Saturday, February 25, 2017


The Catholic Church knows the importance of Ceremony. The Hopi "God" Sotuknang, was the 'Creator of all Ceremonies'. So why the importance of Ceremony? It's the "God" connection in you, to worship your Creator. It's instinctive in everyone. That's why you get that high feeling while in large groups. You go to church and the members start singing, your instantly pulled into feeling good about yourself. Mankind today has lost the Ceremony within them. The mass media has blasted that out of the Soul. Making everyone to believing, to live for the moment only. Never looking down the road into the Future of the individuals soul. Removing the "God" spirit within humanity. Replacing the "God" Spirit with the Material World  and it's possessions of glitter. That's how you control the masses. Replace "God" with things that glitter.

You can see how the Catholic church over the centuries. Used their Ceremonies to overwhelm the primitive cultures they conquered over "Time". The church would replace their current "God' or Idol and replace it with poor old Jesus dying on a Cross. Then all the Pomp and circumstance would follow. The local would simple replace one Ceremony with another Ceremony. A good way to keep the Catholic church from killing you, like the Muslim and Christian cults. The only religion/cults who murder their non-believers.

All the Native America tribes until, the arrival of the Europeans. Practiced their Ceremonies for help and protection from the "Gods". From those who would do them evil. The Hopi have tales of 'those above' who would harm them on their migrations. And that their Ceremonies protected them from this evil. When you pray, your asking for protection, it's your personnel Ceremony. But today mankind for the most part has forgotten their own personnel Ceremonies. Simple things like a short prayer for your meal or good fortunes. Today folks are programmed to believe the system did it for them and protected them. While in reality the system is doing it's best to kill off everyone. Replacing your personnel Ceremonies with Rock Stars, Pro Sports, Movie Stars and mega churches, etc..

Once Ceremony was the most important part of the individual's Spiritual growth. A "Time" to praise "God" and thank "God". For without a Creator "God", their would only be Emptiness, void of Sound. This has been taken away, replaced with shortened life and illness. Mankind shouldn't be dying from infectious diseases long before they should. This has happened by design, to control the masses through diseases and illnesses. To shorten mankind's life by half. Without a personnel "God", mankind has no defense for the onslaught besieging them. Create your own Ceremony, your Temple is your Life. Give your family a Grounding Means to the Creation called Life. Your Physical and Mental health depend on it for survival. You are a "God", start acting like it!!!

Flat Earth and the Christian bible are connected at the Hip. Yet most Christians would defend the Copernicus Jesuit Ball Earth and Universe to their collective deaths. This just shows the effect of Mind Control via the media and church. The Jesuit Ball BS was the beginning of Darwinism, because without the Ball BS. You can't have the Big Bang BS. Here the Catholic church has given humanity a "God" to worship, their own "God". Then on the other hand, remove "God" from the equation! The same church that created Christianity and the Muslim religions/cults. Even dressed the Muslim women up as Nuns. It's all about 'divide and conquer' of the masses. Here is a couple of biblical Flat Earth quotes.

Psalm 93:1 'Thou hast Fixed the Earth immovable and firm'

Psalm 96:10 'He had fixed the Earth firm, immovable'

link to 'Flat Earth Bible' Didn't know much about the bible until the Flat Earth Reality came about in the last couple of years. It just shows what a good history book the bible can be. And the creators never intended to happen what has happened today. With all types of Christianity fighting amongst themselves. With some churches dominating financially with Mega Church structures. Your Body Temple, take care of it, worship within it.

"God" Bless


PS: "Aliens"

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