Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Bottom Line"

It's not my fault!!! Just ask any politician, nothing's their fault, it's the previous legislators. Obummer blamed Bush, Trump blame Obummer, for the current conditions in America. These paid whores can blame everyone, the rest of the population can't. In the End, you Die Alone. Your life's deeds will be you life's diploma. Did you get enough credits to move along of backwards? Can't blame your parents or the environment around yourself. Everyone had plenty of "Time" to work on their perspective Karma. Some say that a child that dies at birth or very young, 'that was all they needed to complete this incarnation'. Sort of a 'step-in, step-out Reality. What most have been programmed into thinking, 'live for the moment'. Mankind came from nothing, so why waste your "Time" being a quality person or soul? That is what has been ripped from the soul of society. Mankind lives in a material World and not a Spiritual World. Did this all start with the Jesuits and Copernicus?

One day mankind was the Center of the Universe. Next day, mankind's a Fluke of Nature. Came from nothing, will die nothing. The very same folks preaching "God" creation, to removing "God" from the equation. All roads lead to Rome, don't they? Didn't Rome create all religions? Then why remove "God" while still preaching religious dogma? Control and Money, is all that's important to a greedy few. But is Rome the top of the Food Chain? Looking more and more today, the Jesuits are all powerful. Most Americans including myself, 'it's the j$$$$ish banksters and media'. Rome created the j$$$$ws cult for financial reasons it appears now. Created the Muslim and Christians for diversions and conflict. That have divided mankind for centuries. While Rome's wealth and power grows.

Trump was elected (chosen?) by telling the American citizenry, everything they wanted to hear. Like many, I wanted Trump to win, just because of Hildabeast's voice. But now, Trump is doing everything the American public was scared Hidabeast would do. Like Obummer and others, nothing ever changes in America the Corporation. The Beast Corporation that take other countries assets by force. Trump's no more wars of aggression, turned into a Cruise Missile attack on Syria, Aircraft Carrier fleet heading to North Korea. North Korea posses a threat to no one, but the American controlled media. Has the dumb-down American citizenry believing the North Koreans can deliver a Nuke to America. Has anyone even seen a test of  so called, Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Weapon??? The whole idea that America, Russia or any other country can deliver such a weapon. Has never been demonstrated to the public. Lets see America fire a intercontinental missile from New York state to Hawaii. Just another Rabbit Hole of fear by the powers. The idea of a Nuke on the nose of some missile is just pure and simple BS. Like the Ball Earth and Space crap indoctrination, how do you put a rocket into Space? If Space is no more than a Theory like an Atom or Particle. yet the World's and most Americas are now in fear of WWIII about to break-out!!!

WWIII and a Nuclear attack is on America's doorsteps??? So the powers pump up the constant propaganda now. Just when many Americans thought that Trump would bring home the 'Peace Dividend'. And restore(?) America to a country of Peace. Instead America just keeps doing what it does best, Killing People. And then taking their stuff. All in the name of, 'America's Best Interests'. Not the citizens of America best interest, but corporations of America, best interests. aka: The Military Industrial Complex

This past winter I suffered through a terrible skin condition on my arms. Being a Gemini for the most part, I'm ruled by my Arms, Shoulders, Hands, Lungs and Nervous System. The lesson I learned from the last episode of incredible rash. 'Heal Thy Self' and 'Patience', the body will Heal itself if given the chance. As a child I was never taken to a doctor for anything. My Earth parents would never tell me why, but "Time" cured all my ills. This would be a childhood lesson, I'd take into adult life. My only choices for help were the VA Hospital or Medicare, both I fear greatly. The VA is only good at Killing Vets. And the AMA is a Mass Murder!!! As a Cambridge educated doctor told me once. The best advice for a long and healthy life, 'stay away from doctors'. Being the idea, doctor are licence to 'Practice Medicine', is the key words. And I know today that, doctors are mainly Pill Pushers for the Medical Industrial Complex call the AMA. Never cure the patients, that's killing the Cash Cow.

With that knowledge of the system trying it's collective best to Kill me and the rest of the population. Prayers and Aloe Vera were my weapons of choice. It took a few months and plenty of fear. I am home free, for the most part. It would appear, I've gotten all new skin on both arms now, from my shoulders to my hands. This all just reinforced my great fear of the American medical system. If I'd gone to the VA or regular doctor, who know's where I'd be today. The regular doctor would have the most to gain financially from telling me I now had Skin Cancer. Which would have been pure BS. The VA would tried to Kill me, just to get out of their system.

Today's beast advice when considering medical help. Try and find a Natural Cure yourself. Like all the proof, that concentrated THC (pot) is a proven Cancer Cure. You should never put any petroleum based pill in your body. Like most all modern medicines are. Why would you put Car Oil on your skin or in your body??? Like the mandatory vaccination the powers are trying to enforce country wide in the future. Your body is yours, and not what the powers want you to believe. That the powers are all knowing and will control your health from Birth to Grave. Is Cancer like AIDS, neither really exists??? A highly doubt it, just more fear tactics, like North Korea is going to Nuke you at any minute. When in reality, their Air Force still fly's piston driven aircraft from WWII era. Sleep Tight

"God" Bless


PS: "Aliens"

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