Saturday, August 26, 2017

"The Moon?"

The Great American 2017 Eclipse came and went, with much Fan Fare. A day later, most Americans could care less. On with taxes and bills to pay. NASA did another BS job of presenting how the Eclipse would happen in Fake Space. With most Americans (World) believing anything NASA/Hollywood says. And then their is the rest of us, non believers. Of anything NASA or the government has to say. Most of the US had been being spared from massive Chem-trailing lately. Amazing how clear the skies over Arizona have been the last few months. Few Chem-trails before a recent weather front moved in is all. The day of the Great Eclipse another story. Turns out that the morning of the Eclipse on it's path, the Chem-trailing started. Almost all Eclipse videos had Chem-trailing clouds in them. With the video presenters pointing out the heavy Chem-trailing that morning of the Eclipse. Crrow777 who is World famous for his Lunar Wave videos. Had the best Eclipse videos out. (link)  

How crazy is it to believe that the Sun is 93 million miles away. The Moon is approx. 240,000 miles away. Yet both somehow appear to be the same size in our Sky. About as crazy as believing that America put men on the Moon in the 60s. So their the Great Divide, folks who trust everything NASA and the government has to say. I call them, 'Jesuit Spinning Ball Monkeys'. Then the small minority who actually look things up, before believing. The ones who are above being programmed easily. The Flat Earthers who don't trust NASA's BS. They all know that the Moon on the day of the Eclipse, was nowhere to be found. Infrared cameras were showing no Moon in front of the Sun. Not just one report, but all reports. What slide in front of the Moon? Sad, but we'll never know. We just know it wasn't the Moon.

Where mankind is, and what makes-up the Living Universe, Mother Earth? With the powers constant propaganda of disinformation about the simplest things in life. The human race is forced to discover their own Roots. Jesuits only want humanity to buy into their brand of "God", or non "God" Big Bang BS. Either way the Jesuits have power over your mind. 'Who You are and Where You are'. You can have 'Baby Jesus' or not!!! They've got you covered. For the non-believers, the programmed masses will deal with them. Just tell a stranger your a Flat Earther and wait. Then ask the same person to describe their own local Universe, they can't. Yet because of the massive programming from childhood to adulthood. The masses will defend their own Enslavement and Persecution. Defend the the powers that are killing them on a daily bases. Have Taxed them into poverty! And Divided the masses with Religions.

The next Eclipse will be going in the opposite direction in 2024. Up from Mexico through mainly Texas to the Northeast states. (link) 8 April 2024 Eclipse  Can't wait for NASA's BS, on why that is! The masses will mostly buy into it, 'hook-line-sinker'! 'O-Tay' NASA is the American way. So What is the 'Sun' and 'Moon', will mankind ever know? One thing for sure, whatever NASA says, can't be believed. Your 'Common Sense' is under attack!!!

'Common Sense', your "God" given ability to figure out 'things' on your own. That first answer your in your mind. Your taught in school to go with, years ago. Is now under attack from the powers. 'Common Sense' tells you, your not spinning on a Ball at over 1,000+ MPH. That the Moon isn't spinning and yet always shows the same side. Your lost in Space somewhere, yet Falling Stars only come down from the Sky. And not in every direction, in floating/spinning in Fake Space. Now at birth, 'how do you know for sure if your a Boy'. If you have a Penis, the powers what you to think about what Gender you really are. Here you go, the most basics of 'Common Sense' under attack, your Gender. It's all about convincing humanity they are no more than Dumb Ass Monkeys. Who can't think for themselves. That the powers now must make all decisions, including 'male or female' gender. All part of the Plan. Absolute Control from Birth to Death of Humanity. Are you fighting back??? Will you let your children and grandchildren be Imprisoned for Life Mentally? Does humanity have any 'Common Sense' left in them? When they can be told they live on a Spinning Ball and they Evolved from a Monkey!!! Is the 'Moon' made of Cheese?

"God" bless


PS: "Time" "Aliens"

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