Saturday, July 22, 2017

"Jesuit Spinning Ball Monkeys"

Just how did humanity get from the 'Center of the Universe', "God's" children??? To Darwin Monkeys so quickly? The Jesuits, that's how. If you don't buy into Rome, Rome don't care. "God" or no "God", Rome could care less. As long as the masses are under Mind Control, with confusion. Like the spinning Red and Blue lights on a cop car. Blue light for calmness, Red light for confusion. Which way do I turn, who will tell me, which way to turn? Rome will lead through the confusion. Rome gave humanity many religions to divide the masses, among themselves. Create the j$$$$ws for Banking and collecting Taxes. Christians, hundreds of types divided, all of them. Muslim, several different Sects, killing each other by the droves. Christian, j$$$$ws, and Muslim, all fighting over the same Rock in Jerusalem. Divide, Conquer, Control

Try and tell someone they are no more than a, Jesuit Monkey, they will laugh at you. Not knowing how much Mind Control the individual themselves are under. Defending those who claim the individual came from a Monkey. That humanity came from Nothing in the j$$$$w/Jesuit 'Big Bang'.

It's all about "God" in your Reality. The powers want humanity to believe they are to be Controlled. Brainwashing the masses that only the Pope of Rome. Can have a relationship with "God". That the Pope represents "God" on Mother Earth. With the rest of humanity being mere Flukes of Nature. Recently the Pope said, 'that it's not correct to have Jesus in your personal life'. How funny, Rome 1st gave mankind 'Jesus', now Rome takes 'Jesus' away'. It's a fight for Control. With the 'Flat Earth Reality' the biggest enemy of Rome now.

With the recent unbelievable growth of the 'Flat Earth Reality'. Rome is now at Full Attack on the True Reality. NASA/hollyj$$$$w is the main weapon against the truth. Of just where humanity is in the Reality of Everything. Now NASA/hollyj$$$$w are sending Fake Space Craft throughout Fake Space now. Trumpster just gave NASA/hollyj$$$$w 52 $$$ million dollars a day, so NASA/holly$$$w can send a Man too Mars. NASA/hollyj$$$$w just announced that NASA.hollyj$$$$w cannot go back to the Moon. They lost all the research and knowledge of how to get too the Moon. If you believe that Crap! NASA/hollyj$$$$w can now go too Mars, some 39,000,000+ million miles from Earth. Yet are unable to go 240,000+ miles to the Moon. And most Americans will go, 'Oh Tay'. And that is the fight for Reality right there. How long will the citizenry of America and the World recognize. That they have been duped by NASA/hollyj$$$$w since the mid 50s?

I've learned over the years, folks just seem to love their own poisons. I call it a 'Convict's Mentality'. You adapt to the Space around yourself, to be able to cope. aka: Not going against the crowd. Folks like me, are a rarity, that's why such hatred for my types. We will not be swayed by the Crowd. I'm not a Clone or a Jesuit Monkey. I follow my own instincts. Having to fight those around me forever. Now when I hear something, it's just to easy to push some buttons. Now I've learned things I took for granted for years. I see if it's a Theory or Fact! Now here are just some of the Theories I myself once bought into. Atom, Particle, Gravity, Big Band, DNA, Space, Planets, Darwinism (Monkey), Mater, the list goes on forever. Basically, anything anyone ever learned in their Public Education of Propaganda. 12 wasted years, you could of learned everything you needed in a few. The rest was just teaching the masses how to be good Slaves. With the unknowing parents sending their children off to school. To be Brainwashed and Vaccinated for an early painful Death. 1st thing the child will learn in school, they live on a Spinning Ball. Then diet will be attacked, along with the parents. Diet will weaken the child, mentally and physically. The child will now be easily Molded, the parents removed. The parents have become Old and Out of Touch suddenly.

Humanity has been so Dumbed Down, they have been reduced to 'Jesuit Spinning Ball Monkeys'. A marvelous plan for complete domination and control of the masses. It was working, Jesuits had everyone, no matter if you had a "God" or not. Didn't matter your Religion, Jesuits created all them. Now you have the 'Flat Earth Reality' growing like a Wild Fire. With a "God" Creator and all of humanity United as One. No need for Religions or Warring governments. This must be Stopped by the powers. Now we'll just have to wait out the numerous attacks. Always Trust your own Instincts first, that is a "God" given ability. 'Fight or Flight'

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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