Saturday, April 1, 2017

"Flat Earth Reality"

NASA/hollyj$$$$w lies grow greater daily it seems now. Just two short years ago, no one ever talked about the Flat Earth. Now it's under constant attack from NASA and the powers. For very good reasons, their collective lies are crashing down around their soulless feet. The lies to remove "God" from Reality, are being exposed now. Not a simple task to remove "God" from the populations Reality. It take organization and lots of power. Who on Earth would have such powers to use for such evil? Well don't, 'all roads lead to Rome'? Wasn't Copernicus a Catholic, yes he was, along with Sir Issac Newton and Darwin. To were you got Darwinism from, everyone evolved from monkeys (not me!!!). Then the j$$$$w Einstein gave mankind the BS 'Big Bang'. Suddenly mankind went from being the center of the known Universe. To some Amoeba that crawled from the the ocean dept. Mankind became a fluke of Nature overnight, thanks to the j$$$$ws and Catholic church. A plan was in place to steal ever human's soul. In a "God" less World, controlled by a few.

The big problem with Flat Earth Reality, you must have a "God" Creator. With the BS 'Big Bang', "God" is eliminated from reality. So their is number one reason the Flat Earth Reality must be stopped. If everyone is truly equal under "God's" domain, how do you have religions or governments??? You don't because all of humanity is in this together. Everyone should be working for the betterment of each other. Instead you have what you have today, a World in Chaos. A World at war constantly. World's population divided by religions and governments. With Rome at the top of the pyramid of reality. Now the Flat Earth Reality challenges all that. All of Rome and the rest of the World's governments and religions would be destroyed overnight. In a Flat Earth Reality. All of mankind would live in Peace. That must not be happen and the powers are doing their best to pull out all the stops. To save their pack of lies.

The Flat Earth Reality is growing so fast. That less than 2 years ago you would have never even seen a Flat Earth video on YT. Now their are 100,000s of such videos. Never meet anyone who went from being a Ball Earther to a Flat Earther and back to the Jesuit BS Ball. But have heard plenty of atheists who discover the Flat Earth Reality. Who now have a "God" in their reality. But with the Jesuit Ball, "God" don't fit. And just how can the Catholic church have it both ways? The same reason Rome created all other religions, to keep the masses constantly divided. Rome has enough power (money $$$) to stop World starvation overnight. Yet they promote doing nothing, so the money $$$$ keeps rolling in to feed the World's starving population. In the same way America creates villains such as Russia, Iran and North Korea. With the ultimate villains the Terrorist, who the USA and Israeli powers created. With the Terrorist, the power can perpetuate an Endless War. With no country to conquer, just imaginary roving bands of terrorist, living anywhere in the World. Rome gave the poorest peoples on Earth the Arabs, the most hateful religion for good reason. With the j$$$$ws, Christians and Muslims sworn to kill everyone who doesn't agree with them. Giving Rome the seat of ultimate power.

Trump is a Jesuit Puppet, who claimed to be a Flat Earther until elected. With his interview on CNN saying, 'I know the Earth is Flat, I fly all over the World', BS. Then turns around and gives NASA/hollyj$$$$w billions of dollars $$$ to put men on Mars. 'Controlled Opposition' is Trump, once again in your face. Trump's handlers knew the Flat Earth Reality was growing out of hand. So Trump the soulless leader like Obummer and others, do just as they are told. Tell the masses anything they want to hear, to get the popularity up. Because the game of Elections is a Rigged Game. No one is the face of America, unless they are hand picked long ago by Rome. Probably going all the way back to childhood, being separated from the herd. The World saw Tiger Woods hitting golf balls at age 6 on TV, hummmmmmm. You've seen Trump as part of the WWE Wrestlers with Vince McMahon. Is their really any difference from WWE and being president of America? Both are positions to fool the masses into believing something that isn't true. Into believing it is true. Just as the Copernicus Jesuit Ball Universe. Mankind had been lied into believing they live on spinning ball at 1,000+ MPH. Hurtling across the Universe at over 1 million MPH. Yet ever Star every night, throughout history, remains in the same spot. All this put on American children at age 5 or 6. Never in High School, who'd believe it?

Flat Earth Reality isn't going anywhere. Just to easy to show folks how they have been lied to, too steal their Souls and money. Turning humanity against each other for control of the masses via religion and fake science. The only thing that is going to stop the World's madness. Is a Flat Earth Reality, showing how everyone is in this together and not against each other.

"God" bless


PS: "Time", "Aliens"

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