Saturday, June 10, 2017

"God Bless Lonnie Nutumya, Hopi"

If not for Lonnie and Patrick Lanza of Old Oraibi. (Lonnie Nutuyma 3rd Mesa, Hopi.)  I wouldn't have a clue, who I am. Might be dead, from frustration. never knowing anything about. Where I came from, my parents, who I am, my mission? Twenty plus years ago, I was at a loss. That all changed one afternoon on Old Oraibi, Hopi 3rd Mesa. When I was invited to come live with the Hopi in Old Oraibi. Old Oraibi, the first home of the Hopi on the surface of Mother Earth. I was in shock, mentally, why the Love? To Lonnie and Pat, I was the 'Flute Player' and Lonnie even calls me that today in Hopi. Some of the first kind word ever spoken to me. As my presence seems to bring the worst out in folks. That's why I say, 'you have to get in line to Hate me'!!! But to Lonnie and Patrick, it was Love for me. They were sure I'd returned, to help the Hopi. And that I have done, with my videos and writings. I troll the Internet, making sure Hopi Tales aren't distorted. Been banned by such show as 'Red Ice Radio'. For attacking those who make tales up about the Hopi. Only to put themselves in Spot-Light. Hopi Tale has it, 'the White Brother From the East Will Arrive, at End Times'. 'he will bring Many'. Between my videos and writings, I've brought Millions. Trying to correct those things said about Hopi, are true. Never knew a Hopi, before that day.

Every summer for many summers now, I return to Hopi. Even if I don't stay overnight, I plan my birthday weekend, to at least go through Hopi. The last two years, I did just that. I want to make sure Lonnie is OK, as I have no way to get a hold of him. Always 'hit and miss' with Lonnie. Taken me ten years to get 5 Hopi Kachina Doll drawings from him. Each trip I wanted to find Lonnie and buy his art. Have 5 drawing and a Kachina Doll I bought of his. The 1st "Time" I meet Lonnie, I bought the Kachina Doll. It's the 'Flute Player' Kachina Doll. The odds of me arriving on Old Oraibi and Lonnie happening to be carving a 'Flute Player' Doll that weekend? In fact the Doll wasn't completed until Sunday, when I left. Even more amazing is the fact, that the 'Flute Player' is rarely created/carved. Lonnie always said, 'him and Pat, knew that the 'End "Times" were near. As Pat said to me that first weekend. 'You know the 'End 'Times" are near, don't you'? I laughed and replied, 'thought I was here to warn you'. lol Pat went on to say, 'all Hopi prophecies have been completed'. Which they have. And they were waiting for the 'White Brother' arrival.

The rest is history as I do my part to help Hopi history stay pure. Now at 70 and only Lonnie left from all the years of visits to Hopi. My future trips up too Hopi, will happen as long as Lonnie is alive. I bought 2 more drawings this past weekend from Lonnie. On my way to Moab Utah. My 70th birthday weekend and and Lonnie just turned 68 in April. Only had a few minutes to spend with Lonnie, heading north to Utah. My luck, Lonnie had 3 drawings, bought two of them. Gave Lonnie a big hug, said "God" bless you and left. Lonnie had a stroke a few years back now. His left eye is shut and can only talk from one side of his mouth. But his art work, only gets better, amazingly. He has mellowed and I'm sure the reason for the Stroke. Noticed over the many years, how "God" sort of works when dealing with pushy old men and women. Sometimes it can be cruel, but needed. As your life belongs to more than just you. Some good folks just need a little shove in the right direction. I've surely had my share of shoves. I'm Alive

Hard to believe 7 decades have passed this quickly. With a 7 years lost, but found!!! With cancers killing many my age by now. It always reminds me just how important diet it is. The water you drink, exercise, fresh pure air. Mainly you Spirituality keeps your health. Take care of those who take care of you, the "Gods". Being respectful, is so important and something lost on most humans today. As most folks are pre-programmed, 'it's all about me'. This being done to remove one's own Spirituality. You want your later years to be quality. Best put your "God" before one's self. Be humble, as their are no old pushy men and women. And if their is, they have been compromised I've noticed with illnesses. Be kind, try and forgive others, as the Bible is correct. For most don't know the harm they bring others. 'For they know not, what they do'.

"God" Bless


PS: "Aliens"


Anonymous said...

I wanted to offer some words only you can know if they are true for you.
Although you have a good idea what the goodness in your heart is and act upon it when you feel safe and judge others worthly of it , constantly noticing to the ways of of others caused bad judgment and turns the head left and rt causing stumbeling on what is a straight yet rocky path, we are all here for oneanother , All of us holding on to and seeking images/idols is only seeking and wanting the past which has grown short an object can not protect your life (life never ends)
And that which fears death while physical only lives in the shadows of life and still yet darker after to only influence those in the flesh to do our the bidding of our desires while in the flesh misleading the lost while continuing to create a reality that is dark yet not quite as dark as the ones who have pased with fear, hate and discust.

Anonymous said...

No need to publish the last comment it was for you only unless you want to publish.
BTW I see you as a true brother though love is the only true defense that is to be equaly given to those who hate us or would seek to end our days in this flesh as much as those who are not lost.