Saturday, August 5, 2017


Just how did this Reality become 'Reality'? You'd be a Fool to believe in the 'Big Bang' BS, 'something from nothing. All that Darwinism crap, designed to fit the 'Big Bang' BS. Everyone pretty much agrees on the, 'in the beginning, only stillness'. Still Waters, covered by Still Sky. No land, plants, no animals, no weather. How has all this Stillness, turned into what you currently have today? Electricity, Plus Minus, Life, a "God"? No escaping, everything about you, is Electricity. Your digestive system, is no more than an Electrical Power Plant. Extracting Energy and Electricity to run your Body-Temple. Everything about you, is an Electrical movements. That's why for generations the term, 'you are what you eat'. You don't get good energy/electricity, with poor Fuel. No different than you car.

With the new awakening with Flat Earth Reality. Many other doors have opened and many have closed. Flat Earth Reality brought an awakening to all of other possibility of the 'Creation' myth. "God", how big is the Pond, Shape, Type, More Ponds, Domed, etc.. One thing for sure, throw away everything your Public Education gave you. All the mass media crap, Religions and the such. It came to me, Electricity is "God". Lightning or "El", Created a Living Reality, called 'Mother Earth'. Not 'Barren Earth'. 'Lightning' explain how, in the Hopi 1st World, the Sky was Purple/Red. Aftermath of massive Lightning Strikes, and why the Hopi good. Where hidden inside 'Mother Earth'. Before the 'Hopi Emergence'. How often can the Environment be changed, when your "God". This why the powers have no problem defacing 'Mother Earth'? Be another Face soon??? Look around, how many different civilizations have passed before?, here on 'Mother Earth'.

Here are the Creators of the Mayan Living Earth. 'They were summoned by "Heart of Sky", Sovereign, and Quetzal Serpent in darkness, in the night'. 'They then arranged for germination, and creation of the tree and bushes, germination of all of life, in the darkness and in the night, by "Heart of Sky", who is called "Huracan". First is 'Thunderbolt Huracan', Second is Youngest Thunderbolt and the Third is 'Sudden Thunderbolt'. These Three together are "Heart of Sky". Together they conceived Light and Life.' (Popol Vuh) Ancient Mayan believe all of Creation, began with Lightning. Lightning rose up the the Earth from beneath the still waters. Lightning created the storms that created the rivers and valleys. Lightning strikes, brought nourishment to a barren soil, unable to grow plants.  Lightning storms brought the waters into the Skies, Rain, Weather. Long before the Plants and living Creatures were Created. 'Then be it so, you are Conceived. May the water be taken away, emptied out, so the Plate of the Earth may be Created, may it be gathered and become Leveled. Then may it be sown (planted); then may dawn the Sky and Earth. There can be no worship, no reverence given by what we have framed and what we have shaped, until humanity has been created, until people have been made', they said. (Popol Vuh).

Lightning Storms explain the perfect round Craters on the on Moon's surface. Search 'Craters are Electric'   Sun and Moon, both being "Gods", bringing Night and Day. For mankind cannot live without either. NASA lies about a Meteor Strike wiping-out the the generation of Dinosaurs that never existed, in the first place. As the Jesuits try and make crap up along the way. Trying to prove their BS Spinning Ball. Sun went from 1 million miles out, to the current 93 BS million miles away. To try and explain how the same Stars have been the same location for all of humanity. Then NASA was created in 1958, as part of the Military.

NASA would be used to further the Spinning Ball Universe. Pushing the 'Big Bang' BS, no "God", no "El". In 1945 Sci-Fi writer Arthur C. Clark used the term 'Satellite' in a paper. Describing how Satellites could be used for communication. First Satellite was the Russian Sputnik in 4 Oct. 1957. Of the Fake Satellites now supposedly, in Fake Orbit. Around the Fake Spinning Ball Earth. Currently their are 4,256 Orbiting Satellites in fake Space, around the World. Have you ever seen one, or even a real and not CGI photo of a Satellite? No one has, their has been a reward of $25,000 for anyone producing a Real Picture. Even though some Satellites are the sizes of school buses. All this just show how the Russian and the American Space agencies are just part of the massive cover-up. Fake World conflicts and fake Space travel. If you look at all the other countries NASA type Space programs. All the logos are basically the same. Just as all governments are controlled by the same few powers.

In a World of no "God", few will, rule the masses. Just as the Catholic church gave the World's religions. Which gave control by dividing the masses into religious groups, fighting amongst themselves. The same group/powers are now trying to remove "God". As a individual belief, into one "God' religion for all the masses. One "God", one Government, will be the future. If the citizens of the World do not stand for their own personal belief system. For "God" is within all of Life. Everything about life is Electrical Energy, from Birth to Death. In the 'Beginning', "El" was brought fourth, to Spark Life's Electrical Energy.

"Thunderbolt Huracan",

"Youngest Thunderbolt",

"Sudden Thunderbolt"

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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