Sunday, January 8, 2017


Does it even exist??? Diets have changed dramatically and so has the growth of Cancers. As a child I never heard of a women getting Breast Cancer. Yet today women have 50% chance of coming down with Breast Cancer. Men and women used to die from old age or falls, not Cancers. Now days as a kid on the job-site once said, 'now you wait to get Cancer'. Not me, diet is my defense against those who are trying to kill me. Like the AMA, Big Pharma, American government, FDA and about everything about America. Was just reading the AMA propaganda about alternative cures for Cancers. All natural cures were deemed unfit and none worked. Now I'd try everyone of them, if I came down with Cancer!!! If the government tells you not to do something, do the opposite. Because if your cure didn't come from petroleum based drugs, that against the federal law. Because that is where Big Pharma came from, the oil industry. And now you have AMA, FDA, Big Agriculture, Big Pharma, Big Oil and Big Insurance all in bed together. It's all about how long you will live and what will be the quality of your life??? Big Insurance, Obummer Care, enough said. Most all prescription drugs are plastic or carbon based polymers. High value, oil based products is now Big Pharma. The hell with the patient, it's all about big $$$$.

Big Pharma wants every citizen of the World vaccinated. Why, population control and bigger $$$$. California wants every child and adult vaccinated now. Draconian laws to enslave everyone with drugs. To where the pregnant mother is forced by law, vaccinations for the unborn child. These vaccinations are full of chemicals and even mercury. Your child no longer belongs to you. The child is a ward of the state. As long as you let the system force vaccinate your child. Trump's own son has been effected by the poisoned vaccination. Never seen a child with Autism until recently. Now their is a good chance (1 in 10) your child will suffer from the effects of Autism. From the poisoned vaccinations. That is the only thing that has changed from my childhood. That could have such a dramatic effect on a child. Air, diet and food will harm you, but not like Autism will. The system wants you to think this is normal condition. I've even seen license plates saying, 'My Child Suffers from Autism'. With a Smiley Face attached. Programming the citizenry into thinking, this is just the way life is. My good friend has a child who suffers from this. The child will be his dependent for the rest of his life now. Now both the parents mom, dad and child are all suffering from the effects of the vaccinations. Not just the poor child, who had no decision in any of this. The powers want you to believe 'it's all about you'. That couldn't be the farther from the truth. 'It's all about them', instead.

And does Cancer even exist, or was a Cure invented for a disease that doesn't even exist??? Chemo-therapy is the Real Killer. Saw the Big Medical kill so many so young, including my son-in-law. Kid had some chest pains. Went to his j$$$$wish doctor who told him he had level 4 Cancer and would need Chemo immediately. How does anyone really know if John really had Cancer? Or were the doctors more interested in selling John's healthy other Organs at death? After all, John was just another Goyim (cattle, non j$$$$w) to the j$$$$w!!! John's Prayer Blanket was not going to save him from the j$$$$ws and their Chemo. Programmed by the system to trust the system, sad, sad, sad. Trusting in those who want you dead, is now the American way. Public schools, TV and the media has done that to the American citizenry. Not to Me.

Today their are tons of new diseases and health problem that were never even heard of just a few years ago. Like all the indigestion problem Americans all have today. And by pure chance, a pill or cure for every one of those problems. That will surely have some other side effect, that the doc has a prescription for at Big Pharma!!! Birth to Death control over your life, if you let it. Work, pay taxes, Die, don't be a part of it. Diet is your only way out.

Alkaline verses Acid in your daily foods. One of AMA discredits for  Healthy living was that. An Alkaline diet has no help in preventing Cancer. Their is a good enough reason alone to believe an Alkaline diet is best for your overall health. High Alkaline foods such as Spring Water, Seaweed, Fruits, raw nuts and vegetables, are typical Alkaline foods. Verses Red Meats, processed grains and sugars that are high in Acidity. So what common sense tells your what is best for you? The lying FDA or common sense? Here is the breakfast I have every morning.

1/2 cup frozen Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries
1/2   "   Almond Milk
1/2   "   Organic Apple juice
3 Tablespoons Organic Flax Seed
1 Organic Apple
1       "      Banana
Blend for a couple of minutes

Always remember your fighting for your Life. And your naivety will get you killed. Just as the Chemical spraying from the sky, Chem-trailing. Is a form of 'slow death', you have absolutely no control over. Other than trying to protect your lungs, by avoiding outdoors on heavy spraying days (like today!!!). Deep breathing exercises are also a good defense against the chemicals in the air. Stop drinking coffee as the Zuni tales goes about the US Calvary soldiers explains. 'Blacken Water, will make your teeth rot and you die young'. Herbal teas with fresh chopped Ginger, that detox all the chemicals in everything about you. Find a Pure Water source, all bottled waters now have Fluoride in them. Just as most city's water system today add Fluoride. I spend a day 5 or 6 "Times"  year, getting my Artisan water from Oak Creek Canyon north of Sedona. I rub down with fresh off the plant Aloe Vera every night before bed. Aloe helps get the poisons out of the system via the skin. Just a reminder, 'What Part of the powers trying to kill you, don't you understand!!!' Try to eat as "God" left for humanity. Raw Vegetables, Fruits and Nuts as possible, Genesis 1:29. Cooked grains such as rice or wheat, become non digestible sugars when cooked. After all, 'you are what you eat'. Treat yourself the same way you treat a new plant for the home. Fresh water, Sun and organic nutrients.

I want to thank my good friend Santos Bonacci. We've become good friends over the years and as you age, you friends become fewer and fewer. Santos makes the effort to post my blogs on his site. And if he has anything Hopi he needs to know. He'll always contact me for the true interpretation. Instead of all the crap you hear about Hopi on the net.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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