Sunday, March 26, 2017

"Without Myself"

Reminder to myself, it's myself. Without Myself, I could never help another Self (Soul) along. You see no myself's today. Humanities's Self, obliterated in only a few generations. No youth in the streets, screaming, 'look what you've done to our Generation'!!! Malnutrition, Tattooed, Public uneducated clones, all dressed in Black. The generation of 'Selflessness'. Sadly starring hopelessly into their cell phones. Are they all looking for "God", should be, or for Themselves??? Self has been lost to, look like everyone else.

Politically, and Socially a World of Clones is the ultimate goal of the powers. The last generation of free thinkers were the Baby Boomers. And even they (boomers) were corrupted by the controlled mass media. From the music to the anti war movement. The same powers created the environmental movement at the same "Time". The boomers jumped on that, 'Green Peace' and all!!! Who in the Hell would be against 'Mother Nature'? Not knowing that the environmental movement was all about taking the Open Spaces of America, from the very citizens who own America, the citizens. Now you have a cluster of organizations like BLM. That are solely design to take the freedoms away from every American. The powers cloned the Hippie movement. Turned the Hippie movement into a commercial enterprise. Suddenly everyone wanted to look and dress like the Hippies. 'Turn On, Tune Out', let the powers take care of everything, was the underlying Reality. Buy the CIA's drugs, be Cool. With the American kids having no idea what was being done to them. The Hippies became the entrepreneurs, of their generation. Opening Head Shoppes, designing clothing becoming small business owners, the free thinkers. The powers had to kill off any free thinking. The Hippie movement was only a cog in the wheel.

Next would come the dumbing of entire generations in the future. The schools where instructed (No Child Left Behind, GW Bush) never to teach the student how to think. Teach the student only how to repeat what they have been told. The public school system had turned against the very population they were created to help. Now you have kids graduating from High School, barely able to read and write. Simply moving the kids through the public education system. With never the idea of creating the next generation of Inventors, Mathematicians, Nutritionists, etc.. With it all about removing the I in Me. Telling the children that someday the will melt with Machine BS.

Mankind will have no use in the future, except for War. A generation is to be brainwashed into believing. AI or Artificial Intelligence is the future, and mankind will have little or no part in the Future. All going along with Space Age BS and mankind came from monkeys Big Bang. Mankind will never blend with Machine. Yet you have a younger generation buying into this crap. Just as the Zombie BS had a generation believing in that BS. That the Dead would somehow resurrect from the coffins to attack the living. This is the power, the powers have over the uneducated. So why would those in power, ever want an educated population? Now that 'Myself' has been stolen from the masses. How will 'Myself' and other 'Myself's', ever organize and say, 'enough is enough'? With the mindless ones say, 'you can't do that'. Protecting those who have shortened their lives. Have them living with illness constantly, dying from Cancer far to young. Never wanting to cure Cancer and other diseases. That are part of the larger window to reality for the masses. Work, consume, pay taxes and die before retirement. Be a Humble Myself, is the only freedom, pass it on.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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