get some sort of truth out. America's Fake government, at it's finest, falling all over their own words. Blaming everything on stinking Trump and the Ruskies!!!

"God" Bless

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