Monday, May 29, 2017

"The Soldier"

A realization I've come to. And about to turn 70, I think??? To me, 'Those Above', have kept my ass, alive and wise, not to my doing!!! I've become a Soldier over the years, not even knowing it. Took tons of years to realize how little control I had over my own life. I drowned at age 9 in the mid 50s, and survived before any drowning survival Technics were even known. It all should have ended one Sunday afternoon, on the banks of the Verde River. Same river the ancient Hopi went to retrieve the Root of a dead Cottonwood tree, for their Kachina Dolls (even today). But it didn't for some reason, the reason. I'm alive today, to be the Soldier I am. Living a life so different than I'd planned out. Always a loner in the recent past, once a social animal. Not today, as I've been forced to learn, in many ways, the 'hard way'. The "Gods" gave me Tinnitus, it forced me to give up Beer and Coffee. Which saved my kidneys by only drinking Ginger Tea with raw chopped ginger twice a day now. Beer, which is absolutely terrible for you, as a liquid grain and carbo. Now just a couple of small glasses of wine before bed. In fact, most lesson in my life came out of a tragedy. I rub down with fresh cut Aloe Vera every night. Reason, a son grabbed a log from the campsite fire. Burning the palm of his hand badly. With only Aloe Vera to put on the burn until we got him to the doctor 2 days later. Doctor was amazed and wanted to know, how I kept the wound so well? Aloe, since then, Aloe to bring the poisons out from all the Chem-trailing happening today.

I've watched TV deviate society. Changed the American family structure, with a TV Tray. When a Two Piece Bathing Suit was sexy. Too the degradation of American society today, amazing. Who in their wildest dreams in the 50s, would believe the degradation that has happened, did so quickly. A child's mother, turned into a 'Career Women', independent of a male partner. The women think, from the constant programming. Look-up and how women suddenly became Smokers. I could see what the TV was doing to my generation of 'Free Love'!!! Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll'. Throw in Nam and the music. Programming a generation of Re-cyclers and Tree Huggers. Selling Pipes and Incense to future generations, Love on. Everyone loves Nature, turned bad. A well planned trick, herding the animals, you could say. Burns the meadow down on one side. Watch the herd, run to the other side. Offer them, water on arrival. I was one of them.

Now I'm older and wiser, for a reason. I've been allowed to journey on, for a reason. Should have known I was a Martian. After escaping 13 stories in a Maricopa County Court building. In Phoenix on the 33rd parallel. Apparently, Martians don't do jail. They work for others. Every door or elevator was, waiting for me on my escape. The "Gods"??? Been hit by killer voltages, crying like a baby. Why am I alive??? To be here now, no coincidence. Had pistols stuck in my face, alive at 70. Only the "God" of your Reality, decides your fate. That lurking, 'Other Side's', presence some how, invisible, but there. Age brings a better understanding, others call it 'arrogance'. What do you tell an Old Man with money, 'nothing', I've discovered. They know, they'd survive crap, you'll never know, I'm getting there. Then at age 47, that magical number. The Crescent "C" showed up on mt right shoulder, Game On.

Now consumed with all the sudden UFO sightings, the "C" on my back. Before I had a computer, the little old ladies in Scottsdale library were probably getting tired of see me. Tearing through old books about anything 'Out There'. Then the Stone, that led to the Hopi and my current journey. I'm almost the Perfect Soldier, not for government, religions or cults. As an old friend said to me, 'your now living it'. The "Gods" take great care of my health, with a few shoves and pushes, here and there. Waiting for some answer though. Where next, for now.

My summer birthday(?) trip to Hopi, and hopefully find Loonie and buy some art. Then head on up too Moab Utah for some Petroglyphs. And scouting around for other Native America sites for later trips. How little control over one's life, does one have??? Learn to Roll with the punches, I've learned. "Time" seems to cure most if not all Ills.

"God" Bless on this Memorial Day
VR-21 US Navy E-5 Airedale: Barbers Point, Ha.


PS "Aliens"

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