Saturday, February 4, 2017

"Hopi, Back Door to the North"

So much in the news about the goings on in Antarctica lately. Secret meeting with religious leaders from around the the World. Secretary of State John Kerry visiting Antarctica on election day??? Russian patriarch Kirill was the first Orthodox leader to visit Antarctica, hold services. New treaties between 12 nations on 1 December 1959, ensured that their would be no military conflicts over Antarctica. And that all ventures will be peaceful in nature. Preserving the so called continent of Antarctica. Basically saying that no country could exploit the vast natural mineral of Antarctica Byrd told of. In an era of Big Business fascism, why are the globalist companies not invading the so call continent of Antarctica?

If you look at a UN flag the answer is right in front of your face. Antarctica is actually the White Reef you see surrounding the UN flag circle of continents. With the 32 divisions with a circle in the middle being the 33rd division of the Earth. The powers know the correct shape of Earth and it's continents location. Like everything else in life from the powers, signs are put right in front of your face. Hidden in plain sight like the UN flag. (a Karma thing???) With the North Pole being right in the middle, represented by the Circle. This is the Hopi 'Back Door to the North'. Visit the 'Book of the Hopi' and you we see the many attempts by a Hopi clan to reach the 'Back Door'. Which represented the New Land, while the Hopi were still living in the current 'Fourth World'. Was this what Byrd was trying to find in is exploration of the North Pole? With wild tale of Byrd's aircraft actually enter in the Hopi Inter-world.

The Hopi attempt to reach the 'Back Door to the North', was meet by an Eagle, 'The Eagle'. After a few contest of spiritual powers, the Hopi were allowed to move north. The Humpback Flute Player called 'Kokopilau', would led five Clans migrations. The hump on the back of 'Kokopilau' held the Seeds, Plants and Flowers for the migrating Clans. Every so often 'Kokopilau' would stop the migration, planting is offerings. The Hopi would carve into the rocks and canyon walls, pictographs of 'Kokopilau'. That's why you see the Hopi Kokopilau' all over the World. As the Hopi were the 'First Peoples'. Who migrated in all four direction of Mother Earth. (More proof of the Hopi Flat Earth reality.) Here is the song 'Kokopilau' sang and is still sang by Hopi today.

Ki-tana-po, ki-tana-po, ki-tana-po

Ai-na, ki-na-weh, ki-na-weh

Chi- li cha, chi-li li-cha

Don-ka-va-ki, mas-i-ki-va-ki

Ki-ve ki-ve-na-meh


Spider Women led the five clans north. Spider Clan, Blue Flute Clan, Ghost Clan or Fire Clan, Snake Clan and Sun Clan. The migration would stop for years at a "Time". Planting crops along the way. Harvesting the corn and vegetables for the next part of the migration north. Homes were made called 'Pit Houses'. Then a Star (?) would tell the Hopi to move on, on their migrations. The migration keep going north until the Clans reached the land of perpetual snow and ice. This would be the Arctic Circle of today. This would be as far as the Clans were allowed to go. The 'Back Door to the North' was closed. Four "Times" the the Clan tried to enter the back Door, but all attempts failed.

"Sotuknang", "God" of Universe, nephew of "Taiowa", the creator of all 'Ceremony'. Told Spider Women, 'if I would have allowed the Clans entry into 'Back Door'. Disaster would have befallen all of you'. As you were told to turn back. yet you pushed forward north, looking for the 'Back Door'. All the Clans returned southward towards the Colorado River of today (Pisisvaiyu River). It was the 'Snake Clan' who were responsible for the 'Serpent Mounds' found, throughout the North America. As their were no cliffs or mountains to make petroglyphs on. As they made their migrations eastward.

Admiral Byrd was a Freemason. Who's Masonic roots go to Federal Lodge #1 and created. The first Masonic Lodge of Antarctic 777 in 1935. Do a little research on 'Operation Highjump' by Byrd and a large US Navy fleet he used. Did Byrd encounter the NAZIs or some secret "Alien" race???

"God" bless


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