Sunday, December 25, 2016


Last Christmas I'd spent Christmas on Hopi, making a Flat Earth video. And getting a Bucket List out of the way. At 7 degrees last Christmas on Hopi, I decided Mexico would be the place to be on Christmas next year. San Felipe became my choice for this holiday weekend. I would have a clear shot of the other side of Gulf of Baja. To make a Flat Earth video, showing you could see across the gulf 60+ miles. When the other side of the gulf should have been over 2,000 feet below the horizon. Went online to find a place to stay in San Felipe which is on the east side of Baja California Mexico. Made reservations for the 23rd and 24th of December. With driving home on Christmas  day, some 6 1/2 hours home, from San Felipe. Weather would be similar to here, but maybe a few degrees warmer hopefully, in the mid 70s.

Up and out the door by 9:00 AM, heading for San Felipe. Yuma would be my get off at US 8, south too P.O.E. San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico. San Luis would be a look into things to come. Wanting to record my trip into Mexico, started with recording my entry into Mexico. That was my first mistake. Because I was recording I was forced out of line into Mexico, to be searched. Asked if I was being pulled over for filming, no answers. Other than to open my trunk and all doors. After getting through that scare. Now to find my way to Mexicali, Mexico for my turn onto Mexico route 5 south to San Felipe. Got lost in my first town in Mexico. Soon learned no one spoke English, and everyone I asked for directions, only replied with seeeeee!!! Finally a cab driver caught me and asked if I was lost. For only $5 US, he would get me onto Mexico route 2, too Mexicali. I was only about a city block away from route 2. First stop, toll booth, 1 US dollar. To describe Mexican highways would could be only explained by being on one. Like the poverty of the Mexico, so are the streets and highways. Speed limits are in KLMs, but no one seemed to follow the speeds posted. So all I could do was to crawl along until someone with Mexican tags passed me. Then I would jump in behind them. Speed limits were a mainly 80 KLMs, but 120 seemed to be the preferred speed by the locals.

After 6 1/2 hours of hard driving, I arrived in San Felipe. Wow, was I in for a real surprise. On the internet the place looked gorgeous. Beautiful beaches, which they were. Hotels and restaurants everywhere, fine dining was yours, not. And yes you could see the opposite side of the gulf some 60+ miles across. But the place was a mess. I'd been to Mexico before, Rocky Point, and Mazatlan. The poverty outside of Mazatlan is unbelievable, folks living in cardboard house. Rocky Point is little Phoenix now, clean and white. San Felipe would be the real Mexico. Never seen Potholes in the road like in this community. You could see, never any attempt to fix the streets. Stop signs you could hardly see from the fading colors. No street signs to tell you where you where. Sidewalks buckled up from the weather. Streets filled with trash and dirt. Where had all the local taxes gone, the 'Mexican Mafia'. Sad to see just how corrupt the country of Mexico is. And you'll never see anyone treat another Mexican, worse than another Mexican. That's why all the incredible tales of murders in Mexico. The country is at war with it's self. They haves, taking from the poorest of the poorest.

After several stops for directions to my hotel, finally a Mexican cop got me the correct directions (he spoke English). 3:00 PM, get to check-in to get my keys and room number. Room 56 was mine, opened the door to a 10 ft. by 12 ft. concrete room with no heat. That night it would be 40 degrees!!! When back to check-in and tell Mexican lady, 'their is no heat in my room and it was going to be 40 degrees tonight'. Her and her assistant talked in Spanish for a moment. Then said to me, 'we can get you extra blankets'. Can you imagine being on the beach in Mexico on vacation, trying to sleep in a room that's 40 degrees. Not going to happen to me. With no offer of a space heater or another room with heat. I had to make a quick decision. I knew I wouldn't survive the night at 40 degrees in room. I decided to leave for home. Knowing the quickest I'd get home would be after 9:00 PM. That would be basically over 12 hours of straight driving. At only 140 pounds with little body fat, no real choice. it was 4:00 PM before I got out of San Felipe was gas, heading back home.

Back on Mexico route 5 north too Mexicali and the boarder. Rolled into boarder crossing town of San Luis around 6:30 PM in the dark. Friday night on Christmas weekend, the streets were packed. No malls in San Luis, so downtown is the mall. Streets are moving with human bodies, half the stop lights not working. With Federal cops (Federallies) yelling at everyone. I got a little confused looking for a sign to tell me where to turn for the boarder crossing. Went forward when maybe I should have been stopped, not over a couple of miles an hour. Mexican cop started yelling at me to pull over to the side of the street. Shaking because it's Mexico and medical pot in the car. Cop comes to window and says, 'give me your drivers license' he yelled, (knowing I couldn't get out of the country without it). Starting screaming, 'you could have ran some over'!!! Then he said, 'I'm going to  fine you'. I reply 'how much?' 'One hundred dollars', ($100) he screamed at me. I'd heard of the Mexican police doing this crap before from friends. Now it was happening to me, having no choice but to give the Mexican cop the $100. I handed him 2 $50 bills and asked for my driver license back. He gave it back to me and I attempted to find the boarder crossing. After one of the biggest scares of my Life. I finally found the boarder crossing, with absolutely no signs pointing the way. After 3 attempts to find it asking for directions. With my long blond hair and hatred of Trump by the Mexicans, I was a target of hate. So much for driving back from a fun weekend in San Felipe today. Instead I'm lucky not to be sitting in a Mexican jail. At least I could write about my trip too Mexico.

One reason for the trip was to make another Flat Earth video. Found out last night their are now over 6 million Flat Earth videos out now. Imagine just a year or so ago, you wouldn't have a single Flat Earth video. Now with Trump saying in an interview he was a Flat Earther himself. And a interview surfaced Trump talking of a country under one "God" one Flag. It's all coming together. Looks like America just got 'Trumped'. Trump's age on inauguration 70 yrs. 7 mo. 7 days in 2017, coincidence???

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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