Sunday, March 12, 2017


It's called TV Programming, and most think that's harmless enough. Those are the ones being programmed without their knowledge. For TV programming is all about programming the viewers. Through Flicker Rate to hypnotize one into a useless consumer. Then programming the viewer with a bombardment of lies. With the same lies being told over and over until the watcher or listener believes the lie. The Chinese government can't get TVs into everyone's homes fast enough. Amazed by the successful programming of the American citizenry. The TV programming has turned the healthiest country America, into a Third World country health problems. Once American had the lowest rate for Children death at birth. Now America ranks as one of the lowest for healthy babies at birth. The only country that Force Vaccinates their children. But the TV programmed citizens have no idea of how unhealthy American children are. You can always now tell the Americans in crowd, their the fat ones. Look the unhealthiest, easily programmed from the constant dumbing down. In the most important years of a child's mental and physical development. The child is loaded with chemical loaded foods and vaccinations full of Mercury and other poisons. Thus shortening the child's life, ability to learn. Destroying the Penal Glade, Third Eye at youth.

The programming of Americans is so perfect, Americans believe they are actually Free. Statue of Liberty, not Stature of Freedom. Big spread between Liberty and Freedom. Liberty means, 'we're letting you', aka; your government. Programming is so perfect, emigrate families are torn apart within one generation, upon arrival in America. Divorce suddenly become commonplace, the Family Unit is destroyed with personal greed. The controlled mass media is to overwhelming for the unsuspecting emigrate. The emigrate children will turn against the parents old ways of Family First. The child will be reprogrammed in the public education system, the 'American Way'. One way the system does this is through mental intimidation. Making one feel as if they don't believe like the rest of the crowd, their wrong. Much like Flat Earthers are being portrayed as idiots. The Flat Earthers are attacked with ridicule, not facts. Just as the whole "Alien" thing for years. Now most of the World's population believes their is stuff going on in the Skies that can't be explained. Politicians, Sports heroes and Hollywood Stars are now the ones looked up to. Not those trying to improve the mental and physical capacities of the masses. If you don't hear it from the mass controlled media, it's not true BS. Now will all the attacks about who is really the True News. Even that is getting so bombarded with different agendas, who knows who's telling the truth in the media. Flooding the system/media with 'story lines', is the one of the powers favorite tricks. Then it's, 'I'm confused' "Time", just as planned.

Programming Americans to kill themselves. Has successfully been accomplished, via Diet and Lifestyles. Americans are the most unfit humans on the Planet. Processed foods and fast foods has done the trick. The system has made it cheaper for a family to have a poisoned pizza delivered at home. Than to make a quality nutritional meal at home. And by keeping everyone living 'hand to mouth', easily done. With a little education a quality home meal can be less that a pizza for supper. But that education will never be taught. Just as doctors never recommend Diet for a patient's bad health. Diet is the First Target for deprogramming one's mind. Once someone's mental capacities are improved. They will realize what has been done to themselves. An awaking will happen, that extra 50 pounds Americans carry around on average, is a mental block. By removing a bad Diet, that lightens the load mentally and physically. Your health is a combination of mental and physical. Americans males have stopped taking care of themselves, by laziness via Diet. The Diet has broken them down, most getting Cancer before 60 years old. Diet cures all that. Programming has them believing they are eating properly. With the BS government Food and Eating Charts. Telling them the Diet they recommend will ensure longevity. When in fact, the government wants most Americans dead, long before retirement age. The reason the original retirement age was set at 62 years old. Was the fact that was at the "Time" the average age of most Americans lived too. So why would the same system tell Americans how to eat properly???

And the same Programming has given Americans the same political system they now enjoy. Both sides being controlled. America is Corporation and not a Free Country of Citizens. You just don't let just anyone in charge (pretend to be) of a Corporation as large as America. Let the citizens believe they are free to vote for whom ever they chose. As long as the powers chose who the opponents will be. Trump's (the orangeman) brings the same old tired War Machine along as instructed. Not as he promised to get elected. Do you want a Pizza for supper or Mac-an-cheese. neither one is good for your Body or Soul.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings


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