Sunday, June 18, 2017

"Your Master(s) Want You To Believe"

All of mankind came from a Monkey, who was first a Fish. That your Monkey ass is spinning at 1,039 MPH. While travel through space around the Sun at approx. 6,600 MPH. While the Sun travels at over one million MPH, spinning along with the Milky Way. The powers want you to believe in all these Theories. Darwinism, Space, Gravity, Atom, Particle, Universe, Big Bang, DNA, Relativity, etc., etc., etc.. Not a single fact to support a single theory. In fact, using theories to prove theories. And all science must be believed, regardless of how ignorant of a theory. Mankind must simple be led by those who believe they are direct descendants of "God". The Pope wants you to believe he represent's "God" here on Mother Earth. Humanity is incapable of ruling over themselves. A single all loving "God" created by the powers, to worship. Who are these so called leaders? The Jesuits, Zionist, J$$$$ws, Rome, Israel, just who??? One thing for sure, you would be a fool not to believe. That outside powers are controlling most of your life.

What you hear, see, wear, on and on. You buy the cloths that are in the store. You go buy groceries, but all the different store carry all the same products. Most all foods are GMO and contain chemicals you can't pronounce. The Skies are lined with Chemicals, water filled with Fluoride. Everyone dying from all types of cancers. CHEMO is the cure for everything, but it's only designed to kill the patient. The programming is so perfect, the good folks. Take their family to the doctor who is only a modern day, 'Pill Pusher', legal Drug Dealer. Curing the patient is the last thing from the medical system's mind. Why kill the 'Cash Cow', until all the funds have been dried up from the patient. A diet so full of chemicals with no nutritional value. Thus the Fat American of today. The sickly Fat American in fact. Who should be riddled with cancers by are 60. With CHEMO waiting to finish the job. Here in America, it's called 'Freedom'.

Your as Free as the powers tell you. Your car, home, saving can be taken from you, anytime the government decides to. You cannot earn to money without a social security number. It's your, 'Mark of the Beast'. No need for a tattoo on the forehead. Sublet isn't it??? Got Americans worried about all the wrong things it seems. The created Terrorist are just outside your door, be very scared. (Pearl Harbor, 911, Tokin Gulf, Cold War, on and on.) The powers must protect you from the evil ones. Tax you, for protection from an enemy the powers created, like Space. The powers created a Universe, then put stuff-in it to kill your dumb ass. Like the stinking "Aliens", Meteors, CME from the Sun and Nibiru. It's your fault your car pollutes. Better put a Carbon Tax on you, you better believe. Go against any of this, well you know. The other Monkeys will beat you into submission, programmed. Cure for all this, knowledge. Learning that all that is told you from the powers, is a plan. That keeps the individual asleep. Your not a Monkey is Darwin's reality. With the computer age now. Their is no reason to act as if you know nothing.

Learn to believe your own Eyes. Your own rational reasoning, called 'Common Sense'. Yet today, most have been programmed from the youth too adulthood. To not trust your own mind and eyes. That's how mankind ended up on a Jesuit Spinning Ball. Everything in your eyesight and mind tell you, 'you are not spinning'. You can't see any curvature of the Earth. No matter how high of a mountain you climb. Yet 90% of the citizens of America. Are convinced they came from a Monkey, and the Earth is Spinning. Mankind is not a 'Darwin Monkey from the Big Bang'. Mankind is a child of "God". Put on Mother Earth for a Spiritual development. Not a Monkey to be herded and taxed until death. As long as you think that little of one's self. Then you are controlled. Take pride that you are a free thinker. And not to trust what is told you by the powers. Take the "Time" to educate yourself. And not be told how and what to think. Mankind is a creation of "God" and not a fluke of Nature. As humanity is constantly being brainwashed into believing. Believing in yourself, is a must.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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