Sunday, January 1, 2017

"Seven Trumpets, Hopi End Times"

Heard a recent speech from Trump, that made things all of a sudden come together. For now, I think??? In the speech Trump said, 'One God, One Flag, (basically) everyone will be under'. Then before that speech, Trump was giving a speech to the National Guard Ass. on 31 October 2016. When Trump told the World, he was a Flat Earther. He said, 'no one flies more than me, if the World was round, I'd know it'. Trump citing the Internet, 'the truth is out there'. Here is the Giant leap!!! One thing most if not all Flat Earthers agree on. This Place was built by one "God", no fluke of Nature, and it's Flat!!! If your a number freak like myself. Trump will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old on inauguration day  in January of 2017. Trump is an Orangeman Mason, and the Masons love their numbers.

Then I looked up in the Christian bible about the 'Seven Trumpets' meaning. Trump, trumpet connection I figured? 'Seven Trumpets' was basically the same as the Hopi 'End Time' prophecies. The NWO is all about One World under One "God". Which would be impossible to either shove (propaganda) or force by gunpoint, for the masses (World's pop.) to follow. Without the Ball Earth BS you have no NASA, Hollywood, government's military, religions, wars, races, etc.. Everyone would be in it together here on Mother Earth. Instead of a few Rats keeping everyone else in the bottom of the barrel. You'd have everyone working together, sporting events, would be the Wars. Now was the Ball Earth BS just a, plain old good luck idea, coupled with Darwinism, or one Hell of a Plan??? To be able to have only a few enlightened, with the rest of humanity eternally under control. Their is what you'er Illuminated Ones or Illuminati (?) have done. The obvious question, is all the current knowledge about to be tossed out like garbage? Knowledge written by the powers, to control the World. Now will become mental shackles removed from humanities Reality??? How can this fast moving locomotive be stopped by the powers now? Looks like the 'Little Old Man' behind the curtain, with all his Bells and Whistles. Now has no place to hide. When you've hidden behind lies forever, where do you turn?

7 Trumpets with the Seventh Trumpet announcing the 'End of (this) Time'. "God" will send Angels to Rapture all saints. All governments will be destroyed and "God" will rule over Earth for a 1,000 years. Hopi 9 Prophecies, ending with the arrival of the 'Blue Star Kachina' in the Plaza. This will be the 'Day of Purification'. It will mark the end of the 'Fourth World' and the emergence into the 'Fifth World'.

The Seven Trumpets are:

#1 Hail and Fire mixed with Blood, 1/3 of all grasses and trees were destroyed.
#2 Huge mountain? was thrown into the Sea, all ablaze. Turning one third (1/3) of the Sea Blood Red. Killing 1/3 of all the living creatures in the Sea.
#3 Star Wormwood will fall from the Sky, will effect 1/3 of the World's waters.
#4 Days are shortened and the Sun will not shine on on the third day.
#5 Bottomless pit of Fire, will block out the Sun.
#6 War is started Euphrates River.
#7 Jesus will send Angels to save the Saints, judgement on the inhabitants of Earth.

The Nine Hopi End "Time" Prophecies:

#1 Arrival of the White skinned peoples. looking like Pahana but not acting like him.
#2 Arrival of Spinning Wheels with many Voices.
#3 A strange Beast with Long Horns, will overrun the land.
#4 Land will be covered with Snakes of Iron.
#5 The Land will be covered with Criss-Crosses. By a Giant Spider Web.
#6 The Land shall be Criss-Crossed by Rivers of Stone, that make pictures of the Sun.
#7 You will hear the Sea turning back, with many things dying.
#8 You will see many Youth with Long hair, come to join the Tribal Nation.
#9 You will hear of the Dwelling Place, fall from the Sky. It will appear to be a 'Blue Star'.

As you can see, not much difference from ancient Hopi too modern day Christianity. Big difference is who came first. Of course the answer is Hopi. In fact any Tale you'll find in the Christian bible. You will find a similar Tale in Hopi. Just as so many other Cults and belief systems of past civilizations. It's rather obvious all ancient Tales came from one original Source. It's a matter of who was the First to be told. Who were the First inhabitants of Mother Earth? No one seems to have a better history of the Creation of mankind than the Hopi. All seems to fit together quite well, through Dances, Tales and Petroglyphs.

Now here in the beginning of 2017 you have all but the final Hopi and Christian Events. The arrival of Christ and the Blue Star Kachina in the Plaza of Old Oraibi 3rd Hopi Mesa. Obama the anti-Christ Black and now Trump representing White and New Beginnings. Was Obummer the door used to introduce the NWO, via Trump. With the citizenry willing to accept less after the 8 years of more and more Draconian Laws put into place? This is how things have been done here on Mother Earth for centuries. Make  things less accessible, then give the public less when the item is now more readily available. A Bate and Switch practice. Trump is a Mason, which is not all bad as most seem to pound out, like the j$$$$ws. Only way to get your NWO is to kill all other religions and governments. Maybe the World has been Trumped into this corner of the New World Order. Order Through Chaos!!! Chaos of thousands of religions and hundreds of  governments all fighting. Flat Earth Reality does away with all the above.

"God" Bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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