Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Hopi Don't Kill, Hopi"

First evening I spent with Lonnie Nutumya and Patrick Lanza (great grandfather was Chief of Old Orayibi). We were sitting on Patrick's patio, talking about Hopi history. When I heard an ambulance go by on it's way from Keams Canyon, up too Hotevilla 3rd Mesa Hopi. Asked Lonnie and Patrick if their had been a shooting in Hotevilla? In unison they both replied, 'Hopi don't kill Hopi'. They explained to me it was either a knife or fist fight. And it was Hopi tradition to never kill another Hopi. Going back to the beginning of Hopi. Wouldn't it be great if the human population could adopt this simple rule? Being the Hopi were the first inhabitants of the surface of Mother Earth. 'Hopi don't kill Hopi', must have came from the Hopi's creator "God". After all, if you had just created Heaven and Earth for the Hopi. Wouldn't you make sure, your human creation weren't killing each other off? So by instructing the first Hopi settlers, never to kill one another. "God" could be sure his creation didn't kill off themselves. As they the Hopi, were instructed to settle Mother Earth with Hopi. As I like to say, 'in the beginning, everyone was Hopi'.

Seems odd the most peaceful peoples on Earth, Hopi. Live in a country, who's the most Blood Thirsty country in history. No country has ever killed so many innocent folks, than America. Creating Wars to kill off millions in the process. Thank "God" Nukes are just another Rabbit Hole. Who knows what the blood thirty leaders would do with that kind of power. Instead the powers are forced to kill slowly with conventional weapons. While Soft Killing the American population with Diet and Chem-trails. What has happened to turn mankind into a killer of their own species? It's not naturally a desire, to kill another human. This type of hatred, must be developed and religion will do that.

'All roads lead to Rome', get more factual daily now. Seeing how Rome created most if not all religions, to fight and kill amongst themselves. Thus leaving Rome unscathed and holding all the wealth. Making the World's population to believe their are scarcity in life. Such and clean air and food. That the World is on it's way to over population BS. And the masses will soon be staving by the millions. If over-population isn't gotten under control. That vaccinations, GMO foods, weather modification are all necessary to save humanity from them selves. Humanity is reproducible for all the World's ills. So the population must be taxed (Carbon Tax) because of their misuses of Mother Earth. While the powers have kept humanity back. Still a Carbon Based system of petroleum for energy, food and medicines. In fact today's so-called Modern Medicines are all petroleum based. Not the Herbs "God" intended for mankind's well-being.

Instead of humanity moving forward, humanity is being held back from progressing. Keeping society sick and broke for the most part. America has been turned into the most obese nation on the Flat Earth. This was all done as planned. Keeping the masses to tired to resist what is being done to them. Or worst yet, to dumb-down to even notice. The "Gods" knew what was coming down the road with humanity. You can tell it in the instruction given the first Hopi. That the killing of another cannot happen, for the Spiritual development of humanity. Yet the powers acting as if "Gods", have turn humanity against it'e self. Having humanity fighting over resources that are plentiful and not in scarcity.

Thus the Hopi patiently wait for the 'Return of the Blue Star Kachina'. The Christians call it 'Christ's' return. Most all have some sort of Savior at 'End Times'. All these Tales were Hopi originally. In fact most if not all ancient legends can be traced back to an Hopi Tales. With all that's going on in the World today. All you hear on the Net are, 'the End is Near, I can feel it', BS. What folks feel, is the constant bombardment of deathly propaganda. All part of the Plan for control. Think Hopi Peace, instead of fear and death. Hopi don't kill Hopi, we'er all Hopi.

"God" bless


PS "Time" "Alien"

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