Sunday, July 9, 2017

"Letter Home 13, Degradation"

Planet wide Degradation of Society, has re-arrived, how many "Times"? Who were the Giants, who built Machu Picchu, Mayan and Egyptian Pyramids. The list could go on forever, of evidence of those who occupied Mother Earth before. Most all cultures have the 'Great Flood' as the last Planet destroyer. Bible, Hopi, Mayan, Hindu all have previous World occupants. Is this the True 'End Times' upon humanity? My Hopi buds, seem to think so. All their Prophecies have been fulfilled.

The Degradation of Society got it's jump start with the creation of TV and Radio. In the Americas in before the Radio and TV. The news was mainly via the Newspapers and word of mouth. Now entire generations can be influenced, I'm part of the very first experiments on changing an entire generation's thinking. The Hippies or today's Baby-boomers, mentality was completely corrupted by the mass controlled media. 'Tune in and Turn off' was the word of an entire generation of kids. The children of WWII parents. My generation had been educated to well, had it to good. "Time" to think, grow mentally, not materially was the new. The Drugs were introduced into society along with well planned music to help fuel the dramatic changed to the World's way of thing, was about to begin.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll, away an entire generation. Instead of creating the better family unit. The media was breaking down the family unit. Open sex would be a big part of the degradation of society. 'Free Love', the power's controlled media called it. If that's your brother's wife, it's OK to have sex. It's the New Generation of Love, BS. With the powers knowing this would be a major player in destroying the family unit. The women of the 60s were easily influenced by the 'Woman Movement'. aka: Gloria Steinem and the CIA plan. Just like with LSD on a generation. Telling women of the day, 'they no longer need a solid family unit'. Have sex with who ever you want, was the motto. Your husband is no more than a 'Sperm Donor'. Divorce the guy, get a new hubby. The old will be straddled with Child-Support. You'll have plenty of money$$$. Look around at how women have been influenced today. Hard to tell some poor kid's mother, from some Hooker working the streets.

Next would come breaking down a country's history. Like what you have in America and Europe today. The Muslims are destroying European country's past history. Replacing it with Muslim history. Telling the Whites, 'they should step aside now'. That the Whites are terrible human beings that must be replaced. Replace with Rape of the ancient European Bloodlines. Muslim children of White mothers, is the plan. In America you have the destruction of all the old symbols, like the 'War between the States'. Protest against Whites, with Whites in the parade, brainwashed against their own Blood. Black only seen with White women in the media now. Ever seen a Blond Aryan like myself with a Black Women. Of course not, Aryan men are being pushed into the background. With the powers know all along the mental powers of the Whites over the minorities and mainly the Inbreed J$$$$ws. Who must destroy the White Aryans, or have no control over the rest of society. WWI and WWII were all about White Genocide. Before both wars, Whites were 49% of the World's population. Now after both wars, only 16% are White. If your White, how can you possibly watch TV or listen to radio today? I stopped getting a newspaper for the same reason. Thru away the TV years ago. Couldn't handle the constant attacks.

In the End of every civilization, something or someone comes along and decides to re-set the Deck. Does humanity do that to themselves with some giant war? Where'd everyone go suddenly, thing. Like the Hohokams Indians of Arizona. Is their some sort of Climatic upheaval, like a so-called 'Ice Age'? Or does "God' just say, 'enough is enough'. Like an ancient Hopi tale, when the World's destroyed and re-set. At 70 years old, how can society degrade any further, I ask. Sad what I've seen of society, seen it being done to me. Hopeless to do anything about the Changed going on before me. Like the Chief of Old Oraibi, having to leave the village. Because of what degradation he's seen in the children and adults. That was when I first visited Old Oraibi and the Chief no long lived with his peoples.

'Talking to the Boys at Night'.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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